Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 7)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 7)

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I am so much overwhelmed by seeing your comments and yes i know your eagerness to know the past of Swasan. Don’t worry i wont keep you waiting for long, i will soon give you the flashback episodes of Swasan and what makes them depart from each other. Pls keep on support me and shower your loves :).

Recap: Swara hurts Sanskar. Raglak sees Sanskar’s care towards Swara.

The night spent its dark in their silence but the poor night does not know that they both are already in the darkness of their life. Next Morning Swasan wakes up and gets ready to go to their work. In the meantime none of them talk a single word to each other as if they have nothing to share. They both avoid their gazes intentionally. Swara goes to office in her scooty. Sanskar also have his BF silently and leaves to his work without talking to anyone.

DP and AP observes their behaviour and worries for them. They don’t find a way to make them one. Laksh also notices them and felt wierd and something wrong. He takes his mobile and messages to someone.

@IT Firm,

Ragini reaches office early and waits for Swara. She got a message and sees it. It is from Laksh asking her for a favour. Ragini wonders seeing his message and calls him. Laksh informs her what he observes in both and seeks her help to know about Swara’s perception on Sanskar. he insists her to do this help to unite them. Ragini too agrees it.

Swara comes to office and meets Ragini in Cafeteria. They have a small chit chat and goes to their cabin. Swara tries to concentrate on her work but she couldn’t do it. She made so many mistakes in her work. Ragini noticed all this and takes her out for coffee. They find a corner table in the Cafe and ordered 2 Espresso for them.

Ragini looks at her face and says, “Some one is very disturbed today it seems?”.

Swara sees her and stays silent and turns her face away from her gaze.

Ragini: I am asking you only Swara. What happened?

Swara: Nothing Ragini. Just a head ache, am not feeling good today.

Ragini: i know you are not feeling good and behaving good also and what’s the reason for that.

Swara couldn’t keep it with her for more, she told her about their silence.

Ragini: So, you feel good when you have a fight with him atleast you both are talking in the name of fighting, but you cannot tolerate his silence is it?

Swara realised what Ragini said and her heart is accepting it but not her mind.

Swara: Ragini, nothing like that, i am not feeling good at all being in this relationship. This relation has no meaning and no reason to continue.

Swara’s face has no emotions, no happiness and no sorrow also. Ragini understands that Swara is hiding her feelings.

In the meantime they recieved their coffee, Ragini changed the topic and try to cheer her up. After sometime they again goes back to their seat and continues working.

Ragini’s concentration is fully on how to make Swara realise her feelings for Sanskar and she thinks to call Laksh and inform the same.

Swara’s mind is occupied by one and only Sanskar. She is completely lost in his thoughts. Whenever she try to do some work, she sees Sanskar’s face everywhere and gets disturbed. Swara decides to take a half day off and informs Ragini too and leaves from the office. Ragini nods her and sees her going. She takes her mobile and calls Laksh and informs him everything.

@TRENDZ office,

Laksh picks up the call from and Ragini and gets to know about their conversation. He too tells Ragini what he observed in Sanskar from Morning.

Ragini: Laksh, actually i don’t know what happened between them few years back that makes them behave like enemies. but onething i understand is Both loves each other and misses each other badly. But they hide their true love in their deep heart and shows their fake hatred to the world. They are cheating themselves yar. I really don’t know what’s their problem. Laksh, you know both of them right, so for sure you must be knowing the reason what makes depart from each other. Pls tell me na,

atleast i can think or do something right. More than Swara, i am worried for her.

Laksh listens her silently and lost in his own thoughts by reminiscies the old memories. Suddenly he hears Sanskar calling him, he disconnects the call and goes inside.

There he sees Sanskar restless and throwing the files here and there from the shelf in search of another. Laksh calms him down and gets the file for him. Sanskar is still restless and couldn’t concentrate on his work. Somehow Laksh manages him and they both leave to home early.

Sanskar and Laksh reach home and Laksh looks for Swara but he doesn’t find her anywhere. He asked AP about her but she says that she did not come back from office only.

Laksh is shocked and says: WHAT?

Sanskar is surprised seeing Laksh’s reaction.

Sanskar : What happened Laksh? Y u looks tense?

Laksh informs him that Swara was not feeling good today so she left office early and by this time she should have reached home.

