Swasan – Hatred Love (27)

assalam alikom all dost

about previous epi. question, i asked if u had problem with avesome to be gays or no, but not about about friendship.

Today i will represent my opinion as swara’s so i hope you dont pash me

Epi.27: Unbreakable

Sanskar POV

Was it too hard? Come on its only f**king gays, why she is over acting???????… but that look of her face, it ached my heart. Door is open and she is out with very red eyes. I was on coach and she sit on bed

Swara: did u knew about them long ago?

Sanskar: yes I did…

Swara: couldn’t u find better way to tell me?

Sanskar: I didn’t plan to tell u, but com on why u over act??…

Swara: yea.. why I wonder… what is homos*xual? Is differ from gay?

Sanskar: r u seriously asking this? And now?

Swara: do u want me to ask someone else??

Sanskar: nahi nahi.. its just… huuh they r almost same or u can say gays are wider word of homos*xuals… homos*xuals r men and women born with misbalance in their body hormones, and it differ on levels, starting with hormones effecting the feelings like OKSETOSEN the hormone that affect love or TSTOSTERON the hermon that affect desire, up too hermons effect the body structure and sometimes they born with defaults in their body….. but by now medical technology all can be set in the normal known way… but some believe that this is ll b objecting god wish so tey leave things as it is and go with the flow ( i pause for a while try read her face but she was so calm and closed eyes all time).

As for gays its more wider coz it include full health men and women but still choose to go against normal, either for their blind desire or mental problems.

Swara: can u tell which type they are?

I was confused by her question: I cant tell exactly but I’m sure somer is a homo, considering his structure, his replays and reactions.

I saw tears flow from there, she head cloth board and pick pajamas, and left to change. I change too and gone to my bed side and sit there….. I can feel she is n much pain

She came out looking at me

Swara in broken voice: I congrats u, today u really make first crack in my confidence, u took my two besties from me, u snatch them away like devil in fairy tale…. I had 5 years of friendship and memories with these two, and u just weep them away with one word…. Well done… today u really sit the first goal and I lost that round….

I felt to sorry to her, to hug her, to cry for what I did to her

Swara: i though for awhile that u have changed, that maybe just maybe you are not that bad…. But I suppose I was wrong

Sanskar: swara listen…

Swara: shshshs I’m so tired, first ur office and then …. Two strong hits and I cant hold…. I told u before this is ur room so I must not complain… but may I sleep on coach?, I cant sleep by ur side

I never saw swara like that… she said may I,

I replay: come to bed, I ll sleep there…

Swara: pls don’t hurt my dignity more today or I’m ready to sleep in dressing room….

“Ok ok sleep on coach”

She just bend her head slightly as thank u and lay there

Sanskar: bed sheet??

Swara: no need

Fastly i slept and swara I guess, and by midnight i jerked myself and i could hear swara cry from terrace, i cursed myself millions times, I should b happy, as she said I cracked her ego, but y I’m not happy with that, y my heart hurt me for her cry… y I wanna hug her and console her….. I never allow having much close friends, perhaps that’s y I cant feel her pain… but I still ache for her…..

Sanskar POV over

Days pass and swara barely talk to Sanskar, she just cant, she talked to avesom after many days telling them she cant stop talking to them, simply she cant stopp all of sudden but they wont b like before, cause they lied to her and coz she cant accept their relationship, its against her beliefs and her raise, and avesome felt so over sad about it but they were used to such replies so they respected her decision. She told ragini about them and unlike her she accepted it telling its non of her business and to her avesom are avesom nothing changed and actully its kind of adventures to be friendship with people dont see things same as you do…. Also told her that laksh is ok and that they connect daily calling and chatting and swara was happy for that, she was sad that he don’t do that with her and never ask about her once since he left, but she believed its good therapy to forget what they meant to each other one day.

swara help her dad in cloth market, also she didn’t forget the Maheshwaries and do all her duties as a bahu, arti in morning and cooking and holding Parinita silly comments, and devilish looks of Adharsh. The only one comfort her was Uttra, they became really close and Uttra stopped calling her bhabi, instead she was swara di, Uttra tell her all her problems, desires, wishes, everything. Also swara pure all her love to Uttra care her and study her, Uttra was moving to clg and swara prepare her in all ways.

