Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 3)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 3)

Recap: Swasan marriage.

Next day morning, Sanskar is still sleeping. Swara wakes up and got ready. She got coffee for him and goes towards him to wake him up. Sanskar is sleeping by showing his back on top. She slowly turns him and asks him to wake up. Sanskar opens his eyes and looks at her confusingly. She smiles at him and asks, “Sanskar, what are yu looking? Its already late. So wake up fast, get ready and comes down ok.” she goes away from him and Sanskar extends his hands and calls “Swara”. Suddenly he jerks and gets up from the bed and looks here and there. He thinks abut the scene which happened just before and understood that was his dream. He smirks slightly and see the next corner of the bed which was empty and looks at the pillows kept in the center. He thinks about last night and kicks the pillows down. He rush to the bathroom and gets ready to go down.

Swara is having chit chat with her relatives happily and plays with the kids in the hall. DP’s driver comes there and hands over him the suite for Sanskar. DP calls Swara and asks her to give it to Sanskar since he doesn’t have his dress here. Swara hesitates but still to show them, she gets it and goes to her room. Swara unwillingly takes his suite and comes to her room and searches for him but doesn’t find him anywhere. She looks the bathroom and tries to check whether he is there or not. She tries to knock it but suddenly the door got opened and she lost her balance and slips on him. He gets hold of her by holding her waist. Her one hand is on his bare chest which is completely wet and she holds his suite in another hand and looks him shocked. He is stunned to see her and presses his hands on her waist unknowingly. Both comes to their senses and she moves away from him. He smirks and follows her. She turns to say him about his suite but she noticed his bare body and feels shy to see him and again she turns her face and says, “U have ur suite here, change it soon and come down. Everyone is waiting for you”. Sanskar, “Won’t you help me?”. Swara looks him angrily and Sanskar, “I mean, we have to act as a loveeeeeely husband & wife right, in that act won’t you help me”. She doesn’t reply him and rushes outside. He smiles and looks the way she went.

Sanskar changes his suite and comes down. DP and AP is happy seeing him and calls Swara to stand with him. Shekar and Mishti also comes there. Swara stands with him and both gets blessing from both the elders.They asks them to do the puja first and starts their newly life happily. Swasan feels awkward but they obey their parents and goes to the temple inside the house. Swara lights up the diya and starts doing puja. She sings a bhajan melodiously and everyone is impressed including Sanskar.

She done with the puja and gives prasad to everyone. She comes to Sanskar and extends the plate to him to take the prasad. AP, “Swara, take the prasad in hand and give him”. Swara hesitates but takes it in hand and tries to give it in his hand. Sanskar also about to extend his hand but stopped hearing AP’s saying. AP, “Swara, i meant to feed him the prasad. Sanskar you also do the same take the prasad from her hand and feeds little to her.” Swasan hesitates and looks each other angrily. Sanskar takes a piece from the prasad and feeds it to her, Swara also did the Same thing. Both feeds prasad each other and they stare each other continuously.

They heard a chorus from the entrance saying, “Swara, Sanskar”. Everyone looks there and gets surprised to see Laksh and Ragini in the entrance. Swara is surpirsed and happy seeing Ragini and runs to hug her. They hug each other lovingly. Laksh is surprised to see them and looks at Sanskar who is still standing there at the same place. Laksh shows him Swara and Ragini and gives sigh relief seeing him and walks towards him. DP and AP sees Laksh and says, “Hey Laksh, what a surprise? How come you here suddenly without any information.”. Laksh gets blessed from them and goes to hug Sanskar. But Sanskar doesn’t show interest and stares him. Laksh, “Kya Sanskar, i understand your angry towards me. So now the FATE is playing with you is it?”. Sanskar tries to burn him through his anger, Laksh notices this and control his laugh on him. He Moves towards Swara and takes her attention to him. Swara sees him and asks, “So how are you Laksh?”. Laksh, “Hmm so you remember me still”.Swara,

“Whats wrong in that? I don’t have any personal issues with you. You were, are & will be my friend always”.Laksh, “You are still that same Swara as i knew”. Ragini looks at them shockingly and interrupts them, “Oh Hello Hello, i am also here. Pls do talk to me also. BTW Swara, who is this Jerk? Do you know him already?”. Laksh, “JERK, how dare you say me like that? You are JERK”. Ragini is angry and started fighting with him. Swara is shocked seeing them fighting as if they know each other already. She holds Ragini calm and asks her “Did you know Laksh?”. Ragini, “Yes, i met him in the Airport while i tried to catch one taxi to come here. He also came there and calls the taxi which i called already”. Laksh interrupts and says, “No, first i called him then only u called”. Ragini ignores him and says to Swara, “First of all We started fighting for the taxi and went to a bad phase, we did not give the taxi to each other and gets into it, but he told different address and i told this address.”.

FB of Raglak’s fight:

Taxi driver tells to Ragini, “Madam, sir’s address is on the way only before your stop, will go there first,i will drop him and there and will take to ur address.”.

Ragini couldn’t refuse it and says ok and makes face. Driver drives off to Laksh’s address. Laksh laughs seeing her defeat and starts singing a song loudly. Ragini closed her ears and got irritated and asks him to stop it. Laksh also imitates her the same way and says “STOP IT” by holding his ears. Driver stops the car and looks him. Laksh is confused and asks him “What?”. Driver, “Sir, your address came”. Laksh looks outside and happy. He looks Ragini victoriously and gets down from the taxi.

Ragini gets angry seeing his taunts and fumes. Laksh goes towards the gate and asks the watchman to open it. Watchman says, “Sir, everyone went to a marriage and did not come back yet”.

Laksh is shocked and asks him where they went?. Watchman says the address to him and Laksh is shocked and turns to look at the taxi and Ragini. Ragini hears all this from the taxi and laughs seeing him victoriously and informs the driver to start the taxi ad looks at Laksh and shows her face. Laksh nods NO shockingly and turns to run towards the taxi but she insists the driver to take off and he missed the taxi.” Flashback ends and Ragini sees Laksh who is fuming in anger and says, “I don’t know how he came here”.Laksh, “I got another taxi and came here” says by seeing Swara. Ragini smirks at him and Laksh got angry again by seeing her. Sanskar, “Laksh, come here. Don’t get into an unwanted problem”. Laksh goes to him and stands with him making sad face. Just then Ragini sees Sanskar and signs to Swara to assure he is her husband. Swara nods yes. Ragini goes towards Sanskar and extends her hands to him and says, “Hello, i am Ragini, Swara’s close friend. Nice to meet you”. Sanskar just gives her a smile and goes from there by taking Laksh with him. Ragini opens her mouth in shock by seeing his attitude and turns to see Swara. Swara gets angry and takes Ragini from there.

All the four elders sees their behaviour and looks each other helplessely.

Precap: Sanskar gets angry seeing Swara’s colleagues being close with her. He comes and holds her towards his shoulder and introduces himself to them saying, “Sanskar, Your Swara’s lovely husband”. Swara looks him shocked and he too looks at her.

Guys, how is this episode 3. Hope you all like it and pls give me your valuable comments dears.

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