Sanskar is appalled hearing this and gets tensed. He immediately tries to call her mobile. he tries continuously but it doesn’t connect it. He gets pissed of and gets worries of thinking about her. He rushes out immediately and drives off to the places where she used to go (BTW Sanskar knows her contacts and places where she used to go). Laksh also called Ragini and informs her about this and he too goes out to find Swara and Laksh picks up Ragini and they both roamed in the city to find her. DP and AP gets worried and prays to get their bahu safely.

Sanskar & Raglak are literally zooming the city to find out Swara. After in the late evening, all the three comes back to home. DP adviced him to inform police.

Sanskar hesitates but somehow he takes his mobile and try to call but he stopped dialling by hearing a sound from outside.

Swara stops her scooty and enters inside the home. But she is puzzled seeing everyone tensed and seeing Ragini also there. Everyone is relaxed seeing her back safely.

Sanskar rushes to her and hugs her tightly. Swara is apalled by his behaviour but she did not reject and restrict him. She finds something is wrong that’s y everyone is here and feels worried.

Sanskar seperates himself from her and asks, “Where was you all this time?”.

Swara thinks to answer him but suddenly her whole sole ego and attitude heads it and she did not answer him but asks, “What is it bothers you?”.

Raglak feels the heat between them and prays that Sanskar should not lose his temper.

Sanskar in rude tone: I asked you where was you all this time?.

Swara feels the tense and says, “I was in Temple”.

To everyone’s shock they heard a tight slap sound coming from Sanskar’s hand and they find the finger’s marks on Swara’s cheek. All looks on shocked and gets scared seeing his anger.

Swara holds her cheek in one hand and tears are flowing continuously and she stares him in an anger. Before she react Sanskar holds her shoulders and says, “Don’t you

have a common sense or atleast basic manners to inform your whereabouts to your family. How come you can be so much careless Swara?. Do you ever imagine how much i was…I mean how much all of us were worrying. You could have called home and informed it right?”

In the meantime, Ragini goes to Swara and stands with her and tries to console her. Sanskar sees her crying and the marks on her face feels very bad and guilty. He moves back and rushes to his room and locked it. Swara stares him all the way he goes and tears did not get stopped from her eyes.

Ragini signs Laksh to console her. Laksh goes to Swara.

Laksh: Swara, actually don’t mistaken him. You know him na, he was very tensed more than us that’s y he reacted it in that way. I agree, it is wrong but you have to understand his situation also. He feels like something bad happend to you.

Ragini too second him and consoles Swara.

Swara crying and says, “Actually i dropped my phone on the road, it got switched off, i couldn’t do anything. I was on the way to come home only but i just saw saibaba temple and i went there. Being there for sometime i almost forgot myself and i did not realise the timing also. When I realised i was late, i borrowed mobile from one person and tried to call Sanskar number only, but his line was busy always. So i thought instead of staying here better i can reach home and inform you all.”

Raglak is amused but did not show it. They console her and makes her relax. AP gets a milk for her and makes her drink. Ragini is supposed to leave but DP stops her and asks her to stay there tonight. Swara also forced her to stay, so she agrees it. Laksh is happy and is looking at her lovely. DP notices all this and pats his shoulder gently and signs him thumbs up. Laksh is surprised and looks here & there. DP laughs seeing him and went to his room.

Everyone is going to their rooms to settle there. Swara also goes to her room and finds him standing in the balcony by showing his back. Swara keeps her things at the place and moves to him. She is about to touch his shoulder to turn him but before that He himself turns and boggled seeing her there. Sanskar stares her for a while and tries to go from there.

Swara stops him and says, “Sorry”.

Sanskar stops and sees her. Swara lifts her eyes and sees him but again she bows it down and says, “I am Sorry for not informing”.

Sanskar feels guilty seeing her cheek and moves close to her.

There is a chill breeze blowing which gives them a fresh look. It blows on her face and her hairs are beautifully floating on the air. he sees the tears in her eyes and moves close to her again. He can see the marks on her face and extends his hands to her cheek.

Sanskar touches her cheek softly, Swara closes her eyes because of his soft touch. Both doesn’t want to stop this moment and they want to capture it actually.

He cups her face in both hands and slowly places a kiss on the cheek where the marks are there and says, “I am Sorry, i reacted badly. I…”. She cuts his words by keeping her finger in his mouth and looks at him lovingly. Both stands like that for sometime, they forgot their enemity and their buried love just kicks off in between them.

