Swasan – Hatred Love (17)

Assalam alikom all

I have notice domthinh that some readers confuses swasan relationship as swara always winning

Thats not the idea… when sanskar marry swara was to break her ego and swara promised that he wont b able to
so sanskar always trap swara trying to make her suffer and swars simply replying back… but she wont start to hurt sanskar as its not her nature

I hope i cleared my point….

Epi.17: i am impressed

Sanskar heared glass breaking in kitchin, he head there directly ready to fight swara but stopped to see Uttra there hugging swara from behind in fear

Sanskar shocked: Uttra!!!!!!!

Swara gave him angry looks, while he was in shock

Swara: aari Uttra y u much fear, its only ur bhai, he likes to play me that way…. shouting and all, such irrating darling …. its ok uttra, easy.

Uttra: nahi he is angry because I’m here, I’m sorry bhai….

Sanskar; what u say Uttra? Nothing like that I swear, I just … i … i gone to pick swara but she wasn’t there, and I was worry only so I shouted, i didnt know u r here …. sorry Uttra

Swara amazed of hw he act with Uttra, he even say sorry, he never say that word before, Uttra run and hug him, he hug her tight, caressing her hair

Uttra: Sorry bhai I really didn’t mean to come here, bhabi invited me bhai kasamse

Sanskar: Uttra what u say? If u want u can fire us both out and b here alone, and about not inviting u, ur most person who know Y my dear na?

Uttra got sad: sorry bhai

Sanskar hugged her softly: Never sorry my uttra (gave her forehead kiss)

Swara jaw drop on hw he treat uttra… so gentle and soft and carey… she never thought he would hav such a side

Swara: Uttra take ur bhai and wait me outside come on, I ll b there in a mint

Uttra: hmmm

Both left and Sanskar asking Uttra why she came here today, swara cleaned the shatter glass, make some snaps for her and Uttra, came outside and start study with Uttra while Sanskar on laptop working, both girls finished,

Uttra: thanks swara bhabi, it was really defcult for me, ur really good teacher.

Swara; don’t mention it darling.

Uttra: ok I ll go now, see u on dinner??!

Swara: ok, ……. Uttra !!!!! wanna hear a joke???!,

Word caught Sanskar attention

Uttra: sure.


A woman tells her friend she is getting married for the fourth time.

“How wonderful! I hope you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your first husband?”

“He ate poisonous mushrooms and died.”

“Oh, how tragic! What about your second husband?”

“He also ate poisonous mushrooms and died.”

“Oh, how terrible! I’m almost afraid to ask you about your third husband.”

“He died of a broken neck.”

“A broken neck?”

“He had a sensitivity of mushrooms.”

Uttra and swara burst in laugh, Sanskar got the hint but still he couldn’t stop smiling, swara watched him then give good bye to Uttra.

Dinner time came, it was smooth but tension, durga didn’t like swara at all thinking that she is over free and bad mannered and she would effect uttra, Parinita also didn’t like her to be ahead of her so she start her tease

Parinita: So Uttra did ur bhabiiiiiii helped u in lesson

Uttra: Oh haan Parinita bhabi, she was great, I took no time to understand it and also solve really hard problems like piece of cake

Swara: remember Uttra ” the only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” that said……

Sanskar: Paul halmos

Swara turn her face to him, this is a rare note of paul, hw he knew it?

Swara: the laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of god.

Sanskar look at her with wide smile: Euclid, father of geometry

Swara was more surprised, she twist her body to face him: Numbers are the highest form of knowledge

Sanskar: Plato

Sawara with challenge: Without mathematics there is nothing u can do. Everything around u is mathematics

Sanskar with wide confidant smile; Shakuntala devi

Swara: Mathematics reveals its secret only ( Sanskar start telling with her) to those who approach it with pure love for its own beauty

Sanskar: Archimedes

Swara; Roots of education are bitter…..

Sanskar: but the fruit is sweet … Aristotle

Swara smiled black twisting her lips: vaah …. I’m impressed.

