Swasan – Hatred Love (24)

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Previously: sanskar desires fired up
Epi.24: i hate bengalin

Sanskar was facing his desire demon badly, and swara fight her nerve, without she realize she was biting the side of her lips in nervous way, but tat move was driving Sanskar to madness, he stand up and walk to her slowly, swara got more nervous and shattered her sight, she can feel so scared and afraid …. she don’t know y but it seem that sanskat look different to her this time….

In last moment Sanskar head to terrace and start doing pushing exercise with no merci, he wanted to b exhausted, he was getting all his energy out, he keep doing for 15 mints of exercise not even caring is it in right way ya nahi then he fall on floor out of breath…

Swara was thinking is he mad, what is going? But I don’t care, he scare me right now, but when she saw him on floor she cant help it, she head to him…

Swara: Mr. Maheshwary, r u ok? Maheshwary

Sanskar open his eyes slowly, he was fully laying on floor on his belly and breathing too fast and all his body hurts but yet node as yes, swara offer her hand to make him stand, he looked hesitantly then respond to her hand, he hissed in pain due to sudden excessive exercise that that hurt his muscles a lot. Swara hold him slowly to bed but then she set floor to sleep on

Sanskar breathing slowly: what u do swara?

Swara: u ll sleep here and I’m on floor. U asked for bed then have it… but I didn’t say I ll share it with u

Sanskar: swara ur have exam tomorrow, pls don’t do that, sleep here pls

Swara looked kind, and again bite her lip then stand and down the curtains and enter bed to sleep, giving her back to Sanskar back.

Sanskar: u like curtains that much…

Swara: haan it calms me, specially that color and that material…. Hmmmmm

Sanskar: GN Swara: GN

Week pass slowly but Sanskar pay visit every day at evening checking swara and her study, but then head to home…..

Sanskar POV

I reached home, head to room, lay to bed, she is doing fine, tomorrow her last exam… I know she ll do good….. y I care, I should hope her to loose….aaahh

What I want from u swara??? … I no longer know… I don’t love u, no way to love u swara…. but I want u in my bed, but that ll make u hate me to max, but y I care? I never care girls feeling about that topic before, then I fear on u, I shouldn’t…… I marry u to pain u, what can hurt u more than forcing… NO NO NO Sanskar, not like that, u ll kill her, y should I care, she is bengalin, she should die, NO ur confusing her with another woman don’t Sanskar…..

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ( i smach all room glass and fall to floor)

She is bengalin, what I want, her laugh or her tear, her happy or sad…… i..i..I NO LONGER KNOW


Voice came in my head ( Never trust bengalins beta… see na.. bengalin destroied ur life, never trust bengalin women, they ll run after ur money only if u have, they ll do anything beta…. Never forget ur vendetta with bengalins…)

I was about 12 in that time, lost my both parents, and that was sujata masi words. She couldn’t stay with me nor taking me but each time she visit me she put these words in my ears….. but as I grow up I lived with the pain,. Bengalin destroyed my life till today…. So no way to love u swara, coz u ll always remind me of that scar, a bengalin scar.

Sanskar POV over

Same night at swara room

Swara POV

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aa Ke Mujhe Chhed Jaaye

Usse Kaho Kabhi Saamne To Aaye

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aa Ke Mujhe Chhed Jaaye

Kaisa Hai Kaun Hai Woh Jaane Kahan Hai
Jiske Liye Mere Hothon Pe Haan Hai
Apna Hai Ya Begaana Hai Woh
Sach Hai Ya Koi Afsaana Hai Woh
Dekhe Ghur Ghur Ke Yoonhi Door Door Se

Usse Kaho Meri Neend Na Churaye

Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aa Ke Mujhe Chhed Jaaye

Usse Kaho Kabhi Saamne To Aaye
Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye

Jadoosa Jaise Koi Chalne Laga Hai
Main Kya Karoon Dil Machalne Laga Hai
Tera Deewana Hoon Kehta Hai Woh
Chup Chup Ke Phir Kyun Rehta Hai Woh

Kar Baitha Bhool Woh
Le Aaya Phool Woh

Usse Kaho Jaaye Chand Leke Aaye
Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye Aa Ke Mujhe Chhed Jaaye

I fall to bed, what is going on with me…. Y my heart beat now when he is here…. I hate him right Mr. Maheshwary, then y I wait his visit each day, wear my best and b happy with his looks to me… his eyes is too kind sometimes, so deep brown honey eye, I roll on my bed, he can be so sweet person, like our study day……. What u doing swaaarrraaaa…. U should plan for divorce, not admiring him……. Ahhh I cant, he is something else, perhaps higher than laksh.

Laksh, did I just say that? But y my heart is not aching, these moments I lived with Sanskar can equal whole life with laksh……. I fall in sleep while thinking of him… sanskaaaaaaaaaar

I wake up on my door being open, (mom) nahi it’s a man… sans…. Sanskar…… what u doing here??…. He kept coming close to me with sweet smile across his lips, I stand from bed and went to him

( Sanskar hw u enter here, if mom…) he put his index on my lips ( shshshs don’t nerve now) that what he said… I hear music…….

He moved me slowly in slow dance, what is going on, but my respond to him and I just follow him, I’m sure my eyes looks so bubbly now, that’s y he look at me with that smile …. He catch my palm and rotate me and hug my back increasing slow pace little bit, its so blessy, he stretch me and rotate me to fall on bed and he on my top

Swara: Sanskar what u doing???

What u want

Sanskar what u telling

He pass his hand on my waist and hugged roughly

Sanskar let me go……..

Do u want that swara ( he whisper to my ear) then y called me swara

What I didn’t cal hmmmmmmmmm ( he force his lips with mine, I was humming in refuse but my body didn’t move inch, I cant move it)

His lips got soften and took my lower lip softly… nahi… nahi I don’t .. I don’t want this, am i… I try to jerk him but his grip to tight no noo but he then pinsh my waist……

Swara POV over

Swara jerk up hardly and found no one there ( goodness it was a dream) is what she said, on the other side sanskar was in same condition breathing pretty heavily coz he had the same dream

( Sanskar, swara) both called each other in same time, both their hand moved slowly to their lips, touching it, unbelieving, kiss was so real that both can feel each other lips and even the ache of their biting………

Next day Sanskar went to clg to pick swara, he determined his mind… truce is over, they ll b back to goals now, and today he ll get her back home himself where he set new torture. But what was there take Sanskar to another level…


Exams are over

And so truce

What u think will happen now

Precap: get ya nahi

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