Swasan-Hatred Love (23)

asslam alikom all dosto

7 days to go to our beloved month ramdan… may allah bless us all in the blessfull month ameen…

FF is getting more interest as i hope and more swasan moments on way,,,

Many of you may bash me after this epi., but i hope if you do to wait few more episodes so you can get what i did… so lets start

Careful, this episode has some content, so read at your risk.
previously: natasha seducing sanskar in office

epi.23: I Know Longer Know

Sanskar: haan…. Dnt stop ( she was about to kiss him) dnt stop SWARA pls

Natasha fumed but remained calm: nat my baby, NAT ( she touched his lips)

Sanskar got hitten by the word and ecoed in his head ( NAT…Nat.. NAAAAAT) he open his eyes and pushed her: b*t*h….

He stand up angrily: get the hell out of here b*t*h NOW

Natasha: y Sanskar hadn’t you miss me? (she try force herself upon him)

Sanskar grape her wrist and drag her out: just get out u low Woman ( close office door)

Sanskar was breathing so fast, he was so aroused and so turn on.. he left office and drive on anger blaming himself. Hw he lost control? Hw he let Natasha touch him? He is only for swara now, he is a husband now…. He reached cabin soon and head to shower immediately and put himself under cold water even without changing… he must calm immediately or he may do things he’d regret on later……

By evening Sanskar wear cloth and took a change and head to swara home, of course Shekhar and sharmishta welcomed him heartly.

Sanskar; uncle, swara kaha hai?

She is in guest room with friends to study, u know tomorrow is first exam

Sanskar: hmm

Sharmeshta: r u ok beta? U Don’t look well

Sanskar: haan sasoma… its just work u know

Mishit: ohh uffu ur bohat stubborn, cant u keep ma … papa..

Sanskar: well I try, but…. U two giving me so much love which shy me… why is tat i wonder?

Shekhar; do we need reason to like our son in law beta?

Sanskar: I know, but your care is … great… and a lot… i don’t deserve it…

Shekhar: mishit sign for swara to try finish soon and spend time with her husband ( Sharmeshta hummed and left). I know what u mean beta, but it seem u who don’t realize yoir place…

Sanskar: what u mean uncle?

Shekhar smiled softly: beta you are swara’s husband, that’s why we appreciate u a lot, you love swara and swara loves u too. U can never imagine what swara mean to us, u can never imagine how much we value her and her smile… and if u put smile on her face how we cant love u beta.

Sanskar was so disturbed with this over caring father, what if he know the truth, that he married his daughter only to see her broken and crying……..

Shekhar continuou: beside you are such lovely guy beta, u may look hard but your are so kind hearted

Sanskar never heard this words from long time ago, he smiled bitterly: tha.. thank u un… (Shekhar hummed warning so Sanskar wide smile) papa

Shekhar: finally

After awhile swara came with (avesom): study well u both… ari Maheshwary u came.. app kaisi

Mishit pull swara ear: u became bohat bad, what is that to call husband ah

Swara: aaa aaa maaa… tek hai tek hai sorry… bas karo naaa (mishti left her)

Avy: ok uncle we ll leave now, bye swara ( he hugged swara)

Sanskar didn’t like that ad looked irritated: I didn’t think you can that

Avy in challenge: DO what?

Sanskar venomly: studying hard

Swara: oh stop it… challo guys.. c u tomorrow

By that gadodia family went for dinner, @ avesom home

Avenash was on coach watching tv while somer bring two indomy dishes

Somer: here u go

Avenash: thanks (but somer noticed avenash to be lost)

Somer: what u think about?

Avy: Swara and Sanskar

Somer: What’s about them?

Avy: The whole thing. Remember that swara wasn’t even tolerating hearing his name, now she is married to him…. I’m sure fishy thing going on… remember how did ragini stopped us asking questions when swara decided the marry….. I’m not comfortable yaar..

Somer: actually I’m concerned about another thing

Avenash: What??

Somer: Sanskar!!!, u think he told her?

