Swasan – Hatred Love (16)

Assalaam alikom dosto

How are you all

Previously: sanskar have evil plan fr swara

Epi.16: bengalin bahu

Sanskar POV

By afternoon I reached the colluge, I went to administration office, what??? Had u forgotten? I’m doing my MBA as well in this college, actully i ll discuss my project in 2 month… pray me well….

after that I went back to my car, I choose the red spore car for today, I proposly wear dashing cloth ( blue shirt and jeans… hugu boss perfum so s*xy and i know it haha) and in no time girls were around me, I enjoy their humming u know, then couple of girls came to me and try open any topics and I just keep up with them.

Sanskar POV over

@ swara side she was decending on stairs with ragini, Avenash and somer

Swara; ragini hw is my parents? I know I have been busy, but tomorrow I ll give them visit

Ragini; they r fine, they miss u a lot indeed, but going fine as long as u call them and they feel ur fine.

Swara; good…good…

Ragini whisper: r u?

Swara: what??

Ragini: r u ok?

Swara kept silent and smile to her weakly

Ragini: I think I got my answer

Swara: ragini… hw is laksh?…. u know he never called me once since marry… even whn i call mom she keep say fine fine….. u tell me…

Ragini: he is ok, but bury himself in work

Swara: hw?

Ragini: he work with ur dad day and night, work has imoroved lately coz of him, he barely sleep.

Swara: hw u know all tat ragini?

Ragini: u can say we are so close friends now

Swara: hmm, care him ragini please, make him less work, force him to sleep and rest….. just…. Just till organize my time and ……..

Ragini: dnt worry swara, I ll b his support

Swara got small hurt by the word and think ( ouch, I was laksh support…. But no more na? I know I shouldn’t think of him, but … no time to regret, im married now)

Sanskar was still with the girls and their number increase to 4 girls and he was the romeo, Sanskar thought (Here she comes, with her usual ragini, and those avy and somy, huh whatever)

Sasnkar to girls with bit loud voice: wanna hear a joke?

A married couple walks up to a wishing well. The guy leans over, makes a wish and throws in a penny.
His wife decides to make a wish, too, but she leans over too far, falls into the well and drowns.
The guy says, “Wow, it really works.”

Him and the girls laugh out loud and sure it got swara intention and everyone else

Ragini: swara what Sanskar is doing here?

Swara: I ll put that question on top of my to do list today ragini … lets go

But then Sanskar told girls another joke

What do women, tornadoes and hurricanes have in common?

They all destroy the house.

Again all burst in laugh, but this time it was even more coz a girl was tapping Sanskar shoulder: oh Sanskar, ur bohat funny.

Swara was annoyed by that but then heard other girls blabbering

G1: hw can he do that while he is newly married??

G2; look look, this is swara his wife, hahahahah poor girl

G1: yea and probably he do that coz she is no good hahah

G2; I think so, she was never out in a date u know she must be bohat silly and don’t satsfy his needs

G1: bas give me one date with him and he ll divorce her next day hhhhhh

Both girls laughed and swara glare Sanskar with anger shoots, but her replay that with smile of victory

Somy: challo swara

(This is Somer)

Avy: haan this is only waste of time

they walk together, thy reached swara bicycle and avy motorcycle, avy got ready and wait for somer since they live together, but swara cycle was tire holed

swara; oh goodness, hw did this happen?

Ragini: yaar… now what? Taxi?

Swara got phone sms (3-2) she got it, damn him.

Swara: avy would u……..

By then Sanskar stand in front of them with his car

Sanskar: hai honey all is ok?

None replay

Sanskar: oh ur bike … what…

Swara?: would u give a lift please babs?

Sanskar had another victory smile: yea sure.. get in

Swara turn around and give eye lock to avy and lift the cycle putting it in the back seat of Sanskar car

Sanskar was shocked: what the…..

Swara run to avy and ride behind him and shouted: please darling lift my bike to home, go avy goooooooooooo…..

And Avenash voooooooooo burst in motor fastly, leaving Sanskar shocked and fuming in steam, ragini and somer burst out in great laugh and make high five to each other, then walk away to catch they transportation

Sanskar sit and hit car steering wheel times and times like mad then ride to home very angry………

Avenash drop swara home in no time

Swara enter Maheshwary mansion and greeted everyone

Parinita: what r u wearing swara? Suit? had u forgot that ur married woman?

