Swasan – Hatred Love (22)

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Prev.: swasan confuesd about their lives

Epi.21: too much on me

Next early morning Sanskar woke and would get ready to work but then sleeping swara caught his eyes, hw sweet angel she was, her framed eye bows, juicy lips, innocent face, he couldn’t help smiling. Sun rays were disturbing her sleep so he stand to shade her face, he close the curtains well and moved to shower room, but then swara was rolling sleeping and were about to fall so Sanskar run to catch her, but instead she fall on him on floor, swara was a wake now and just kept gaze Sanskar and Sanskar gaze her back…

(Remmber that scene naaaaaaa…. the next morning from sanskar drunken confession… hope u remmber)

Both felt the warmth of each other bodies, the fast heart beat and the kind in each other eyes… they have sweet eye contact and sank in each other embrace

Aankhein Teri,Aankhein Teri Kitni Haseen
Ki Inkaa Aashiq, Mein Ban Gayaa Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le, Iname Tu

…. Swara cut the eye contact and roll from Sanskar top

Swara: Th … than.. *cough cough … thank u and she left to washroom immediately while Sanskar fist his palm and closed his eyes….

Sanskar didn’t come back that day neither the days follow, he try to keep himself away from swara and her images, just away from her …. since strange feelings start to com to him… since that day, first the crush then when he was out of shower and ended with the morning crush… too much for him…

Situation wasn’t a lot differ for swara, caring home at morning and then shop then back home and study, her day was full, spending most night with ragini and somer and Avenash studying together, and sleep exhausted at night, but just seconds before sleep, swasan moments never came out of her mind and kept thinking about that fit body and warm breath but soon jerked off and remind herself its Mr. hell Maheshwary….

Sanskar had 3 restaurants, and worked in import and exort of cloth, food, and electronics, and he was great in handling those, but his dream was to hold chain of restaurants (Sanskari chain) and a high class hotel, and all his work was to set these goals…. And sure Natasha give a wide help with her knowledge and communication gave him big help, he knew her almost since he start improving in work and they are partners since then, but never gave her much control as years pass. They work since 4 years but he knew her even before, but without working with her.

It was first week passed and next day is swara first exam, Sanskar was in his office, thinking about the past days, and the strange feeling he have around swara, specially when she praised jai, its not only about his enemy, but just thinking she might like another man irrates him… he was lost n thoughts that he did release the woman standing in front of him ( from earth to Sanskar, r u here???)

Sanskar: hello Natasha!! What bring u here??

Natasha: u were thinking about her right?

Sanskar fastly: NO

Atasha: Then thinking about me!!!

Sanskar: Nnno, I think of work, what bring here Natasha??

Natasha while walking slowly around his desk to reach Sanskar chair: The restaurant in Prince Anwar Road have shortage of supplies, we must provide them n two days.. but food ship ll com next week, so…..

Sanskar: I ll send some supplies from here and other restaurant it should hold that week ,

Natasha put her hand on Sanskar shoulder and pressed softly

Sanskar calmly: what u doing Natasha??

Natasha: Removing ur tension…

Sanskar move her hands away:i am in no tension…. thank u Natasha… take ur leave

But Natasha didn’t leave and caressed Sanskar hairs as massaging his head: shshshs relax baby, I’m just massaging, I wont eat u shsh

Sansakr try to jerk her hands several times but she didn’t stop and soon he start like it, Natasha was good in weaking men…. sanskar try jerk last few times but his resist begain to fall

Natasha: see, just relax babyyy shshshs ( caressing his hairs softly and massaging his head sides)

Sansakr in weak voice: I’m…I’m not ur babyyy

Natasha whisper in his ear: I know I know… darlingo…. ( soften her pressing and whisper) feeling good hmm…

Sanskar closed his eyes and bend his head backwards he wanted to stop her, but his body is like druged…

Natasha: ur wife must be so good, na, that u no longer need any other woman!!!!! (Sanskar only hummed) is she good ah?

Sanskar was like mind blind but his body having its own mind now, Natasha knew him very well, knew his body and his weaknesses points, she shift her hands from head to shoulders making her touches more lusty and s*xual, more privet and nasty, and Sanskar was full under her touching but his mind elsewhere, Natasha shouldn’t have mention swara

Sanskar POV

SW.. swara.. haan, these moments make me crazy about her, he body curves, I wonder hw much sweet her lips is…. Hw much soft her waist feel, I wonder hw u act in ur wild hot moments swaaaraaaa

I feel wet behind my ear, I think it’s a kiss….

Sanskar POV over

Natasha knew that her spill is complete and Sanskar is totally aroused for her now, she start kissing behind his ear, giving small lick… ( Sanskar hummed ) so she kept her kissing and voices, moved her hands from behind to his chest opening his shirt buttons, she turn chair slowly, Sanskar was eye closed and breathing heavily

She whisper at his lips: should I keep it darlingo

Sanskar talk as drunk man painting heavily: ha…. haaaan…. Dnt stop ( she was about to kiss him) dnt stop….



How it was

Precap: i no longer know

Till then allah hafiz

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