Swasan – Hatred Love (26)

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Epi.25: crake

By hearing this he got his enough and stand in anger: SHE IS NOT ANYONE SHE IS Mr. SANSKAR KI PATI HU, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARY

That what jai say angrily looking at the guests,

Jai: she has full rights coming here and do anything, ( he looked at Sanskar) coz she is ur wife

Everyone one was shocked with jai attitude including Sanskar and Natasha….

….: calm down jai

All look at door again where swara was standing, she walk in slowly like nothing happen mints ago, walking with full pride and ego and small smile on face reaching Sanskar place but then out of no where she shouts her voice out…


Suddenly she calm down and smile to guests: sorry pls don’t mind these, its only wife husband things… sorry for any leak of words from me, I assure u my husband can do ur work perfectly despite anyyyy (making eye contact with sanskar) other facts of his personal life… excuse me…

By tat she left room again with same calm walk and smile in her face. All room left blank,

One woman: ur wife??? Y u didn’t say that earlier? And what bar mr. Sanskar? We dnt like bad reputation men….

Natasha: no no pls dnt get things mistakly… its just huge misunderstanding… u already know mr. Sanskar reputation…

Sanskar regret his plan, he got blind by his revenge and forgot his meeting and reputation, he could have done the same in another day!!! what it could happen if they think wrong about him, and above all he insulted swara in front of all and expose his marriage to others, he did great mistake. His thoughts were cut…

Jai: excuse me for some time… (he left hurrly)

Sanskar didn’t like jai excusing so fast: ladies and gentle men im so sorry for what happen and I assure u as my partner said its just misunderstanding, now let it be 10 mints break. Natasha pls order some service for them….

Sanskar left immediately hoping its not what he think, but it was, right there on stairs jai following swara…..

Jai: swa… mrs. Maheshwary

Swara weep tears fastly and turn around with smile: yes Mr. jai

Jai: No pls… keep jai only, I allow u that…

Swara: Teek hai…. Pls if u came for feeling sorry….

Jai: No no pls, I leave that feeling for weak people, but u ma’am.. U R Definitely Strong…. Perhaps if u didn’t came back I would b feeling sorry but now, no way

Swara smile: I hope meeting is not ruined….

Jai: Natasha wouldn’t let it, its important for them, don’t worry

Swara: And what u doing here? I thought u and sanskar r enemies

Jai: Well one of the partners is my my partner and he insist working with Sanskar so he technically force me to work with him

Swara: Aha…. Well I hope all become ok…. excuse me ( she was about to leave but jai run to face her)

Jai: Wait … y did he act that way? He shouldn’t treat u like that…..

Swara: Jai…. He is my husband, and what happen with us stay with us, no matter what…

Jai: I used to say he is lucky to have u, but now I know he don’t worth u

Swara: Excuse me

Swara left and jai were heading back and Sanskar was hellllllll jealous….. he couldn’t hear a word of what said, but he can see their expressions from sad to happy and that last looks of jai he didn’t like at alllll

Meeting went good, after that Natasha didn’t miss the chance to irate Sanskar about what he did n swara,

She enter his cabin: hw is the lovly huuuuusband??????

Sansakr: Natasha I’m no mode of ur noncess leave at once

Ohhh that’s hard. But …. I’m not leaving yet sweet sanky… did she appose u or what…. I could see her tears when u fired her hahahah

Sanskar clinched his fist remember that moment and think like seriously what the hell I was doing

Natasha: but she repay back good, she wont take long before she ruin our work, what tough b*t*h na

Sanskar: the only b*t*h here is u, leave now, I’m really not in good mode

Natasha: I know … that’s y I’m here, remember that I hold u n bad times and I ll do now…..

Sanskar: I have my wife to handle me, u don’t worry

Natasha: the wife that u show her as scame …. no one … and she shout u in front of important men telling glimps of ur bad side….. nice try Sanskar

Sanskar: uffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff u wont leave me alone na, fine I ll leave…..

Natasha: whatever u do can b explained, but y jai was that over angry for her???

Sanskar stopped at door and regain the whole situation: Natasha….. don’t

Natasha smile evilly: I’m just asking!!!!

Sanskar: if u wanna end our partnership… utter one more word

Natasha walk slowly outside giving victorious smile, and Sanskar left fumming

Sanskar POV

I reached my home cabin, didn’t know what to do or say to swara, I’m not sorry for the act, but I’m sorry for embracing her that way… y house so calm (swaraaaa… swaaraaaa) I got no replay. I head to room no one there any place ( swara whr u??? swara) I head to kitchen, store room but swara is nowhere to b found. I call her ( the number u have called is currently closed pls try later) I keep call call call caaallll still all same…. Where u gone swara?

I call Uttra and asked her if swara is there but she answer as no. now I start freak out, why she is not back, she left office long ago… I call her again but nothing, shall I call her parents but what they ll say….

Sanskar: hello, sasoma. Kaisi?

