Swasan – Hatred Love (18)

Asalaam alikom all

Im over the cloud by your wordd, i hope i keep you happy all time

Previously: swara ge impress by sasnkar knowledge but also repay back giving him mango full of chilly

Epi.18: its all your fault

Sanskar notice blood print on floor…

Sanskar: Swara r u bleeding?

Swara look at her feet: oh damn now I feel it, aww aww (she was jumping to bed)

Sanskar hurry to her and sat her to bed: how this happen?

Swara: when uttra broke glass I guess I didn’t clean well and one shatter hurt me, I warped it but its open again, its no big deal.

Sanskar: R u always that careless?? ( bringing first aid box and start curing) it could have infection swara

He touched he foot softly and swara was giggling.. he shoot angry to her so she hold her smile ( sorry sorry.. but .. but… its tickiling hahaha)

Sanskar smile but he cover his face bowing head down and draw serious: u should b carful

Swara:Y would u care, this is y u marry me right? To pain me!!

Sanskar: No swara I marry u to break ur ego haan….. but only me allow to do that and I dnt hurt physically……. im not that low ( he finished her wound and look up to her) hw did u know that I ll drink tat juice??

Swara: coz u ll do anything opposite to me…. simple……. And aaaa… well.. thank u…..

It was first time swara see that part of him and say him a truly thank u. Sanskar was standing and he get close to swara….

Guys thinks girls r physcially emotionless.. but its not true… girls also get body tension… and tat what happen to swara… she got tension by sanskar closness.. his hot breaths.. second pass slowly till he finally stand up and go to his side of bed

Swara think ( today i have seen new shades of sanskar that never thought it ll b there….. his kind to uttra… his laugh side…. his unbelievable knowledge?…. maybe… just maybe … sanskar isnt tat bad)

Few days past and it was normal, swasan didn’t talk much, Sanskar was busy in his work, he wanted to own a chain of restaurants and he had many plans, and there was Natasha with her communications and money but he didn’t give her much control, from other side is jai, he is young but powerful, him and jai fought for best restaurants at sales and that’s y they hate each other either this they would have been great friends.

For swara she was busy organizing her time between studies and home, she buy her mom avisit in school and maybe once at home, but laksh wasn’t there, he likes to spend most of his time out of house. Last time she saw him was at airport, he traveled to usa for some extra studies and she controlled herself very well n tat moment, she knew y he do tat, ragini wept in his leave also but nothing can be done.

2 months since swara marry now and bit more, and swasan relation was like no love … no hate…. no breaking, like a time out period.

One night Sanskar was working on laptop whn swara came to him

Swara: hai… i… I wanna talk to u

Sanskar was like what: talk to me? about what?

Swara: I know it has been a while since we fight and all ( Sanskar was bit surprised at that fact but as they say time can u make forget many things, beside other facts loke he didnt want to think about his flames that he hatdly control each night so he bury himself working) but I gotta tell u neither one day I wasnt living in fear thinking what u ll do today to break me, but now im going through exams in aweek and I gotta concentrate on that without fear.

Sanskar: So what u wanna say exactly?

Swara: I want a truceso… so I can finish peacefully

Sanskar: But I promised u that I wont make ur life easy

Swara in bohat serious tone: Mr.Maheshwary its my future……… dnt ruin that…

Sanskar: Ok …. ok but u ll have to do something for me

Swara: I knew u wont give anything for free…..Which is???

Sanskar: In summer time which is 4 month and after only 1 month u ll work as my p.a what u say?!!

Swara: Done

Sanskar: And u ll stop call me by surname,

Swara: Forget it

Sanskar: Ok no deal

Swara: Fine ( she start to walk away)

Sanskar: Ok ok. Just the work

Swara offer her arm ( deal) Sanskar shake hers (deal)

Then each go to his bed side, but night was not over yet

By 2 am swara phone was ringing which disturbs Sanskar sleep, it was on vibrate mode, Sanskar woke up due to vibrating and was irrated but he was surprised that swara wasn’t beside him, he caught her phone and it was her mom, y would she call in such late time?

He looked for swara, then he hear sopping coming from trace, he head there and find her looking too moon and crying

Swara: wont this have an end, I hate it, I hate each passing second, pls do something, i….

Sanskar: swara!!!

Swara turn around in fear and weep her tears; what u doing here????

Sanskar: what u doing here, ur mom is calling???

Swara: MOM!!!!

She snatch phone hurrly and call her mom

Swara: haan mom, hya hwa? Whataaaaat?…. hw did this happen? I’m coming right away.

Sanskar could see her max worry; kya hwa swara????

Swara: my dad is so sick I must go now ( she tell that while going out)

Sanskar: I’m coming too

Swara: no need. u…….

Sasnakr: I said I’m coming

They get in car and Sanskar call doctor: yes, this is Sanskar Maheshwary, pls doctor my sasur need u, I ll send u address now (he hang call) take … send address right away and tell sasoma to let him in challow

Swara did each word and when reach there doctor was leaving

Swara: doctor what is with him please?

Doctor: some excessive pressure, his heart also doesn’t work well so b carful, we need those medicines right away, he must remain rest and calm, no pressure or tention, then he ll b ok

Sanskar took medicin paper from doctor: thank u doctor, pls come

Swara hugged her mom and cried: what is going on mom hw all that happen? What pressures ah?

Sharmeshta: aari shonna, don’t b so much worry, he ll b fine

Swara: I’m not asking about what is coming I’m asking hw this happen? Bolo ma….

Sharmeshta: Well beta what to say, ur absence affected us all beta, also in much hurry, he was most effected with it, ur talks, ur funny, ur tea, nothing was same after ur left, even laksh was behaving weird, and end it with his leave, also work is never same.

Swara: all this!!!! and on phone u always say teek hai teek hai, u lie to me mom ah, also whats with work?

Sharmeshta: well shonna, ……

Swara: Bolo ma

Sharmeshta: After that roamer work was never like before and a lot people still think of it, laksh and ur papa were trying to improve that but roamer …..

Swara though ( damn u Sanskar, I hate u I hate life with u, damn u) swara start crying and her mom just hugged her. Both didn’t know that accidentally Sanskar hear all that and he himself felt sorry of what he did. Sanskar enter house, Sharmeshta weep swara tears

Sharmeshta: oh Sanskar beta, we are sorry to disturb u in such time,

Sanskar: sasoma pls don’t say that ever, I ll go bring medicine, I wont b late

Sharmeshta: Sanskar beta u both stay here tonight its bohat late to go back ok

Snanskar nodded as yes and went

Sharmeshta: beta ur room still same and clean, ur papa never let dust there u two rest there ok ( swara also nodded and head there)

Sanskar came with medicine, Sharmeshta took it and head to Shekhar room and he followed her, Shekhar was sleeping and looked so tired. So long time Sanskar didn’t feel that hurt, Sharmeshta looked him and whisper him ( thank u beta. We r lucky to have u. swara waits u n her room and if u need anything just call me) Sanskar nodded and went to swara room and guilt squeezing his heart. Sure he didn’t know whr swara room, but a glittery door must b hers.

He knocked softly then enter, swara was standing infront of window looking to sky, Sanskar came behind her

Sanskar: swara I’m sor……. ( swara turn around and was about to slap him but he hold her hand)

Swara shoot him angrily: its all ur fault …….


Precap: no one like papa

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