Swasan – Hatred Love (14)

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Epi.14: Put Her For Mental

Previously: swasan wedding comedy night???


After swara finished morning pooja with family and telling she is going to collage

Uttra: So bhai lend ur wife a ride

Swara: Nahi nahi, I like to go on my own bike, also i ll take time to change again and may i late him so……

Uttra: But y the tiring bhabi??! Im sure sanskar bhai ll ……

Swara: Coz its more funny on bike Uttra not tiring… riding my bike is my maxxx pleasure, u dont worry. now I’m extra hungry, lets go make bf together and eat ok,

Uttra sadly: But bhabi, bhai dnt bf here and ………..

Swara looked confused to Sanskar while he look away, so swara mind worked quickly: no uttra ur bhai ll bf here today f he has time

Uttra excited: Whaaat??! really bhai

Sanskar: NO

Swara: YES

Uttra looked confused

Swara: Uttra pls u head of me and I ll follow right away we don’t have time.

Uttra: Ok

Sanskar: What the hell u doing???

Swara: Listen to me …. I don’t know ur problems with ur family … but I have no deal in them ok, so I wont run or separate myself of them just coz u say so, I ll eat with them and sit with them as much possible.

Uttra shout from kitchen: Callo bhabi

Swara left him steaming out red and gone for the kichin, for the shocking sanskar bf with them for 1st time in years, they were shocked a bit but then sanskar found their expressions amusing so he didnt leave early as he planned.

After bf swara left for cabin to change and Sanskar followed her and before she go for dressing room he pin her to wall.

Sanskar: don’t u ever interfere my stuff with my family… get it!!!

Swara: that what I have been telling Mr. Maheshwary, I don’t have problem with them, its urs. Y do i have to take them mine, now Let me go…..

Sanskar pinned her even harder: u don’t know what playing with here. Don’t mess with me in that. Get it??

Swara kept looked at him with challenge and fear, his eyes were pretty dark and his grip was hard indeed

Swara: ur paining me… let me…..

he let her go and went away like storm. Swara got ready wearing long jump suit as usual, but put her mangalsutra and sendoor, else this she was same old swara gadodia.

She ride to clg, ragini and others was so surprised to see her there, I mean com on yesterday was her wedding night and today in clg, she was leaving eyes ???????, but she didn’t care, she met ragini and assure her that everything is fine,
She took notes from ragini and finish some tasks and head back home.

Its rosoi Ritual, she went fast to cabin, changed to yellow kurti, and head to house, Parinita was already there with Anborna, they greeted her and left her to do cooking. Likely she knew hw to cook Marathi food thanks to her mom.

Swara is banglin like her mom but her father is Marathi so she knew both sides food.

Swara serviced food, Sanskar was there,

Durga said with irate: its fine.

Uttra: waaaaaw bhabi. Its so delicious. Hw u do it???.

Swara; hahaha normally Uttra, challo finish it soon. Desert await.

Anborna: aaari desert also beta???, y u tire urself???.

Swara: it was a pleasure badi ma….

Parinita: its not that great. Still missing some flavor

Sanskar; I agree with Uttra. Maybe the mistake is at ur mouth bhabi

Adharsh; sanskaar?

Sanskar: kyaaa?!? Hasn’t u people heard about the term of joke!!

Swara got irate by his treating toward his family: term of joke differ person to another, so what sound amuse to u might be silly to another.

Sanskar looked to her challanging: but general jokes are quit known.

Swara: it easy to mess between the line of joke and rude.

All others were sitting not believing hw swara is replying Sanskar and not afraid of his burning gaze. Top of all she sat beside him like nothing is going on and start eating and chatting to Uttra. She took the gift from family and donate half in the temple other half she kept it.

Then swara bring desert which was khair, ( i dnt know if this is right guys i read it somewhere so pls dnt mind) swara didn’t know it was Sanskar favorite, and she did it very good and Sanskar was amazed by its taste, but felt sad about it.

By night, swara lay on bed doing her tasks and Sanskar on coach working, sanskar glumps her from while to another

Sanskar POV

She was sitting on bed in her sweet pejams doing alot concentrate on her task……

Reading glasses gave her extra charm… she was… what tat word? The word boys usual say.. aaah… well i hate to say it…. she was Cute??

Yea she was…. her way catching papers… tat pen she put on her lip… arent she aware of hw…..

Hoyyyy woow woow woow…. sanskar what was tat ah??? She is ur enemy…. we dnt admire enemy… huh cute… keep ur presentatiin…. challo… bagal…. Bas ek last look…. but before i do she cut my thoughts

Swara: y u do that?

I trimpled … did she notice??: Do what?

Swara: Hate ur family?

I reliefed but was taken by her question: I … I .. don’t hate them

Swara: Really! Well badi ma and Uttra r exception, but others….. u don’t hold them, u hate them.

Sanskar: Ask them!!

Swara: I can, but it ll b awkward, supposed that my husband had to tell me naaaa… life partner??

I stand up in anger: listen don’t interfere those ok. and I don’t hate them. Its business stuff only

Swara: Liar

Sanskar: What??????

Swara: When u lie ur eyes flashes several times and u press ur thumb to crake it…. like u do now. ( another shock… she notice my every action god damn it) Fine don’t tell me. I ll figure out myself.

I shut my laptop and lay at my side: I warn u, don’t ask anyone about this, I swear u ll regret

Swara ??: Yea yea

Sanskar POV over

Week pass fastly, every night swara call her mom and keep in touch with them but didnt ask about laksh, trying to forget about him.
Sanskar told her that there was reception prepared by him to present her as hus wife to his class of business. But at reception morning Swara enter their room fursily while Sanskar shaving his face so calmly

Swara: What the heck Sanskar…. What stylist expert ah? And u bought my dress as well???

Sanskar: Well I don’t want my wife to look as middle class girl. I don’t know hw bad is ur taste, also the makeup team ll b here in time to prepare u. this reception is very important to me. And i dnt want a naive girl by my side.

Swara was fuming: Naive!!! ( Then whisper in her mind AS U WISH MAHESHWARY JI) and left room in anger and sanskar smiled wide to his mirror reflect and kept his shaving

Sanskar left for the saloon he usually go to got ready, like massage and bath and all and while finishing wearing his suit he got a call from stylist he sent to swara

( His name is Mandeep and nick name is Many. Tat type of stylist that more girly than being a man f u know what i mean?)

Sanskar: Hello mr. Many….. ( mandeep cut sanskar talk)

Mandeep: what is that Mr. Sanskar? What kind of wife u have ah? Is this the woman u marry?

Sanskar worry: what happened many ji??

Mandeep: what happened???? She draged me out of the house

Sanskar gasped: * cough* cough* She what?

Mandeep shouted: Im telling u she kicked me out of the house!!!! Not only me, the entire staff of mine and the make up staff also …. she kicked us out of ur house… and where shouting madly and ( then he saied somthing left sanskar out of breath)

Sanskar couldn’t belive that: k..k..kk.kkyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! She.. she….????



So …. what u think????

I dnt know about u… but i laughed hell writing tat…. waiting for ur comments…..


What do u think swara diiiiid

Think hard

C u next chapterrrrrrr

Allah jafiz dosto

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