Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 4)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 4)

Thank you all for readers+commentators and too the silent readers also. i am really glad and happy to read all your comments. Yes there is a past for Swasan which makes them apart..i will reveal the flashback soon. Keep reading and commenting .

Recap: Swasan feeds prasad each other and Raglak’s fight and entry.

Swara’s room,

Swara ties her hands across her chest and looks outside the balcony. Ragini touches her shoulder and turns her to face her. Ragini, “Swara, what’s all this? you did not marry him by your wish. How can you lead a life with the person whom you don’t love?. It’s ridiculous Swara.”

Swara, “Ragini, i will go to any extent for my parents happiness. Can’t i do this much for them?. yes, i agree you, i don’t love Sanskar but he is not too bad that i can’t live with him.”.

Ragini, “He doesn’t look like what you say. He is king of attitude yar and i did not see him smiling also, leave me, atleast to that monkey who is friend of him right, he did not smile seeing him also. And you are saying he is not bad. Ufff i can’t believe it Swara”.

Swara smiles at her and says, “Ragini, you know him more than me?”.

Ragini looks at her and says, “so you know him for long time is it?”.

Swara did not answer and again turns back and says, “i want to erase all those memories but my life take a U-turn again and i am at the same place where i was”. Ragini looks at her and did not understand anything from her statement but she thinks in her mind, “Swara, i don’t understand anything else except onething is that you still love him. i can make out this dear, yes ofcourse you are saying that you don’t love him but all those words are coming from your mouth but not from heart. It will not leave you so easily. But i want to know your complete past so that i can help you in sorting out the issues between you both.” Both Swara and Ragini is in their own thoughts and a maid comes there to call out Swara to the living hall. Swara and Ragini goes down.

In the Living hall, everyone is there including Laksh and Sanskar. Sanskar looks at her and turns his face. Laksh sees her coming and looks at Ragini also. Ragini also looks at him and makes face seeing him. Laksh is somewhat attracted to her and continues starring at ragini.

Elders calls Swasan together and asks them to get ready for the evening party. Both together asked, “PARTY?”. AP, “Yes party. We are celebrating your wedding today”.
Laksh is happy and hugs AP. Sanskar stares him angrily and Laksh hides behind AP.

AP, “Sanskar stop it ok. Now go and get ready. I think you go and buy something for your taste for the evening party. Swara, what about you? Are you gonna get something?”. Swara thinks for a while and says, “No maa, i already bought so many dresses na. i will take anyone and wear that for the party, i don’t want to buy any new dresses”. By saying this she goes to her room and Ragini also went with her. Sanskar stares the way she is going and he rushed out. He takes his car and drives off. Laksh is surprise and thinks “What he is upto?”.

Swara and Ragini sits in her room and tries to select the dress for the tonight party. Laksh also joins with them and tries to select the dress for Swara. Its for name sake only but his concentration is full on Ragini only. To everyone’s shock & surprise, Sanskar enters the room and gives the parcel to Swara. Swara looks at him and asks, “What is this?”. Sanskar, “Can’t you get it and see what is inside?”. Swara grabs it from his hand and opens the parcel and to her surprise it is a beautiful designer saree with green & red combo. Swara gives him a surprise look. Laksh is amused and Ragini is also surprise to see his gift.Swara, “I already told to maa right, i have bought so many dresses..then y you bought this saree again?”.

Sanskar, “I don’t like my wife wearing the dress which was chosen by someone else”. Swara is stunned to hear this from him and is speechless. Ragini is happy to see the other side of Sanskar and feels happy for Swara. Laksh widened his eyes and shows his shock but he too is happy seeing Sanskar like this. Swara, “but..”. Sanskar cuts of her words and says, “You don’t worry about other things, i have bought a best designer for you to stitch your blouse and they will make you ready for the evening party”. All are literally speechless and looks each other. Sanskar moves towards her and says, “Don’t think that i bought this because of love, i just bought this to remind you that you are Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari got it”. They had a intense eyelock and he leaves from the room.