They don’t know how much time they have stood like that. They have lost each other in their embrace till they get disturbed by a phone call. They comes to sense and she moves away from him and goes to washroom to freshen up.

Sanskar is boggled and lies down in the bed by thinking their moments from marriage. he heard the door noise, to avoid her gaze he immediately closing his eyes and acts like sleeping.

Swara sees him sleeping and takes her mobile and talks to her mom for sometime and after that she too lies and goes to sleep. Sanskar wakes up once she slept and goes outside the room and comes back after sometime and laid to sleep.

Next morning, Sanskar wakes up first and sees Swara sleeping close to him. He is mesmerized seeing her sleeping beauty and stares her lovingly. He sees her hands are on top of his hands on the pillow. he slowly tries to take it off but she gets disturbed slightly and he immediately puts his head down on the pillow and acts like sleeping. Swara wakes up then and finds him close. She takes her hand and goes to freshen up. Sanskar then opens his eyes and sees the way she is going and hugs the pillow tightly and falls asleep again.

Since it is weekend, Swara and Ragini did not go to office and they spend time there. Sanskar & Laksh also comes to living hall and reading newspaper. They all get disturbed by hearing a voice from the courier boy asking for Swara. Swara is suprise and get the courier from him.

She comes inside and finds it a gift box which is little big. Everyone is surprised and waits curiously to see what is in it. She keeps it down and slowly opens it wiht more eager. To her and everyone’s surprise and shock, a small cute bubbly puppy comes out from the box and looks everyone as if it is finding a new relatives of it.

Swara hangs her mouth open in surprise and stares it continuously. Everyone is so happy seeing it and starts pampering it. Swara looks at it lovingly and takes it in her hand and pampering as if like her baby. Everyone is happy except one person, its none other than Sanskar.

He gets irritated seeing it in his home and looks at everyone angrily. Noone cares about his anger and pampers the puppy. Swara puts the puppy down and it starts running towards Sanskar and starts licking his legs. Sanskar immediately takes his legs in air and started scolding them to take the puppy first. Everyone laughs seeing him and Swara goes and takes the puppy from there and talks to the puppy, “We all are pampering you for long time and you are going to the person who hates you. how mean you are puppy?”. All smiles seeing that and DP asks Sanskar the same question. Sanskar gives him a angry bird look and runs to his room.

After sometime, DP calls Sanskar and Swara to the living hall. he tells them that he has something important to announce. NeRagini also gathers there. All are puzzled what he is gonna tell. DP takes a bunch of paper and tells Swasan to get ready to go. They are confused and did not understand what he is trying to say.

DP looks at their confused faces and says again, “Sanskar & Swara, go and pack your stuff fast, since you both are going to Mauritius 1 week for honey moon and this is your tickets”.

Swasan is stunned and appalled to listen this and becomes statue. Raglak is super happy and starts clapping.

Swara: Papa, what is the need for all this now? Will think about it later.

Sanskar stands silent.

DP: Swara , all this needs now only. You are newly married couple you both have to go for Honeymoon only but see what is happening here, you both are going to office.

Atleast if you go there, you both can feel better and get better understanding.

Raglak agrees with DP and sees them worrying so much.

Sanskar also refuse showing the reason of his office work but Laksh and DP stops him worrying abt that and tells him that they will take care of it.

Swasan thinks what to say and how to refuse it. They both gets an idea and together in chorus says,

Sanskar: I want Laksh to accompany me.

Swara: I want Ragini to accompany me.

Swasan looks each other shockingly and looks at Raglak who is completely bowled by their demand. DP gets up and doesn’t look like he is shocked. He moves forward to Swasan and says, “I expected this from you both. that’s y i have taken 4 tickets already to Mauritius. They are also coming with you just to accopmany not to do the peace agreement between you both. Got it?”

Ragini, “Uncle, what’s this? I can’t go”.

Laksh is in with mixed emotions and becomes dumb for a while and silently observes the happenings.

Swara: Papa, if Ragini is not coming then i am not going.

Ragini: Shut up Swara. i am not coming anywhere.

Swara: Then i am also not going anywhere. This is my final decision.

Ragini looks at her helplessely and sees Laksh is still like a status. DP sees him and winks at him and says, “Ragini, if you go with Swara, she will feel good. Don’t refuse it. Just think that you all 4 are going for a trip.”.

Ragini looks confused and Laksh is amazed.

Precap: Swasan and Raglak reached Mauritius.

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