Swara; no bhabi, but I cant do my collage with saree and kurtha, I find myself more comfort like that, beside its in collage only.

Uttra: saree… kutha… legna… or suit, swara bhabi look awesome in all types

Parinita: I dnt know what u ll get of that study anyway? Ur Maheshwary ki bahu hai, no need for all these study and work… in the end u ll stay home and serve ur husband

Swara: then what bhabi, sitting all day home? No way, yes im this house bahu that’s is y I must honor them and work and fill full my dream and b something great, so that they can say that im their bahu proudly. Aur bhabi if ur true then y u work in teaching music to children and those charity orginization, that is work also isn’t?

Parinita: no its not the same, this is a high cause not as working….

Swara: agree, but u do something u like and same to me. Aur last thing women shouldn’t build their life around one thing only specially if it’s a man, coz u never know when he ll collapse and then either u collapse with him or support him, got me bhabi?!!

Uttra clap her hands: waah bhabi waaah, what a way of thinking, ur my idol

Durga: bassss, swara we are aware that ur thinking is not like us since ur bengalin, but at least dnt ruin our daughter mind

Swara:I dnt ruin anyone bade papa, I just express my way and its not wrong and definatly its not connected to hindu …. marthin or benglin

Durga: I said enough, hw dare u replay me…. ( Parinita smiled )

Swara: we discussing our points bade papa… not fight8ng nor im mistaken and should keep quit…

Durga: bas means bas… challo adhrash…. unbelievable….. ( he said while going to office)

Badi ma: sorry beta, he is…

Swara:its ok badi ma, I understand, im going to cabin

Uttra: swara bhabi may u study something, there is lesson I dnt get in math,

Swara: sure uttra, bring ur books to cabin

Uttra: nahi bhabi, i… I dnt go there

Swara: Y uttra?

Uttra: Sanskar bhai never invited me there so…

Swara: Then ur bhabhi sure will do, challo bring all books and follow me fast fast

Uttra did as swara said with maximum happy, they reached cabin and as her habit swara took off her slippes…

Swara: Wait me at kitchin Uttra I ll change and all and come to make snaks then studyyyyyyy ok Uttra nodded yes happly)

By that time Sanskar reached house and u can see steam out of his ears, he called guard to take bike and fix it

He enter cabin and shout: SWARAAAAAAAAAAAAA

He hear glass breaking in kitchin, he head there directly ready to fight her but stopped to see Uttra there hugging swara from behind in full fear



Hope im still doing good

I laughed like hell … what about you

Precap; i am impressed, new shade of sanskar

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  1. Sumayyah

    Walaikumassalam rajkumari
    I just read it first time and I like it
    Its so nice yes I laughed thinking about Sanskar expression
    I will read all episodes whenever Iwill get time

    1. Rajkumari

      Thanks alot my dear… im glad u liked it… hope it keep make i smile

      1. Sumayyah

        hmm no thanks and all
        I read all parts in just one day
        its amazing I really enjoyed all parts especially all pay back scenes of Swara …
        creative mind how you get those ideas and dialogues of Swara above awesome

    2. Rajkumari

      Hehehe believe me i dont know how i writ the pay back… its just i hate swara to be weak.. she should match sanskar in all ways soo its just hit me… what i am glad for is that ppl loke it.. nthing else needed

      1. Sumayyah

        Hehehee I believe you dear

  2. Amazing dear…

  3. Why I am feeling that Story is going one sided from last 2 episodes…want fun from both sides not only one
    Hope will get it in next

    1. Rajkumari

      Its not coz danskar is hitting swara too but she dont show it … their deal was sanskar try break her while she would seevice or pay back.. and sanskar is winning some points too

  4. awesome

  5. It’s awesome dear

  6. Scooby

    Superb ?

  7. Awesome i liked swara’s victory…..want sanskar to suffer lyk she sufferd…..vaiting fr next tk cre

  8. Marvelous part

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    Most of dialogue r missing. Wattpad k according post karoge toh yahi hoga. Pls 1st check den pst. Sry

    1. Rajkumari

      Im sorry i dont understand what you say.. may you please clearfy

      1. Swarna01

        Episode 14 jahan pe khatam hua that epi 15 wahi se start nhn hua that tu pe. BT now m reading ur story in wattpad so its ok

      2. Rajkumari

        Ohh yes tats coz i post 2 watpad episodes in one here… sorry about tat.. i hope now all ok

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