Avenash: If he did we would see a reaction

Somer hopefully: Maybe swara don’t care

Avenash: Even that is a reaction, she would at least blame us for not telling

Somer: U know avy I ll b really sad f swara left… she is the only one didn’t ask a lot of questions, she is who accepted us just as we are, ( somer eyes moist) aaari yar till today she don’t know our surnames coz she don’t care who our fathers is as she like to say … maybe coz she didn’t know that we…

Avenash hugged: shshshshsh somy … don’t worry, all ll b fine, shshs, ( Avenash cupped somer face) those eyes must never cry ok. if swara left so what? Haan we ll hurt and all but life move on…. We used to live with that na…. ( somer node as yes)

( I think u all gussed by now na)

Avenash caressed somer cheeks softly the print kisses on his eyes and go down to his cheeks then print kiss on somer lips slowly, then got deeper and deeper, caressing somer lips with his tongue…. Hugged him closser to his chest and playing his hairs….. Then broke the hug and assure somer….

Somer: u think she ll mind being gays??!

Avenash; I don’t know, that’s her decisions, what I more hope to understand y did we hide it. ( somer eyes looked down) u have doubts right?? listen to me we do nothing wrong ok… keep that in ur mind… ( he left somer chin) ok ( somer smile and give him deep kiss)

@ GM

After dinner and all swara head directly to room, after time Sanskar follow her, this time she was on floor with books and sheets all around her

Sanskar: waaw, u take it so serious,

Swara was so drawn in thoughts: haan this problem bohat serious hu

Sanskar POV

I head to couch watching her, I cant keep my eye off, that blue pajama kurti make her amazing. Damn u Natasha, u corrupt my mind for the whole day…. Flashes of today came to me….. I m sorry swara, I shouldn’t have done that, I should have control more…. I’m really…….. wait y do I have to sorry?? Face it Sanskar u betray her, and no one more than u know the bad of betrayel….. oh swara u look damn hot with that look in ur eyes……. Ohh damn Sanskar, control Sanskar… b cooooool

Here comes her dangerous move, her pen between her lips, what a lucky pen, …………. Controoooool… I jerk those ideas open my laptop to work, hold yourself yaar.

But she is so lost….

Sanskar: kya hwa swara?

Swara lost in her thoughts: I’m facing problem yaar… no matter what I cant solve

I offered: May I help…

She looked shocked to me: uuuuuuuu….

Sanskar: hoy hoy.. u know nothing for FREE

Swara: So whats today request?…

Sanskar: Coach is really uncomfortable and I have important meeting tomorrow morning, let me sleep on bed…

Swara: done

I came sit by her and study for a while……..

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

Waaw sweet of him… did I just say sweet, wake up bagal nothing for freee…. We were studying like lighting wire, u know that moment when u find ur match and when he say word he complete it, that is hw is it now… its really fun and good study with him…. I notice also something, when he over thinking about something her rub his right head vain, just rubbing his index finger to that vein like forcing blood and thoughts to run in his mind, hhahha cute…

We finished so I start picking my stuff, gone to shower and when I back he was on bed already, I start dry my hair, y he look at me that way… I can see him through mirror u know, what is that weird look he have…. It nervous me

Swara POV over

Sanskar POV

Damn, like that wat I need, she look so hot, those wet hairs, I fist my hand…. Control sanskaaar, she has been killing me with her cute in past few hours, now I want to warm my bed with her, its not love or something, no… surly not love, no way to be love, but I am a married man, did I tell u that its not love!! Keep that in ur mind… y should I live like a monk while I’m married and she is my full right. Damn Sanskar, ur not animal….. but i.. I cant…I want……

Sanskar POV over

Sanskar was facing his desire demon badly, and swara fight her nerve, without she realize she was biting the side of her lips in nervous way, but tat move was driving Sanskar to madness, he stand up and walk to her slowly…..



i am waiting for your opinions…

hope you dont baash me before you get the whole scene…

precap: I hate Bengalin

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