Swasan – Hatred Ends with love (Episode – 24)


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Recap: Sanskar makes Swara jealousy and enjoys seeing her burning in Jealous.

Sanskar sees Swara going in angry and laughs seeing her. In the living hall, Ragini introduces Maya to everyone saying her as her distant relative. Laksh sees her and and gives her a flirty smile which irritates Ragini a lot. Laksh extends his hands to her but before Maya grabs it, Ragini takes his hands and excuse from everyone saying she needs to talk to him. She takes Laksh at the backyard and started scolding him for his flirty smile and look at Maya.

Laksh thinks, “Achacho..i am gone now. What to do? How to deal this?” he starts biting his nail in tension. Ragini sees him and hits at his finger and stares him angrily.

Ragini puts her hands cross in her chest and asks him, “So, you like her?”. Laksh gulps and blinks at her. Ragini continues staring him and raises eyebrows looking at him.

Laksh immediately rushes to her and hugs her tightly and says, “Ragini…you are thinking wrong about me. I did not extend my hand in that way as you are thinking”.

Ragini stands still and asks, “How you know what i am thinking is wrong?”. Laksh closes his eyes tightly and prays himself to save him from her.

Ragini pushes him and holds his hands at his back and says, “See, i will not spare you if you talk to her again.”

Laksh screams in pain and repeats, “i will not, i will not”. Soon AP comes there hearing his scream and asks them what happened?.

Ragini immediately leaves him and hugs him by his shoulder and says, “Nothing mom, just talking”. AP sees Laksh’s pain reaction and smiles seeing them.

Once AP goes Ragini looks at him and tries to go but stops seeing him holding her hands. Laksh pulls her to him and hugs her tightly and says, “I like to see your possessiveness for me. I really love to see that again.” By saying that he kisses her cheeks and winks at her.

Ragini is in shock of this unexpected kiss, she becomes numb for a sec and starts hitting him. Laksh leaves her and runs to save him. Ragini chases him everywhere at the backyard and finally she gets him by his collar and looks at him by breathing heavily. Both stares each other for sometime and smiles and hugs saying love you to each other.

Swara stands near the pillar in the balcony and looks outside. She lost her in thoughts and remembers Maya & Sanskar’s scenes and gets angry thinking about it. Suddenly she hears a voice saying, “Somebody is burning in jealous it seems”. Swara sees Sanskar stands beside and taunts her. Swara replies, “Y should i be jealous?. I don’t have anyother work is it?”

Sanskar: So, you are not getting jealous is it?

Swara: No No No…literally she shouts.

Sanskar smiles seeing her and she gets irritated seeing him smiling at her. Swara is about to go and Sanskar holds her hand. Swara did not turn to him but asks him to leave her hand. Sanskar comes close to her and whispers in her ears, “Really u did not get jealous or angry on me?”. Swara nods no and jerks her hand and runs away from there. Sanskar sees the way she is going and tells,”I know how to make u jealous”.

Swara simply walks here and there in the corridor in upstairs by thinking some thing. Suddenly she hears lauging sound and gets shocked. its none other than Sanskar & Maya. They both are doing walk and talk and approaching at the back side of the house. Swara’s anger gets increase and starts following them. She follows them whereever they are going but missed it in between when some women came and talks to her. she is searching for them now and approaches to the store room. She sees the store room door is open from outside and thinks to go inside and check it. She peeps into it and tries to see something but couldn’t due to the darkness. she moves forward but gets scared to do so and thinks to go back.

Outside the store room, a servant crosses that place and sees the store room is opened and closes it from outside. When Swara thinks to go back she turns to go but sees the door is getting locked by outside. She runs to the door and tries opening it but in vain. She knocks the door continously to open the door but no one could hear it.

A voice comes, “so you are following me right”. Swara’s heart beats faster and jumps hearing a sudden voice from behind her. She turns and sees Sanskar who stands there behind the shelf and looks at her lovingly. Swara cries seeing him and runs to him and hugs him tightly. Sanskar smiles at her and hugs her back saying, “I did not get answer yet. were you following me?”

Swara lifts her face and sees him and says, “You are alone here. What are you doing? Where is she?”.

Sanskar: who is she?

Swara: Hmm…you were talking with some one and came here na. I am asking about her.

Sanskar: I don’t know. Why are you asking me?

Swara: Then whom to ask you. She came with you only na. I saw you both were talking and laughing.

Sanskar: When my sweet wife is here with me, then y should i talk and laugh with some one.

Swara now completely lifts her head and looks at him doubtedly. Sanskar laughs seeing her reactions. she understands that he is teasing her, she gets angry and starts hitting him everywhere.

Sanskar moves behind everywhere but Swara non stop beating him of teasing her and telling lies to her. Finally Sanskar holds her both hands and pins her to the wall and moves close with her. Now only their body is touching and there are no gaps between them. Swara is breathing heavily and Sanskar too. He looks her intensely and moves his face close to her. Swara did not expect this sudden act from him, closes her eyes due to nervous.

Sanskar rubs his nose with hers and whispers saying, “shall we break the rules given by mom?”. Swara’s heart beats faster than ever and she couldn’t reply anything. Sanskar breathes and his hot breathe touches her face softly. She can see him very closely and looks at his eyes. His eyes are pleading her and it clearly shows how much he needs her at this time. She reminds shailu’s condition and nods as No to him.

Sanskar now just goes on her and keeps his mouth near her cheeks and murmurs saying, “Please Swara, i can’t control myself when you are around me. You are torturing me like anything. Just once pls…Plssss. By saying that he moves his hands from her and puts it on her waist and softly touches it like a feather. Swara gets goosebumps on her body and breathes heavier than ever and clutches his hands tightly and takes away from her waist and pushes him little away.

She tries to move but stopped by Sanskar who holds his Saree pallu in his hands. Swara keeps her one hand on her left shoulder to catch her saree and pleading Sanskar to let her go.

Sanskar just nods no and with one pull, she goes and falls on him. She struggles and tries to push him away infact, she starts hitting him to leave her but he tights his grip on her and again puts her into the wall and Place a kiss on her. Initially it was hard kiss so that he can push all his emotions, feeling, love etc etc on to her.

Swara tries to stop by pushing him by holding his shoulder but she couldn’t do it more. It was a hard kiss then slowly the force got reduces and it becomes a very passionate one and a soft kiss. He kisses her lips inch by inch and starts sucking it lovingly. Swara completely lost herself into him and wraps him and holds her head and softly starts rubbing it.

Sanskar slowly murmurs by keeping his lips on hers, “I want to kiss you every second, every minute, every hour and every day and everywhere on you”. Swara shivers litle but tights her hugs. he too reciprocate the same.

Nowadays, The kiss becomes the symbol of love by showing your feeling to your loved ones. It will start hardly but soon it will dip you in the world you have never imagined in your life which will make us to have it more and more and moreeee……

i just found this and i loved it thought of sharing with you all…just for you all guys ?

A Kiss is just a lovely trick,
designed by a nature to,
stop speech when words,
become superfluous.

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