Swasan – Hatred Ends with love (Episode – 25)

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Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 25)

Recap: Swasan gets locked in store room and gets into a hot romantic smooch.

Life is a short ! Break the rules ! Forgive Quickly ! Kiss Slowly & passionately ! Love truely, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile !!!.

Love is not about how many years, months, days you loved. Love is all about how you love each other every day, every hour, every minute & every second.

Love is the destiny where everyone wants to reach whatever may be the situation. We all just need a person who cares us so much more than anything in the world.

Swasan forgets the surroundings and completely blend into each other. Both of them are wrapped in each other’s arms and they don’t want to leave also. They gets

jerked off when they heard a sound of unlocking the door. They becomes conscious and gets tensed seeing the door is getting opened. Both runs to another corner which

is still dark and hides there. Swara is scared and holds his shirt tightly. Sanskar sees her scared face and smiles at her. Swara notices it and turns his face to

other side. They see the servant who is coming inside and searching for some items in the store room. He is going inside and in the meanwhile Swasan runs near the

door and gets out without making any noise. Once they come out from the store room both are leaning on the wall and gives a sigh relief thinking about their escape.

They started laughing seeing each other’s reaction. They stand straight and about to move but becomes statue seeing some body stands and watching them.

Swara widens her eyes and blinks here and there and bows her head down. she slowly lifts her eyes and sees Raglak standing at shock seeing Swasan comes out from

store room silently. Raglak stands with open mouth and looks at them suspisciously.

At the same time the servant also comes out from the store room and gets shocked seeing Swasan and Raglak staring each other. he also stares them curiously and

silently leaves from there by seeing them often turning back.

Ragini walks towards them and asks, “What were you both doing inside the store room?”

Swara blinks and looks at Sanskar for help but he not even turns his face to her and looks here and there.

Laksh pats Sanskar’s shoulder and says, “question is for you also”.

Sanskar looks at him by shrinking his eyebrows and asks him, “Enough of asking us. what you both are doing here?. Atleast we are married we can be anywhere but why you

both came here?”.

Raglak hangs their mouth open in shock and stares him angrily. Swara laughs at their reactions and runs from there. When Raglak try to catch Swara, Sanskar also runs

from there and escaped from them.

Raglak looks each other and Ragini says, “Laksh, do u think something is weird in their behaviour na?”

Laksh: is it so? WHat u think?

Ragini: They are married and now they forget all their hatred and love each other but y they are hiding and doing romance? Why they are afraid of people?

Laksh: Haaaaa Ragini. Seriously why they are hiding from others. SOmthing is fishy yar. Did you notice why mom has ask Swara to stay with you?

Ragini: I don’t know Laksh. I asked Swara but she said some nonsense reason. I didnt think about it that time.

Laksh: For all our questions only one person can answer. Will go to Mom.

Raglak goes to AP and drags her to the corner and shoots the questions simultaneously. AP closes her ears and calms them down and asks them to tell one by one.

Ragini: Maa….we both have same question. Now Sanskar & Swara forget their enemity and started loving each other right, y they did not stay together. Till 2 days before

they stayed together only na but y not now?

AP looks at them suspisciously and asks, “Did Sanskar or Swara tell you anything the reason?”.

Raglak nods as No which gives AP sigh relief.

AP continues, “Actually, according to their horoscope they should not stay together for a month and that starts from yesterday. That’s y i made them stay away.”

She glances at them once and left from there.

Raglak looks at each other and looks the way AP goes and gets into a thinking. They did not get convinced but did not know the exact reason also.

Swara in her room reminiscies their kissing and gets blush. Suddenly she heard Sanskar’s voice and goes out to see. There she gets shock seeing the scene where Maya

drags him and asks him to accompany with her. Sanskar is refusing but she holds his hands and drags him.

Swara fumes in anger and stares at them. She goes to them and stops Maya by holding her hand. Maya looks at her and jerks her hand.

Maya: Who are you? and Y u hold my hand?

Sanskar looks tense seeing Swara’s anger.

Swara: I am Swara. I hold ur hand just because this is village not your hifi so called city. you have to behave with culture. You should not hold a guy’s hand like

this and people in this village will think wrong about you both. And that too he is a stranger for you, you should keep some distance with him.

Maya: Uffoooo…just shut up. I don’t have time and patience to listen your preach. I know what i am doing and don’t care about others thinking. You don’t teach me the

culture ok. And moreover, he is not a stranger. He is Sanskar. My Boy Friend.

By saying this she gives her a strong look and hold Sanskar’s hand by standing close to him.

