Swasan – Hatred Love (21)

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Previously: swasan sweet moments and shome caught them

Epi. 21: hidden drsires

Shekhar; Hahahah I don’t think swara ll wait beta, finish then go

Sanskar: Wait what!!!

Swara came with cards and playing it in her hand: challow papa, we ll beat ma and finish this once and for all

Shekhar: Hahahaha u naïve girl, in past I support u, but today I ll support my wife……….

Swara pout: Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, nahi paapaa u cant b serious, u ll leave me alone, y today ah????!!!!!

Shekhar cupped his beti face: aari shonna … im not leaving u alone, today u have a husband and I leave u to his protection

Swara pout more: papaaaa u cant b serious…. He wont protect me at all (pointing sanskar)… challow papa… lets b together plsss

Sanskar was memrized a lot but irate of her words

Sanskar: I ll support my wife no matter what…. So what we r playing here!!!

( I dnt know if u have that play in india but it call connect four and it play minimum by four making two teams) all played and swasan wins …

Swara: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. We won…. we won…ahaa hahaaa aha aha ahaaaa… dekho ma no more tease about tat topic oooook….. and u ( she give Sanskar a hug tight) thaaank u

Sanskar went numb, swara apart…. she didn’t recognize what she actually did till its too late, she blushed and Sanskar just excused himself, he went to their room and gone for shower, swara wash dishes.

When swara finished she head to her room and when she enter Sanskar just came out from shower with only towel on waist, swara numbed for the scene

Swara POV

Does Afredoyt ( the most beautiful ever mentioned greek godess… VyshuCrazy ?) skipt time and came back in the shape of a man… wait did I just flirt him, swaraaaaaaaa he is mr. hell, what r u telling???!, dear subconscious pls shut up, im girl yaar. He is so divine, muscline fit,
I can feel my stomach making knots from the site of his chest and water droplets shine all over his shoulders and arms

Sanskar: stare is rude u know

Damn, I close door immediately and bow my sight

Swara; dnt u shy being like that, what if mom com in ah?

Sanskar; ur mom always knock, and she is my sasoma, its u who dnt knock

Swara: Oh hello, it my room… mind ur limts here pls

He got close to me, hell he still half nude, calm ur breath swara… u gotta make him away…

Sansakr: y, ur my wife isn’t it? Or perhaps coz of our incomplete relationship u forgot that fact? Y u so nerve?

Swara: nerve,huh… in ur dreams, I told u before ur not my type, I dnt like men as u

Sanskar: What u mean men as me?

Swara: Would u please wear ur cloth first u only hurt my eye

I can feel Sanskar fuming about what I just utter, but I had too, right now im facing some problems

He step forward to me while I step back till I reached wall, dear god help me. He lends to me and spit in anger

Sanskar: What u mean my type of men ah

Swara: I mean sissy men, white soft skin, more like girl… dekho mera lucky, muscline … dark skin … tattoo arm, awesome style yaaar

Sanskar hit his hand to wall besode me: Did u just call me sissy?? …. Swara ur crossing bohat lines…

Swara felt word was really to hard: ok sorry for the word I didn’t mean that… but u..u.. ur not my type…

Sanskar: And tere lucky? Who is tat? Ah

Swara: I mean laksh… ( I moved from his pin) he had always been my idol…

Sanskar: Huh sure he is ( I turn in shock, did I say too much) he is brother, every girl idol ll b her bro, coz she see him the best….

( I smile hardly, even If he wasn’t my bro…. wait wait, let me tease him, I gave him my back) yea ur right, but dekho to jai kumar… wasn’t he waaw….. chocolate skin, good hairs, model body, good dancer, gen…..awwwwwww ( Sanskar hold tight grip around my wrist)

Sanskar: Hw dare u praise another man? Had u forgotten im ur husband? Don’t u ever do tat again…..

Swara: hello, we r not husband and wife we r…..( he pull me close crushing me to his bare chest)

Sanskar: Didn’t push me swara, just because we didn’t do s*x togethet doesn’t mean we r not husband and wife, im warning u, I M Verrrrry Possissive PERson……

( oh ok that was creepy, first time I fear Sanskar that way) ok, but please I dnt like u in that state…

Sanskar: Ok I ll cover but not for freeee ( I got tension in this word) I ll ask question and u answer….

Swara: Ok

Swara POV over

Sanskar gone and dress … swara enter her bed and slide the curtains

Sanskar stand beside bed

Swara: ask

Sanskar: What u were doing two days ago when ur mom called? Y u were sopping?

