Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 9)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 7)

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A big sorry for the mistakes i made….i made sure in this episode about the typos and all. Thanks for all ur support and love. So now coming to today’s chapter, it is of little swasan and more of raglak. Don’t be upset of not having swasan scenes…coz raglak bonding should be strong before they get into solve swasan misunderstanding and that’s y i have given importance to them also.

Recap: Swasan and Raglak reached Mauritius and Swasan’s romantic touch.

Swara stands under the shower for long time and she even don’t know for how long she stands like that. She comes to reality by hearing the knock on the door.

Hesitatingly she opened the door half and looks out who is there. She is shocked to see Ragini there standing outside and she too gets shocked seeing Swara who did not
finished her bathing.

Ragini: Hey What were you doing this much time? You did not finish bathing is it?

Swara: in confuse, you here? how come?

Ragini: First stop questioning me and come out fast. We are getting late.

Swara nods in and continues her bathing. She comes out after 10 mins and looks here and there in the room.

Ragini pats her shoulder and asks, “Are you searching someone?”

Swara: Yes…No…actually nothing.

Swara moves away from her gaze and starts searching for dresses in the bag she kept. But to her shock, she did not find anything and it is empty. She looks at Ragini and understand her mischief.

Ragini raises her both hands and says, “Don’t look at me, its not from my side”.

Then Ragini takes the bag from under the bed and hands it over to her. Swara suspiciously takes and looks at inside the bag and to her surprise she finds full of dresses and that too all are skirts and matching tops.

Swara looks at Ragini. Ragini says, “All this has been brought by your sweet husband. He wants to see you in these dresses and not in the boring salwar”.

Swara: I am not gonna wear all this. Where is my dresses?

Ragini: You have no option dear. You have to wear this.

Swara and Ragini are arguing for some time and finally Swara give up and accepts to wear the same which Sanskar brought.

Ragini and Swara get ready and comes out from the room and sees Laksh & Sanskar also comes out from the room. Sanskar is spell bound seeing Swara in his choice of dresses.

She is wearing a beautiful blue color long bandhini skirt which has the clutches of small small bells and light yellow sleevless top. He looks happy seeing her.

Swara is stunned seeing her Sanskar in blue & black combo outfit. He looks so stylish with his coolers. Swara is completely bowled over seeing him but she did not show it out.

Laksh who is also wearing a stunning blue & white combo suite, who mesmerized seeing Ragini in cute white color jumpsuit. All 4 of them heading outside to roam the place.

Ragini who sees Swara is often staring Sanskar without his knowledge.

Ragini to Swasan: You both go that way and Me and Laksh are going this way. We both will meet again here in the evening. Give us a call if anything. Okay. chalo bye.

Come Laksh will start.

Laksh is dumbstruck and is happy but still he did not move. His mind voice says, “No Laksh, don’t believe her, like in flight again she will leave u anywhere in the middle and you have to come back alone. Don’t go with her”.

Ragini shakes him and asks him to come with her. Laksh is like “awwweee” and simply he goes behind her. Swasan left alone in the road and they look each other and ofcourse it an awkward moment for them.

They both started walking on the opposite side thinks about their closeness in the hotel. They both did not talk to each other and silently walks together.

Here, Raglak are walking together. Laksh is staring her continuously and smiles at her. Ragini stops walking and turns to him, “What, y r u staring me?”

Laksh: Actually…No.

Ragini stares him and continues her walk again. Laksh smirks at her and follows. He calls her.

Laksh: So Senorita, tell me about yourself na. Anyways we have to know each other likes and dislikes.

Ragini looks him questioningly and says, “what you gonna do knowing about me.. huh?”.

Laksh: Mmmm..simply yar just to gain general knowledge.

He laughs at her seeing her changing face. Ragini makes face and starts walking fast.

Laksh runs behind her and says, “Arey madam, there is no walking race here. you can walk aaraam se. okay.”