Swara’s anger gets into more hyper and she stares Sanskar. Before Sanskar could say Maya again interrupts and says, “Darling, y r u wasting your time with this village

girl. Come na lets go outside and gets some fresh air”. By saying this she drags Sanskar and rushes outside. Sanskar turns back and sees Swara in anger.

Swara fumes in anger and because of that she gets tears(angry tears only) runs to her room nd locks the door. Sanskar stares Maya angrily and jerks her hands off from

him and looks at her eyes. Maya is puzzled and asks, “What happened now?”

Sanskar, “Nothing. I am having head ache. I just wanna take rest”. By saying this he rushes to his room but before goes to his room he looks at Swara’s locked door and

gives a sigh relief and goes to his room and locked it.

In the evening all are busy and involved seriously in the marriage function. Sanskar comes out from his room and sees Swara’s room still it is locked and thinks

whether she already went down. He goes down and searches for Swara everywhere but couldn’t find her. He thinks to go to room and check, he turns to go but stopped by

Maya. Sanskar steps backwards by seeing Maya and gives her a fake smile seeing her.

Maya also moves forward to him and tries to hug him but before she does Sanskar pulls one servant who was serving juices to the guest in between them. The servant

becomes statue by seeing Maya hugging him.

Maya closed her eyes when she about to hug Sanskar and thinks she hugs Sanskar only. She gets shocked hearing a rough tone nearby her, she opened her eyes and gets shocked seeing her hugging the servant.

That servant gives her a flirty laugh at her and says, “he he he Madam, u want juice? If u ask me normally also i can give the juice….no need of hugging and all & that too infront of these many people”. He gets shy and draws the line in the floor by his thumb finger in the leg.

Maya gives a disgusting look at him and searches for Sanskar but couldn’t find him. She goes somewhere to search him. The servant sees her the way going and to his

surprise a hand falls on his shoulder and holds it tightly. He winches in pain and turns to see who is it and gets shocked seeing a lady fumes in anger seeing him.

He gets shivering and says, “Meenu Meenu.. i didnt do anything…That madam only came and hugged. I did not do anything.Believe me.” He started giving fake tears and

tries to convince her but she stares him and says, “Hmm, u will come tonight right. I will see you”. She left from there by saying this and the servant doesn’t knw

what to do, rubs his hairs sadly.

Sanskar who was watching all this behind the pillar, laughs at his heart out. He turns to go but stopped seeing Swara who is coming from stairs in deep sky blue

designer sarees with matching accessories. She looks gorgeous in that color and Sanskar is stunned to see her beauty.

Swara’s saree’s link


Sanskar goes to her and gives his hand to her but she did not even look at him and walks past him. Sanskar gets shocked and looks the way she goes. He understand that she is angry because of Maya and thinks how to convince her but to his disgust Maya finds him and calls from far, “Sanskaaaarrrrr… where were you?”

Sanskar is really pissed of now and closes his eyes and prays god to save him from her. He did not turn the way she is there, he just runs from that place and hides

himself behind the pillar. His eyes are searching for Swara and halts at one place where he can see her princess chatting with Ragini happily.

Suddenly one person comes to the center and gives an announcement saying, “since the marriage is tomorrow, we all will celebrate Laksh last bachelor party now. Don’t

mind villagers, its all normal in city and we all want you all also to enjoy the party means just dancing nothing else. Alcohol is prohibited her”.

Village people also smiles happily and infact they are so excited to see these kind of parties which they have seen only in movies. The person who gave the

announcement drags Raglak to the center and makes them perform the dance. Swara looks at them lovingly and she too search for Sanskar. The family ladies also started

dancing happily and drags Swara also to the group. She also dancing with simple moves. A guy who comes for the marriage approach her and compliments her beauty and

epresses his interest to dance with her. Swara is shocked and refused to dance with him. But he insist her and tries to hold her hand but another hands comes and

holds his hand and says, “Only i have the right to hold her hand…No one dare to do touch her”. It’s none other than Sanskar. He moves him away and grabs her hands and

pulls her to him.

Maya who searches for Sanskar comes to the dancing area and gets angry seeing him dancing with Swara. When she is about to go, she stopped hearing some ladies talks

about Swasan.

She started hearing their conversation. The lady says, “See them na….very beautiful couple right. God bless them. From the day they came here i saw that guy who cares

her so much. I never seen like this before. She is very lucky to have him as her husband right…” Another lady also agrees to her.

Maya is super shocked and fumes in anger seeing Swara with Sanskar who handles her lovingly. She stares Swara angrily.

Precap: Raglak’s marriage and Sanskar’s announcement.

Guys, so how was this episode. Hope you all like it. Let me know your comments and eagerly waiting for that.

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