Mishit: hai beta. I’m ok hw u and swara?

Sanskar got tension: we.. we r fine….. I’m … I’m just checking u…

Mishit: Oh don’t worry beta, we r ok and tell swara that her papa need her for some time at shop tomorrow, teek hai beta….

Sanskar: Teek hai sasoma ( I hanged the call, that means she is not there)

I took my car and out searching her, where u gone swara?

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar drive his car with no target, he didn’t know what to do or think. Did something happen to her? Accident? His heart numb for that fact… no no this cant happen… is it possible she left him.. y not? After what he did today….. god many things to think of…. He call her one more time and it rang this time… he stop car with hard jerk and wait her to replay but she didn’t… he was about to call again but he got sms ( don’t u dare search me. I ll b back when I want) Sanskar smash his phone. He drive madly, he was fuming like hell, he make few calls and after mints he was at ragini home, he knock many time but found out that she is not there, and that leave one place she can b in and that make only more angry……..

Swara was sitting and she heard really hard knock on door, she was triffied by it… door is open and devil hurricane inside gripping her wrist tightly pulling her to stand

Sanskar: hw dare u do that ahhhhhhh? HOW?? Do u know what thoughts came to me ahhhhh do u??? (Avenash put hand on Sanskar shoulder, yes guys swara hide in avesom home) get ur hand off me

Avenash: get ur hand off her, u pain her

Sanskar left her and push him: she is my wife and I ll do what I want….. (pointing to swara) I warn u from getting close to them….

Swara: hell I ll do, they r my friends…..

Sanskar: swara come with me right now…

Swara: forget it ( swara was hell scared, she never saw Sanskar that angry before, she ran to Avenash and hide behind him)

Sanskar: off my way

Avy: over my dead body

Sanskar: then let me rephrase, off my way u f**king gay

Swara went numb for his word and got angry too so she step: don’t u dare call my friend that way.

Somer: u have made enough problems Sanskar leave now

Sanskar: u didn’t know right, so hear it, ur friends whom u defend r gays…. And all clg know that .. that’s y….

Swara: shut up…. Just shut up and leave….. I don’t wanna b with u.. leave here now

Sanskar: ask them…. Ask that slim boy hw he got the kiss mark on his neck, apparently to b new one….

Swara looked to somer then to Avenash: avyyy….. ( to sanskar) im sure there is reason… dnt say rubbish about them u blo*dy bustred… get the hell out of here…. avy pls kick him out.. replay his bad words

Sanskar smile: he cant replay…. Coz I say truth

Swara shake avy: avyyyy say something, tell him to shut pls, tell him that he is bad, tell he is lying…….. ( avenash didn’t utter and swara eyes moiest, no way her friend b like that) somer, u replay somer, u tell ………..

Avenash: whats wrong in being gays swara? What that ll differ with u? we were born like that, its not our choice…. Y u hate it? We r not like others who fake it, we are homos*xuals, and that differs swara, y u hate it ah?

Sanskar: y u say, pls shut up… and now if ur tamasha over… swara u come with me

Swara bend her sight…… and left with no words followed by Sanskar, somer fall slowly to floor and avynash shut the door hardly behind them and fall on floor with one scream

Swara didn’t walk to Sanskar car so he drag her by force and enter her in, but for his surprise she didn’t fight, she was like lifeless, he drove to home and swara still same… enter room

Sanskar: look I warned u but…….. ( swara head to bathroom and lock door)

Swara POV

i fall to floor as my tears… avesom were my besti, i share them my life, i remembered our moments, our laugh, our studies, our tease……. I just cant see them the same now, first they lie to me not telling me such big secret, and second I cant simply supply such relationship, its just against my nature… I cant…… I cry bitterly for my lost bestis….


Sooo how it was…

Actully i wanna ask small question … how many would refuse avinash and somer relationship and who woukd support is and why?

Thanks u all

Allah hafiz

precap: unbreakable

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  1. there’s nothing wrong being a gay,I think
    they too r people,wid flesh blood feelings & heart
    I hate San for causing break down to Swara in one way or other,intentionally or unintentionally
    nice episode
    update soon

    1. Rajkumari

      Hmmmmm nice point …. next episode different pov will be explained

  2. Awesome dear…….. Update soon

  3. Shashi

    Nice epi and i totally agree with Aashi

  4. Friendship is a pure relation.. ..it can be developed between anyone..why can’t be with gay?…we will have many frnds but besties will be one or two frm thm..it doesn’t matter whtr thy r gay or not..thy too have feelings….thts my opinion..

    Like this update…update next soon.. Waiting.

    1. Rajkumari

      I can understand your point … but my point is do u accept gay relationship or no? Thats my question?

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  6. Awesome

  7. there is nothing wrong in being guy but..they hide it from their bestiee..its a wrong thing…if they reveal to swara themselves in sensitive way..then swara was not hurt this much…

  8. Sumayyah

    amazing epi
    I loved it
    first day of Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family dii

  9. Nice……

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