Swasan – Hatred Love (14)

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Epi. 15: The Colored Orched

Sanskar couldn’t belive what mr.many just said: k..k..kk.kkyaaaaaa she whaaaat???????

Many shouted: im telling u she cut the dress u picked into pecices…. it was my primary design mr. Sanskar….. she took a kitchin knife and cut in pieces in front of us. Then through to my face, She is crazy. Put her for mental for ur sake. She kicked me? litterliy….such monsteric womaan…..

Sanskar: Pls Mr. Many plss calm down there must b miss understand. Please calm down.

Mr. Many: what missunderstanding ah?? I did this for u mr. Saaanssskar (stressing his name?) hw….

Sanskar: many ji pls….im sorry for every action she did…. I ll pay double dress price and whatever u want and both staffs to keep that a secret. She just don’t like fashion a lot that y she act that way. Name ur price and I ll pay, i promise u…
Many: its no matter of money sanyyyy?

Sanskar get irrate whn he call him that: yea yea i know but still…..

Many: hmmm then if u insist…. ok I ll call ur office later and tell u price (and hang the phone)

Sanskar: swara ur dead body now.

Sanskar POV

i drive madly to home, we were late…. no time for second dress…. if she ruin today i ll……… im driving with one idea only, killing swara even if it was my last action ever. i entered the cabin fuming and shouted

swaaaraaaaa. Come here nowwww. SWARAAAA…… Hww dare u….SWAAARRAAAAAAAA

But before i even get reply i smelled the most attempting fragrance female perfume ever smell in my life, like i never smelled a woman perfume before. i heard high heels ticking on the marble floor of the stairs slowly and steady, i turn around and its like my storm and rage faded in seconds.

(Sorry about here also… but its hard to find my imagination on pics.. so u have to imagine just as i do…. this is my best ok)

Swara was in complete loosen curly hairs but it was spirkling in glittery of pink and blue with one hair pin in shape of blue flower there. A light night make up and very rosy lips decorated with pink gloss lipstick. But the saree was what took my breath.

It was colorful like a rain bow but in calm colors and fit for swara like it was made for her, the top was golden sprinkle showing half of her arms, and small amount of her stomach, skirt was colorful sliding around her hips in perfection, duptta was colorful also with 30% transparent and golden flowers swing on it, her full neck was shown but she covered that with wide nickels,

around her left wrist a soft golden watch and rainbow bracelet that go with it. On other wrist one bracelet with shinny hearts and flowers.

I think I just forgot hw to breath. I need air, breath Sanskar breath… damn u Breath. My goodnesss. Is that human woman?. she was amazingly tradition not much skin exposed but yet breath taking. She reached me..

Swara in very calm voice: y u shout? Its very important day to u na, u must b caaaalm.

I just couldn’t replay, I was under the spell of her yet…. breath sanskar for god sake.

Swara; Mr. maheshwary, aap kya hwaa… cat caught ur tongue???

I looked confuse to her.

Swara: well u see…. this middle class naaaaaaaive girl just took ur breath away, then I can surly handle ur party, Mr. Maheshwary.

Sanskar: u… u didn’t.

Swara: accha…. then whr is ur storm??

I just remember I’m suppose to b angry with her, but now….. damn I loose.

Sanskar faking angry: hw.. hw.. hw dare u do that to the staff. Do u know hw much u cost me for the dress and keep them silent?

Swara: to to to to…. accept the loose of that round Mr. Maheshwary, ( 2 – 1 for swara) and for the money I’m sure u can handle it. Consider it the pay of ur insult to me. I ll wait u in the car.

Then she moved to the car, damn half of her back is exposed but yet coverd by the duppta….. white sculped back never seen such before….. gotta confess.. she is damn hot to the max today…. and she don’t know that not only money I just lose, damn swara.

We reached the hotel whr I set the reception. I knew it since the moment she was dressed and took my breath that all men ll eat her and tat what happened… men were staring her with wide eyes and taken breath.

We step in arm in arm, we head to stage and greet the audience for coming , then I got busy with my guests.

Sanskar pov over

Swara pov

What a great hell husband, he just left me on this table lonely. He is roaming here and there and I’m here only. Sitting admiring the place and music and drinking mango…. waaaw.

What he think of himself exactly. What a hell. I keep smiling and looking around when man interrupt my lonely…..

Man: mrs. Maheshwary… ur more beautiful more than I imagined.

I replaied kindly: thank u sir. And u r??

Man: I’m Jai.. Jai kumar, nice to meet u. (he reached his hand for me)

I shake his hand back: pleasure to meet u Mr. kumar

Jai: nahi pls. Mr. kumar make me feel like I’m my father, just jai.