A smile twinkle in his eyes: u should be….

Uttra clap her hands happily: waaw waaw waaw I have never seen such thing…

Parinita: what u two are telling ah??? What is all tat???!

Uttra laughing on her bhai and bhabi; quotes bhabi quotes

Sanskar couldn’t help smiling wide heartily, swara looked at him and for first time she think of him normally without being her enemy (his smile is something else). Not only her notice that sweet smile, even Annapurna and Uttra who were happy with tat smile that entered Sanskar life, but others felt irate about it

Durga: can u both stop ur play and respect the food served in front of u

Parinita: u should work as teacher swara, that ll fit ur skills

Swara: And ur understating my skills bhabhi

Parinita: Y? its all work na

Sanskar: that wont b necessary

Swara looked surprised at Sanskar: excuse me

Sanskar: u heard me

Parinita: huh finally a good thing in u Sanskar, see swara, even ur husband don’t want u to work, its something a Bengali cant…………

Sanskar: I didn’t finish my words bhabhi….. that wont b necessary coz swara will work with me

Uttra; ooooo swara bhabhi bohat lucky hai, very understanding husband

Parinita: what u just say…..

Swara was no less shock

Sanskar: my wife bride is from mine, if she wanna work I ll support her and fill full her wish, and help her, swara like management so I ll support her in that, and no better place ll do that beside my business, so when right time come she ll b working with me….

Parinita: instead of making her princess in ur home …. u make her work, what husband….

Sanskar: making her princess doesn’t depend on working or not, making her princess is hw I care her, love her, support her, not locking her in house cage and make her characterless and independence. ( wink to Adharsh)

Adharsh and Parinita look at each other angrily and Uttra was happy

Uttra: I want a husband like u bhai, ur really lucky bhabi

@swasan room

swara in pajama and Sanskar in blue shirt and white home pant, swara moved bed sheet from her side

Swara: waah… I almost believed u back there

Sanskar: about what?

Swara: About ur wife and all this support

Sanskar: And who say its not true?

Swara: U mean … u meant it… and u ll let me work

Sanskar: sure, I will support my wife with all my power, but for u i ll make it the hardest task ever.

Swara: And y is that, im ur wife!!!!

Sanskar: No ur not, ur the enemy player

Swara: Aha yea ur right… yea… oh my juice,….. ( she get up from bed and pick her juice from far table)

Sanskar: Y u make for urself and not to me. I want too

Swara: Next time

Sanskar: Swara I want now

Swara: Now there is only my juice

Sanskar try snatch that from her but she prevent him ( no no . leave it Maheshwary) he got more angry by that he pull her by her waist and took juice, swara struggle so he let her then take large sap of juice, swara ran far from him then,

Sanskar: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, my goodness, hell …. what is this, its full of chilly

Swara: Hahahahahahahahhahahahah I know hahahahahaha u fall in trap hahahahahah

Sanskar: Swaraaaaa u did this on prupose ahhhh uffff ufff ufff …. fire in my mouth hell, y u did that?

I make list for u:

1. coz u came to my collage to make fun of me.

2. u cozed some girls to talk bad about me and I warned u before, stay away from my dignity, ruin that and ur dead… sumji

3. for telling that sick joke

4. and most important u messed in my bike and hole the tire. My precious bike, so I replay u… (3-3 for swara ji)

Sanskar: Damn swara, ufffffffff, u r crazy. I ll show u

Sanskar was running behind her and she ran all over room laughing madly but his mouth was burning so he couldn’t run a lot and he keep drink water

Swara: U can drink all house water but it wont work, its original hindi chills, I powder them myself, (Sanskar looked hell angry to her, she moved to drawer and out some parsley) take… eat this (Sanskar looked suspicious to her) oh hello I took my revenge and set my goal, I wont do anything, eat com on or u ll stay on burn for long time

Sanskar ate it and indeed he became better, swara walked to bed but he notice blood print

Sanskar: Swara r u bleeding?????!!!!


Precap: a turce

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