Swasan – Hatred Love (25)

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previously: sanskar set new plan

Epi.25: geet ya nahi
Next day Swara was out from her last exam and was so happy that it was too easy to solve, she was with her three and they cheeked their answers, soon ragini left for home, their summer ll start soon so swara was biding goodbye to somer and avy

Swara: take care u two ok… come to visit me

Avy: yea sure, as soon as u out from lion lair

Swara pinsh avy shoulder: don’t call him that yaar

Somy: aaari what is tat ah

Swara: shut up u both ( three were laughing) now come on trio hug ( three hugged each other, avy and somer really care swara and ragini as sisters, specially swara coz they know hw much strong she shows she is bohat innocent and fragile)

SWARAAAAAAA that was Sanskar shout from behind roaring like angry beast, he walk to them fursily

Swara: what is it maheshwary?

Sanskar hold swara wrist too tight and drag her and stood facing avy and somy: if any of u lay finger on my wife again, I swear it wont b good for u two

Sanskar: what is ur problem they r my friends… ahh let me go

Avy: let her Sanskar…

Sanskar: I warned u two, stay away from my wife, or …….

Swara: or kya? had u gone mad?

Sanskar didn’t listen to swara and drag her behind him and sit him forcly to car

While driving Sanskar was too angry, just thinking swara in another man arms make him crazy, specially those, he know swara is screaming angry but he cant hear her at ll like he was diff

They reached cabin and he still drag her in….

Swara bite his hand, (aaaaaaa) he let her go in pain

Swara: what the f**k wrong with u?

U ll stay from those two

My foot I wont, they r my friends since long ago, u have no right to control me

Sanskar grapped her shoulders tight: I hell do I’m ur husband, and u ll follow me ( Sanskar was full of anger and red eye that he scare swara a lot) now to kitchen and make me tea

I’m not ur maid


Swara jerked in fear and push him away going up and lock herself in bathroom, she was n hell fear

Sanskar sit in hall with bowed head, haan he got jealous when she hugged them, but he over acted to torture her…

Day pass slowly and normally, she called her mom and tell her that all is ok and dad may go back to shop till she organize her new timings, then she head to MM and greated everyone and cooked too, normal day… but not for long


Swara: U must apology from somer and Avenash coz they did nothing

Sanskar: I don’t say sorry that easy

Swara: But u were mistaken

Sanskar: I don’t care ..

Swara: teek hai

Swara sit bed and pillow line in between ( till u apology to them I wont speak to u)

Sanskar head to bed: u cant do that…

Swara: Hell I will

Sanskar was removing the pillows when he shouted ahhhhhhhhhhh

Swara set him a rat trap and it catch his finger

Swara: Hahahahahahahahah… u do all that coz truce is over, fine, back to game, Mr. Maheshwary

Sanskar was angry but the moment he saw that laugh on her face he wished to pain millions times if it ll make her laugh that way.

But he was so furies: swaraaaa

Swara: shshshs 4-3 for swara ji… sleep and put some cream on it or it ll hurt in morning

Sanskar lay to his side, hw he can punish her now after that cute smile

I’m morning Sanskar try a lot to talk to swara but she don’t respond, he hold that attitude all morning and thinking of setting new goal, but it must b smashing one, he knew she is kind hearted so he set plan but didn’t know it ll collapse upon him……

About after noon Sanskar was in office and swara in home, he called her by phone but she didn’t replay, he sent sms (its important) again he call and she replay

Swara: kya?

Sanskar: I forgot bohat important file in office, its red file and I cant send anyone to pick it, bring it to my office

Swara: send ur driver, I’m not ur servant

Sanskar: I just told u I cant, I trust u n that

Swara liked that tone of him: ask politely

Sanskar: SWARAA


Sanskar sighted: may u please bring the file?

Swara smiled wide: 15 mints and I ll b at ur office

Swara find the file and happily go to restaurant but manager told her that he is not in the office but in conference room, swara was confused so restaurant manager explain her.

They whole building is owed by Sanskar, first floor is for restaurant and kitchen, second floor holds secretary and employs offices which can b reached from main door at the back side of restaurant third floor for conference room and finally forth floor contain Sanskar and Natasha cabins with their PA cabins, but only Sanskar office connected to that restaurant with elevator.

Swara was surprised of all what she hear and he much accurate Sanskar is…

She head to back side and enter main door, went to reception but no one there, she try to call Sanskar but he didn’t pick up, she remember what manager said and head to third floor

Door was closed but for her information Sanskar awaits her and perhaps he need that important file, she knocked door and walk in, there were few men and she saw Natasha and jai there, her eye searched for Sanskar and found him…

But instead of finding him smiling at her with thankfull face he looked angry and red eye

Swara: mahesh..


Swara was shocked with his shout: Mr. maheshwary, what happen, u told me…….

Sanskar pick phone: where is that receptionist hw dare she let u get here like that?

Swara couldn’t understand anything: but u ask me file….

Sanskar: so what, that give u no right come here that way?

One of men: who is she Mr. Sanskar?? Hw anyone smash in here like that?

Sanskar: I’m sorry Mr. … and u go out now

Swara felt her body temperature increase of the great embracement she was in, and Sanskar didn’t say that she is his wife, she look at men and women in room looking her in sympathy and anger and sure Natasha was smiling and jai was shocked and sorry. Swara eyes get moist


Swara left slowly bowed head and stand on stairs not believing what just happen, ………

In conference room after swara left, Sanskar: sorry pls don’t mind that and lets keep the meeting…

Woman commented: u should increase ur employs Mr. Sanskar, u cant let anyone enter company that way…

By hearing this he got his enough and stand in anger: SHE IS NOT ANYONE SHE IS Mr. SANSKAR KI PATI HU, SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARY

precap: crake

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