Swasan – Hatred Love (20)

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here we go with new update as sweet swasan starts from today.

previously: swara blame sanskar for her dad condition and decide spend two weeks with her family

Epi.20: Red mahehswari

Sanskar was just fascinated with that family surround him…. family he never had in his life

Swara: papa I ll spend two week here, till I finish my exams and I ll help u in shop too

Shekhar: What? But y beta?

Swara: No but papa, I said and its final

Sharmeshta: But beta u cant do that, you have ur study and ur husband and ur sasural house, at least talk to them

Sanskar: No need aunty its me and swara decide and I ll handle my family

Swara looked bit surprise coz its defiantly wasn’t their decide, it was only hers, but he still keep up with her: see!! All is ok

Shekhar: But beta why you wanna manage shop? No need, I ll go today and ….

Swara: Don’t even think of it Mr. Gadodia…. Ur in a mission to rest for 2 weeks sumji

Sharmishta: But shonna… what about Sanskar?

Swara: What about him?

Sharmishta: U cant leave him for 2 weeks!!

Swara: Com on mom its not like he ll die without me (swara can see confuse in her parents eyes, and release that her acts is not good)

Sanskar pull swara from her waist to him: its ok aunty, I ll hold (looking to swara lovly)

Shekhar: y u don’t stay with us beta? I’m sure ur family wont mind…. Just this while

Sanskar: well un…

Swara interrupt: sure no papa

Shekhar and Sharmeshta looked surprised again but then Sanskar pinshed swara waist: swara mean, my work and all, u know uncle,….

Swara thought for a while: u can go to work from here…. Papa is right, at least try b here for days then head back

It was Sanskar turn to b confused but he don’t know where that come from but he trusts swara, he look at her in the eyes and for seconds he got lost

Swara: NA darling

Sanskar while lost: Haan

Swara: good all is set, challo, ma set papa and make him rest. U come with me Mr.maheshwary ( she said wile piking dishes)

Mishit: shonna, u cant call ur husband like tat

Swara didn’t know what to say, so sanskar interfere acting: nahi maa, yah usakee aadat hai (he tells that with his killing smile pout face, giving impression of couples play)

Swara collect all dishes followed by Sanskar

Sanskar; may I know what is tat all about???

Swara: I cant leave dad that way, I’m sorry about the decision, but I have no choice, and for u to stay here….. dad is worry about me and my happy so I wanna proof him that all is k

Sanskar got her point: so u don’t mind if I stay here

Swara: Its up to u, but at least buy a visit everyday to show hw much good we r…

Sanskar: By night I ll give u my answer

Swara: Fine.

Sanskar: Aren’t u angry from me anymore?

Swara look at him for seconds: no

Sanskar: What changed ur mind?

Swara sighted: That is ur main problem Mr. Maheshwary, u married me just to break me but u didn’t know me well. Haan u make great mistake involving my parents and in such low way, but u say ur sorry and I think for the first time and only god know y I believe u, so I have no reason to b mad at u.
u knew ur fault and u apologize, I might blame u and b sad but after sorry I cant b angry with u, coz sorry is half way of making things right.

Sanskar got lost by her words: I must go home to change, I ll send some of ur cloth, and I ll com by dinner

Swara: Ok

All happen as said and by dinner time Sanskar enter house

Sanskar: Good evening uncle…

Shekhar: Good evening beta…. What uncle beta… papa bolo

Shekhar didn’t know that this word hurt Sanskar the most so he kept smile only..

Sharmeshta: Beta pls check ur wife she promise us dinner but nothing till now, we may starve before she come

Sanskar POV

Why cant I just stop smile??!, that family attitude being in movies only, but now I see where it come from. And that these families r true.

I gone to kitchen and saw most cutest scene …….. wait did I just said cute… I cant see another word and I cant stop smile wide… swara with headphones apparently listening to music and dancing while putting food to plates, it was amazing scene to see… she was shaking her body smoothly and moving her feet, it must b classical bollywood song, I came to stop her but she turn around suddenly and due to surprise she slipped and in one second she was in my arms……..

Time seem to stop, her bubbly eyes was wide in shock and her kajal was making them more killing, the nerve that shake her lips sweetly attempting me, and the nerves across her body between my arms, I support her to stand but then it end into a semi hug that crush our bodies together…

Sanskar POV Over

Swara pov

Awww, where he came from…. Well actually right now I don’t care, I think I sink in that deep brown orbits of his eyes, they were so kind and soft, his strong arms where supporting me, I wanna touch his muscling shoulders… pagal swara jerk those ideas… it s maheshwaaaaryyyyyy…… oh my subconscious pls shut up, ur not in my place right now, he is just hot. He try to make me stand but I got crushed to him, I feel my heart beats increaseeeee, calm calm calmmm

Mishit while enter kitchen: shonna haaaaa?????

I apart from him immediately: ma… ma pls don’t get wrong idea pls

Mishit: hahaha wrong idea… hahaha… with ur husband… oh we should punish u two…. Hahaha … I send u to bring swara… but u …. Bring food u two and hurry pls, leave these to room

I got so blush as hell, damn mom y u say tat???…. and Sanskar ….. oh godness…. his face full red…. mr. Maheshwary felt shy… that should b news headlines….. he was all red up to ears, it was embrace for both of us.

Swara POV over

On dinner Sanskar was happy with all their chatting and happy moments, swara treating to her parents so bubbly… freely… cutty…which make sanskar draw to his memory


Sanskar as 7 years old boy: Mom when dad ll come?

Qomod: I don’t know beta…but soon he ll b here

Sanskar: But mom I’m so hungry

Qomod: I know beta, me too, but papa ll b happier if we eat with him so we ll wait na

Just then ram prasad came in: hai big Sanskar…

Sanskar ran to his papa: Papa papa papa papa… challow to eat

Ram: No beta I’m not hungry u eat ok

Qomod: But we waited u ram ji

Ram: Sorry Qomod … but no appetite ( with that he left them both and with teary sad face Qomod feed her boy Sanskar without she eat anything)


Shekhar with bit load voice: Sanskar beta!!!!

Sanskar: huh!!

Shekhar: whr u beta…

Sanskar: nothing uncle.. just work

Shekhar: back to uncle…. Just papa my dear….

Mishit: drop those formals beta, teek hai!!! Now was it really work, or reviewing that kitchen scene

Swara complained: maaaaa ( Sanskar again back to blush fully)

Shekhar: only one way to stop her shonna, u know it

Swara: I agree

After dinner and lifting dishes Sanskar was going to room..

Shekhar: beta whr u heading…

Sanskar: to room … well actually…….

Shekhar; Hahahah I don’t think swara ll wait beta, finish then go

Sanskar: Wait what!!!


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precap: hidden desires

i ll post saza epi. 2 today

till then, allah hafiz

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