Swara: Do u really wanna know?

Sanskar: Yes

Swara: Before I tell u… what is ur decision, about staying here?

Sanskar: Whenever possible I ll spend night here, but some days I ll spend in cabin,

Swara: Agree. What is time now?

Sanskar: What? Its 11:30 pm!!!!

Swara: Still another 10 mints before I answer u

Sanskar: Y? answer me now!!

Swara: No! 10 mints more

Sanskar: Ok!

Both kept gazing each other, Sanskar knew swara was a whole different thing, but latly he is facing his own issues…..

Sanskar POV

SWARA GADODIA…. From day 1 I knew ur different girl from any girl I ever know…. All what I saw was ego that I wanted to break by anyway…. But then the more I follow u the more interest I get about u… but after marry …. u make me enter another world, tat colored saree show me the curves i never notice in u… I’m no animal but when I crave for girl I must get her no matter what, and I fear I start to crave u swara, how i wish to grap you right away and have you in a way make you moan my name in pleasure all night…. But I don’t want u to face that part of me……. I just wanna break that smile in ur eyes that with it u face the world, that cute … that bubbly I wanna smash. I have million reason to destroy u, to hate u, but yet I don’t…. I don’t…. I find myself loyal to u, not just coz u namly my wife, but its like no woman ll taste like u, like I don’t wanna b touched by any woman else u, for now at least…… for 2 months I didn’t touch a woman which never happened since years now, I keep mind busy in work so I don’t lose my control…….. where u ll lead me swara????

Sanskar: 10 mints are over……. Now what?!

Swara: come with me

I follow her till her small terrace she had, she look up and I look with her but there is nothing

Swara: hai there, ur never late on ur late na… exactly 15 mints, uske addait hai naaa

Sanskar: had u gone mad???

Swara: Yes that’s what all say. I talk to my friend

Sanskar: Where??

She hold my chin and head my face up where my eye widen ( its full moon)

Swara: exactly, since I’m kid he has been my friend my diary my secrets keeper……. I tell him everything… my day events, my sarrows, my happy… everything… every day night I com out to see moon and talk to him

Sanskar: R u crazy??! ( why did I say that, I see full sad in her eyes, like telling no one understand me, she was about to go) wait! U didn’t answer the other half, why were u sopping?

Swara: R u sure u wanna know about that too?

Sanskar: Yes ( she took me by hand to get inside)

Swara: Look at ur left

I did but then I shocked again, it was mirror and my reflection there

Swara: this is the reason, Mr. hell Maheshwary, now I ll sleep…

I held her wrist ( y u hate me swara? Cant u accept me ever??)

She gazed me in a strange way I never see before, then moved my hand softly and gone to bed, while I sit on coach restless, what did I just say? Accept me???! Have I gone mad?? Me and bengaline!! Never!!

Bengaline!! Hw can I forget that?? Because of a bengaline my life was destroyed…. But wait

Sanskar: swara ( she hummed) how did ur parents marry? She is bengaline and ur dad marwadi, then hw?

She set on bed looking weird to me but then smile cross her face

Swara: they were raised together, mom was and still bubbly crazy naughty girl, dad was always stricted by his family but still both fall in love, dadi ma was angry even though she raised mom but dad defended his love, and refused to marry any woman so he don’t destroy her life coz he would never love any but my mom, dida throw him away but with days they accepted the fact and mom proved she is a good bahu, and here they are……

I couldn’t belive what I just heard, its……. I wonder who is wrong who is right!!!!!

Swara: good night

I lay to coach but I couldn’t sleep at all

Sanskar POV over

Swara POV

Long time ago I dreamt I ll have love story like parents, and when laksh came to live with us I was happy tat someone ll play with me, and when I start love him I was getting happier coz it seem to be love story, my love story even if its full of pain. I dreamt marrying laksh, draw few hopes in my mind, but when I thought he ll never b mine I thought one day I ll find a man who ll love me and he ll make me forget laksh…….

But look where I ended. Swara Sanskar Maheshwary, a marriage full of hate, my tears flow each day as now for that fact, my dreams about marriage days all faded. I dreamt a crazy husband like me, I can be naughty with him, do crazy things together, drive our parents crazy like small kids…. To sleep in his embrace everyday and drive his flames mad every time he see me.. to feel his warmth in each hug…

Aren’t girls have desired to b fill full like boys. Am I gonna b like that my whole life? I just cry silently.. I hate this incomplete life and I hate u Sanskar….

Swara POV over

Precap: too much on me

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