Swasan – Hatred Love (19)

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By the way…. i started the other ff SAZA…. to read first epi.

Episode 1

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Previously: shekhar gets ill and swara blame sanskar

Epi.19: No One Is Like Papa


Sanskar: swara I’m sor……. ( swara turn around and was about to slap him but he hold her hand before she do)

Swara shoot him angrily: its all ur fault tat my dad is like that. If u didn’t spread that roamer…. that would havnt happened

Sanskar: swara please calm down……..

Swara: calm down!! My father in this condition and u r the reason and I have to b ur wife…. Ur too cheep, I hate u ( she try free her hand and push him but he didnt let her)

Sanskar let her hand down: listen to me swara I know ur angry now and u have all rights to hate me in this moment, and I know exactly hw u feel, believe me…. and i know what u think of me, but I say it truly swara I M SORRY

Swara sarcasm: sorry???! U??? mr. ego master serial killer or whatever u call urself ah!! Like I ll believed it!!

Sanskar: swara I said it truly ok, believe it or not is ur chioce

Swara: even although!! Will sorry give me back my life, my father, my dreams. I don’t think so She passed him and go to bed, he was about to lay

Swara: what u doing???

Sanskar: Going to sleep

She gave him bedsheet and pillow: sleep on coach

Sanskar: But why? We share bed in my room!!!

Swara: U just said it, ur house …ur room ….ur rules, I have no right to object. But this is my house …my house my room… my rules, and I don’t want u sleep by me get it…..or maybe u wont see sun morning.

Sanskar walk to coach with nothing and laid there, restless.

Sanskar: what were u doing in terrace? Y u were sopping??

Swara: none of ur bussiness

Sanskar kept uneasy….. he never felt regret as today… it doesnt mean he would spared swara… but he shouldnt have involve her dad tat way… at least not such roamer…..

Next morning Shekhar wake up in his bed finding his mishit beside him, he wake her up softly, she woke up and checked him, he was better but then………

Tak tak takk atak tak tak……… I’m not interrupting any romance na

Shekhar: shonnnaaa ( he open arms for her and swara ran to bed and hugged him tightly) shonna when u came .. hw u beta ah? Sub…. sub teek hu na?

Swara: Papa sub teek hu, hw u think doctor came for u ah, its me for sure, who else u ll depend on ah!!!!

Mishit: aari u drohee chhote janaadesh, u did it ah, what about ur husband ah?

Shekhar: aarii Sanskar is here?

Mishti: Haan, he brought doctor for u and it was too late for both to go back and they spend night here,

Swara pout: Haan haan papa, he help me, bas help

Both laugh on her childish, even Sanskar was outside room laughing on such small happy acts.

Sanskar enter room: good morning uncle.

Shekhar: Aari beta com com pls. hw r u beta???

Swara: Cant u see papa??! he is full health, u just worry about urself pls ok

Sharmeshta: Aari swara, bas ur playing ok… get ready… I ll make bf

Swara: Aari noooooooooo neeeed

Three make confused faces, swara move to outside and the come back with food cart ( I already make bf)

Both mishiti and Shekhar look at each other then mishti said to Sanskar in sad drama face: aari beta call doctor again, or perhaps hospital pls

Sanskar looked confused; y aunty, uncle r u….. (but he found him smiling)

Swara put her hands on her waist: Accha ma…. U keep say that coz ur jealous that my dad love my food than urs….???

Sharmeshta: Aaari Shekhar say something

Shekhar: Well mishtiiiiiiiiiiii…….

Swara: Hahahahah see ma hahaha…. dad support me…… my food is better lalalalaaa

Sharmeshta: Aaari u batamize girl I wont spare u (mishit start run behind her shonna around room, Sanskar was just numb and shakhar was laughing)

Shekhar: aari bas u two…

Swara: u tell her papa make her stop follow (Swara hide behind Sanskar) stop her yaar, ma …. ma bas

Sanskar forgot everything, and blocked sharmishta little and allow swara to run: aari aunty bas pls ur health please, sure ur food ll be better, u teached her… pls pls rest now

Swara: Huh no one took ur opinion hmmmm?????

Shekhar: Aari larki bas pls and serve food

Swara served bf and as usual watching her papa aur ma eat from same plate

Sanskar cut her thought: y they do that?

Swara look smile to them: to increase their love. They do that since they marry, they never eat in two plates. Its papa habit

Sanskar: u speak as u want that happen with u too

Swara: off course I do

Sanskar looked at her then she relies whom she talk to: don’t worry I know its impossible, coz no one can b like papa

Sanskar was just memmrized with that family surrounds…. a family he never had in his life… a family that was stool from him…..

Swara: papa I ll spend two weeks here, till I finish my exams and I ll help u in shop too…….



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Precap: red maheshwary.. ??

Till then allah hafiz dosto.. dont forget saza

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