Ragini is super happy by this and thinks to sort out their misunderstanding at any cost to make them unite. Swara stands like a statue and she got disturbed by the designer which Sanskar sent. She started her work and Swara also cooperates with her. Laksh goes behind Sanskar and he confront him saying, “So kya bhai, all your old memories are blossoming again” and he smiles saying this. Sanskar, “Never ever it will happen. I want to keep my self respect high than my ego. If she wears the dress of other’s choice it will be a great insult for me and my self respect that’s y i bought saree for her of my choice. So don’t think too much in ur small brain. Go and get ready for the party”. Laksh thinks, ‘Ahhh…hmmm…Sanskar i know you from my childhood, i know what you have in ur mind. Soon i will make you realise your love.” he goes out to get ready for the party.

Party evening, Everyone got ready and AP & Misti looks for the arrangements done for the party. Now its time for couple entry. Swara gets ready with the help of Ragini and they goes out from the room. Sanskar also gets ready in another room and opens the door. Both Swasan faces each other and stunned seeing each other. Sanskar is completely lost in her charm and beauty and he feels proud seeing her in the saree of his choice. Swara also mesmerized seeing him but it lasts for few mins only, soon she compose herself and takes her eyes off from him. She moves towards the stairs and when she about to get down, Sanskar extends his hands to her and signs to hold it. Swara, “No need, i know how to walk”. Sanskar, “mmm you know how to walk, but your dress will not know how you will walk. Its really heavy if at all you got slipped and fall down infront of the guests means, it will be very embarrasing for me..that people will say Sanskar’s wife don’t know to walk and fell down in the party. So better for your good only i am saying hold my hand.”. Swara stares him angrily and stands still. Sanskar, “OK atleast for our parent’s sake you can hold my hands right, they will be happy seeing us coming together”.

Swara looks convinced and gives her right hand to him. When Swasan about to get down from the stairs, the light goes off. Swara gets afraid and holds his hands tightly. Sanskar is puzzled and sees here and there. Suddenly a limelight comes on both of them and it covers only that couple. Sanskar takes Swara into the stairs one by one. Swara holds her saree little and carefully puts the steps in the stairs and hold his hands tightly. Everyone starts clapping by seeing them and welcome them to the marriage club. Soon Ragini also comes down in a beautiful designed golden black combo lehenga. Laksh is mesmerized to see her and lost himself on seeing her. He in his mind, “OMG, this JERK looks so awesome today, that’s y she got so much attitude. Hmmm it’s ok i like attitude girls and its fit for her.” He compose himself and goes to her and extends his hands to her. Ragini gives him a attitude look and crossed him. Laksh folds his hands and says, “Yaarr…too much attitude but i like it”. he says this by seeing the way she goes.

Swasan is getting introduced to the guests suddenly they hear a chorus saying, “HAPPY MARRIED LIFE SHONA”. Swara is surprised and shocked too by seeing her colleagues there in the party. That gang has both boys and girls. She goes to them and welcomes them. They all have a group hug, Ragini also joins them. Sanskar is shocked and surprised too. He sees Swara being close with her friends, he felt bad & jealous and try to control his emotions. To avoid this, he looks away and talks to another guests. Laksh also goes to Swara and joins in their chat. When Sanskar turns and suddenly he folds his fists in anger, there he sees the scene is a guy from the group puts his hand on her shoulder and gives her a side hug.

This makes him so anger and couldn’t control his jealous and anger. he walks towards them and takes off his hands from Swara. He holds her so close to him by keeping his hands on her waist and pulls her to him and says, “Won’t you guys talk to me? Okay let me introduce myself. I am Mr. Sanskar, your Swara’s lovely husband”. By saying this he looks at her eyes and she too reciprocates it. They both have a eyelock that lasts for sometime. Laksh is super happy seeing Sanskar getting jealous and to compose that environment he gets the attention from everyone and asks the DJ to play the songs and announce that the newly married couple will do dance. Swasan is shocked and refuses it. But Ragini and Laksh forced them to dance. Swasan looks each other.

Precap: Swasan’s romantic dance in the party. Swasan moves to Sanskar’s home and new cold war is started between them.

Hope you all like this episode. pls provide your lovely comments.

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