Ragini stops walking and turns to him and says, “I am not old like you who will do a baaraat now. If you are not then don’t come with me”. She again turns and tries to go.

Laksh: Hey Senorita…stop yar..

Ragini stops and turns to him again and point him saying, “Don’t call me Senorita. You are not SRK and i am not Kajol.. got it?”. She angrily walks fastly than before.

Laksh tries to go behind her but unfortunately he couldn’t cope up with her speed.

Laksh stops there and thinks for a master plan.

Ragini is gone to the shopping zone and busy in doing window shopping. After sometime, she felt somebody is staring at her. She looks on her right side and finds 3 to 4 guys starting her from top to bottom. Ragini feels uneasy and starts moving from there.

She moved to some other place and relaxes little bit. Again she noticed the Raginie guys following her wherever she goes. She gets scared and thinks, “Oh god, i am big fool. I should have not come alone only. Unnecessarily i fought with him. now these guys are following me what i will do now”.

She starts moving continuously and she really don’t know where she is going. Somewhere she finds the lanes and going all over. She looks back to check whether they are following or not. She finds 2 guys still following and wonders where the other 2.

She is walking looking at back and she dashed with something, no its some one actually. She stops and gets scared. Slowly she turns her head to see who is that.

She sees there the other 2 guys who blocked her way. She moves back but again she caught by the other 2 guys. In that lane, only these 5 ppl were there and they started teasing her. She cries hard and shouts for help.

Suddenly someone in batman costume, runs there and starts fighting with the guys. Ragini moved to the corner and looks at the batman who saved her. Finally all the 4 goons defeated by the batman and runs from there by apologizing to her.

Batman stands still at the same place and Ragini slowly moves to him. She gets emotional and says, “Thank you so much for your timely help”.

Batman says, “It’s ok Senorita… its my pleasure”.

Ragini is boggled and takes of the mask from him. Its none other than our cute Laksh. She is shocked to see him in that costume and stares him.

Laksh: Actually Ragini, i was doing shopping here and i liked this dress. I wore it and checking it in the mirror and then i saw a image in the mirror who was running fast. it was you, i thought somebody kept running race here that’s y you are running fastly. Then i saw 2 ppl were running like you in the Raginie speed. I thought some thing wrong. theh i followed the way you ppl ran and i got you here. So how is my dress? hmm… i am looking like a real bat man right?

He winks at her and smiles heartfully seeing her. Ragini gets emotional and tears are flowing down in her cheeks. She hugs him tightly and says, “I really got scared Laksh. I made a mistake coming alone in the country. I am sorry. Pls don’t leave me alone again”.

Laksh is surprised by her hug and hugs her happily and rolling his hands on her hair and says, “I did not leave you alone darling… it’s you who left me alone”.

Ragini gets seperated from and hits him in his chest on left side by looking at him. Laksh reacts as “OUCH” as if it really hurts.

Ragini: Oh my hit is paining you is it?

Laksh: No…its not paining for me…It will be paining for you. Because you are here.

he says this by keeping his hand on his heart.

Ragini is bowled over by him and smiles seeing his kiddishness. So now they stopped fighting and roams the city together. They went to a restuarant and order for the food. Laksh excuses himself from her and goes to washroom.

He makes sure that Ragini is not coming behind and enters inside. There he sees the 4 guys whom he beaten (actually he acts like beating them) is standing to get the settlement from him. Laksh settles them the amount he fixed for their acting and sends them in another way. He comes back again and sits with Ragini and starts chatting with her. He appreciates himself in his mind that, “Laksh, you are too brainy man. No one realises it. What a plan you made to cover Ragini. Oh god these type of attitude girls needs a shock treatment like this, otherwise they will not even looking at us.”

Both are having very nice foodie and again continues roaming the city.

Precap: Swasan participating in a couple competition and Swasan’s sensual dance in the evening party.

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