Swasan – Hatred Love (15)

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Epi.15: more about you

Jai stretch his palm to swara: mean while I ll take this dance Mrs. Maheshwary. Do u mind?

Swara didn’t even look to Sanskar or wait his reply: not at all jai

Sasnkar looked angry and shocked thinking (she didn’t even look or hesitate or ask me, gooooooooood… i ll…urghh… later) he then left for Natasha putting poker face smile?

Both head to spotless corner

Sanskar: sooooo u smell that Natasha? I smell someone burning♨♨

Natasha: so funny sanskar. I ll show her, I promise u.

Sanskar: na na na no u wont, u started this Natasha… but she end it? and in a perfect way. Remember she is mrs. Maheshwary.

Natasha got soften: y u do that Sanskar ah? ( tie her hand around his neck) We had great time na? Im ur baby Nat (getting closer to him) then y huh y?

Sanskar stopped her and down her hands; forget it Natasha, tat chapter from our life is over. Now only work unit us, don’t ruin that, i.e. dnt lose me also in work.

Then Sanskar head to the hall, and swara was still dancing with jai and all eyes looking and whispering, it was slow song and they were among another couples, jai and swara ended dance perfectly and all clap hands. Sanskar was irate, his wife dance with most irrating enemy ever, wwwaw.He reached them..

Jai: waw, Sanskar ur indeed lucky, what a marvelous wife u have.

Sanskar crawled his hand around swara shoulder: I know

Natasha followed Sanskar: but not that much dancer.

Swara smile: do u really think that, Natasha?

Natasha: with no doupt.

Swara: poor u

Natasha: what?

Swara: hw about dancing Sanskar? ( but she didn’t wait his answer this time either, she head to music part, order a song)

Sanskar: swar… ( but he had no time to complete coz she hold his hand and start moving, it was a salsa type song… i want everything step up 2 movie)

Sanskar was only standing in the beggning and swara exchange between his hands, back her body forcing sanskar to support her back with his arms.

Sanskar got excited by her moves, and both danced and in imaginary way, Natasha pulled jai for dance, but she was far of swara level.

In middle of song swara fake a move of moving to jai to complete her dance which make Natasha stop like dump, but in last second swara snapped her fingers in Natasha face and run to Sanskar, who took her with great lift up. Final part of song she was twirling around with Sanskar like fighting and end song with blast of slipping her leg between Sanskar legs and pulling his hairs.

It was great blast and unbelievable seeing Sanskar that way and that attitude, even jai was clapping with excite, Sanskar was proud of having wife that match his ego indeed. They head to Natasha and jai,

Jai: my goodness swara, ur a lightning wire.

Swara: sorry jai, but I prefer mrs. Maheshwary ji

Sanskar knew she insist that coz he hate that name

Another point for swara

Jai: sorry, but u r really……… no words to describe u

Swara: hahaha I know, Natasha, u took rohan singanya dances courses right?!

Natasha: yes, the best in kolkata

Swara smirked: huh I trained Rohan. (look at her with wide look and smile). Sanskar, I had enough when we can take our leave??.

Sanskar: even now, it was nice time with u both, excuse us.

Swara: it was nice to meet u MISS. Natasha….. jai pleasure meeting u.

Jai took swara hand and print kiss: pleasure is alll mine.. mrs. Maheshwary.

Sasnakr and swara greated the people and decided to leave.

All way to home neither utter a word, sanskat recalles each moment since watching her in tat dress till the hott dance and he knew one thing, He Knew Nothing About Swara.

They reached home, the moment they step in, swara removed her high heels (ufffff yaaaaar) and walk on floor with joy jumping slightly lik little child singing

chakdhoom dhoom
chakdhoom dhoom
chakdhoom dhoom
chakdhoom dhoom…..
Ghodi jaisi chall haathi jaisi dum….
o saawan raja kahaan se aaye tum

going up

Sanskar smiled on such sweet childish act and talk to himself: what have u done to urself Sanskar, u thought u ll break her but look hw she play u. she is nothing like u ever met, u gotta increase ur carful.

He followed swara up she was n shower, her duptta was on chair, he took it and smelled it deeply, he liked it indeed, after time swara got out with wet hairs and pejamas, she start dry her hairs, and he looked her for seconds then head to shower, the moment he left swara fall crying. She hated every second with him, she felt like happy doll with dead soul, non complete life she have. She thought; hw far u ll handle this swara, since first night ur crying, till when this ll keep? I hate him, I hate this life, y should I suffer like that) But she still manage to weep her tears and start singing while completing drying.

Salaam, salaam
Nananna nanan nannannanan nanan la la la la lalalala
Tumhari mehfil mein aaga ye hai, Tumhari mehfil mein aaga ye hai
To kyun na hum yehi bhikam kar le
Salaam karne ki arzoo hai, Salaam karne ki arzoo hai
Idhar jo dekho salaam karle

Inside shower was listening to her voice, and still cant find out hw weird this girl is, she hate him a lot and he did bad to her only and still she sing and live like no problem…….. no way he ll loose now.

Yehi dil hai jo aagaya hai tumper
Who agar na sach yeh hai banda perver

Sanskar stepped out of wash room

Jisebhi hum dekhlepalatkar, Jisebhi hum dekhlepalatkar

Sanskar smile at that part, she give him smug look and head to bed.

Sanskar: did u meant what u said about that rohan?

Swara: yes

Sanskar: hw? Ur only….

Swara: when it comes to art and languages, its in my blood, I learn fast and proved faster.

Sanskar: he many language u learn?

Swara: few.

Sanskar: u should tell me more about urself.

Swara: y? so u can use it against me in ur game, wrong way Mr. Maheshwary.

Sanskar eyes widen coz this never acrossed his mind. Sometimes he forget y he was married to swara, he head to his part of bed, swara was giving him her back, he kept gazing on this creature beside him till he fall to sleep.

Next day Sanskar decided to beat a goal to his side, but hw that what he was thinking…..

Sanskar POD

What should I do…. Hwwww….. hmmmm got it……… round two swara jiii

She was in clg, she hate to lift her from collage and prefere that bycle, huh middle girl. But not today… i make my calls and knew when she would leave, hmm I still have time.

Sanskar is on the track and he is wiling to hit… what u think will happen…
stay tune

Precap: i am impressed

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