I smiled to his funny: ok jai

We chit chat for a while till I feel some hand twirled around my waist.

Sanskar: oh honey u missed me

Swara act perfectly: haha indeed babs

Sanskar: so u meet my biggest enemy JAI

Jai: ooohh don’t b so harsh Sanskar.

Swara: oh yes I did. What a funny sweet enemy u have.

Jai with confuse: u knew I’m Sanskar enemy.

Swara: oh jai, don’t make me question ur mind ability now, off course I did. Since the moment u say ur name.

Swara POV over

Sanskar liked her replies

Jai: and yet u was kind to me.

Swara smile: well ur his enemy not mine. Beside so far what between u two is just business, and in business all legal right. But try lay one hair on my husband… ha..ha…hahaha

Someone interrupt their talking:
et quel type de rireest-ce? ( and what type of laugh is that*French)

Swara looked and saw a woman putting her hand over Sanskar shoulder, wearing grean s*xy dress, exposing more than hidding open hairs and giving a her yellow

Swara reply her smile with confuse: and whom u might be and what did u just say?

Sanskar: Natasha Matour my business partner.

Swara: hello

Natasha: I’m surprised. U knew Sanskar enemy but not his partner. Is tat a virtue or a foolish?

Sanskar: nata…

Swara smile calmly: well u know what they say ( keep ur friends close but ur enemies closer) so I ll know enemies better than friends

Natasha smile evily: so u would b wrong if u don’t get me closer my dear.

Swara kept her smile; not every enmity worth valuation madam Natasha.

Natasha got angry: miss.

Swara draw shock: aari this age and miss, well don’t worry I’m sure ur fate husband lay here somewhere.

Sanskar and jai was both speechless. Natasha was quit known that she is hard to handle but swara was playing her like a cat playing a mouse.

Natasha press Sanskar shoulder: we need to talk in business

She was about to leave when swara talk

Swara: la prochaine fois quand u wanna parler une langue pour embarrasser quelqu’un, assurez-vous qu’il ne le sait pas …… ou vous finirez par vous embarrasser (next time when u wanna speak a language to embarrass someone, make sure that he don’t know it ….. or u ll end up embarrass urself *French)

Natasha eyes widen, that mean she got her and she played her:
Sie haben unglaubliche Frau verheiratet (u have married unbelievable woman *Germany)

Swara: ist, dass eine Tugend oder eine negative ?? ( is tat a virtue or a negative *Germany)

Natasha kept silent so swara said: Māo zhuā dào nǐ de shétou! (cat caught ur tounge! *Chinese) Natasha look confuse and dumb so swara continuous (ya Credo di sìitaline) ( ya I think so *italian) Natasha left in anger

Sanskar smiled wide: I ll b right back

Jai stretch his palm to swara: mean while I ll take this dance Mrs.Maheshwary.


Sooooooooo how it was soooo far

Swara is really hard nut to crack naaaaaaa

Swara ll dance with sanskar enemy…..

Stay tune

Allah hafiz dosto

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  1. Rads

    ????? I just loved the part where swara gave left and right to natasha, and about this episode this is a spell bound episode yaar, sanskar’s anger vanished seeing swara???? and swasan reception is superb. Swara’s talk with jai is cute. I just loved the lest part. ???????? and surely swara is hard nut to crack, love you love u love u lots for this mind blowing episode ?????. And post the next one as soon as possible, love you lots ?

    1. Rajkumari

      Waaaaaw… tats difinatky longest comment i get here… and im over ckouds fr liking the epi. Its just the starr hhhhh if u like tat then defenatlly u ll like the rest… hope i never disappoint u

  2. Parulkashyap

    awesome epi dr

  3. Awesome dear….swara’s convo vd jai n nata…..was bang on…..superb dear

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      Thanks alot dr.. welcome to TU.. im also a fresher writer with few ffs. And i hope u like my ff and my others too… thanks again

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    Superb ?

  7. Walekum assalam
    It was sooooooooo muchhhhhhhh awesome se upper . Love it , & also every shade of swara. Really she is veryyyyy hard nut to crack . She is mind-blowing in answering Evey one. Actually all credit goes to u , ur mind-blowing….. Allah Hafiz……see u soon

    1. Rajkumari

      Waaaaah… thank u thank u thank u…. im so glad u like tat swara.. as i choose yer a strong ine . Veery strong to crake and i jope ppl love tat too… im so happy u loved the episode as i know u ll love the rest???? allah hafiz

  8. Loved it a lot dear. Update next part soon.

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    Wa’alaikum salam Nour…..just toooo awesome, love it

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  10. amazing episode dear…do u know those languages??

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      Thanks my dr but no i dont.. i use google transilation

  11. awesome..loved it..tc..

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