Sanskar was busy with his work as usual but he felt bad coz swara was never the same after loosing avesom. It was one week before swara hell starts. What hell u ask???!!! Had u forgotten……..

Sanskar was in his study room at home, that room even swara don’t go in it, but that day she knock and he let her in

Sanskar: haan swara….

Swara didn’t replay, he looked her and found her in wide open eyes which is stuck on the library. Sanskar had floor to top library full of books from all kind, he didn’t read them all, but he try to read as possible….

Sanskar: swara…

Swara: goodness u have such treasure, did u read all these?

Sanskar: I didn’t even complete the first shelf, but I’m willing to do… u like books?

Swara: more than I love breathing…..

Sanskar smile for her act: y u came?!

Swara back to reality: to fill full ur condition.

sanskar: Which is tat?

swara: I have to pay for the truce u gave me by working as ur PA in summer. And that ll start in a week…

Sanskar almost hid his head, hw he forgot that!! It totally wept from his mind. Well working as his PA was a way so he can fill full his plane but now…

Swara: hello r u listening?

Sanskar: what?

Swara: I ll repeat. I agree on that but there is some rules must b followed.

Sanskar: I’m listening


1. home is separate from company, so u cant ask me PA duties at home and reverse.

2. in parties that I should company u as PA is not gonna happen I ll b Mrs. Maheshwary.

3. as ur PA I must know every single details about u and work and Natasha.

4. u ll pay me as any other employ, and I ll expect a salary as any new employ.

5. never let anyone interfere between us

R these 5 r clear and do u agree them?

Sansakr: yes…


6. I have all rights to go with u to office and back with u or ride on my own.. u wont force me

7. dnt let our game interfere our job ever

8. in office im swara ma’am and u mr, Maheshwary

9. im ur PA not ur maid nor ordinary employ… I follow only ur orders as long as its in the range of my job

10. if u or Natasha try hurt me by anyway….. dnt blame my react

R u clear with those…

Sanskar: yes… except I cant call u swara ma’am nor Maheshwary… ur my PA and I do that with all…

Swara: agree ( she got close and shake hands with him) I expect my contract before I attend office

Sanskar: no need for contract, I give u my word…

Swara: did u give ur last PA ur word too? I’m employ, neither more nor less….. ( by that swara left)

First day in office, Sanskar woke up softly but swara wasn’t there, Sanskar start his office at sharp 9 and it was 8 so where is she. He called several times but no replay, he found bf on table. He call several times on swara phone but no replay… he dress and head to office, he call swara again and this time she pick ( sorry I was in pooja and now I’m busy.. later ok) and hang phone before she hear him. Sure he fumed thinking (if u late to office I ll show u hell)

When Sanskar reach office all get tension and set in place, and today was no difference, he reached his office and for weird…..

Office and files was all set, cup of coffee awaits him, mails already printed and on desk… after mints he hear knock on door, he looked and door was off glass so he can see knocker… knocker took his breath…

Swara in white legging and pink covering kurthi, pen and sketch in her hands, kajal in her eyes and pink lipstick on lips, her hairs tied as low ponytail and gathered over her left shoulder, he mangalsutra shine on her neck and small red mark at her hair line.

She is perfect is all what Sanskar thought, swara reknock taking Sanskar from his fanatises, (com in)

“good morning Mr. mehashwary”

“morning, where have u been?”

“In my office sir…”

“I mean… never mind, (he moved to desk) when did u came here?”

“Sharp 8 sir”

“But work start at 9”

“But I’m PA, things must b totall ready before ur arrive. I have already settle everything with ur pervious PA… shall we start sir!!”

precap: pain of no rest

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