Swasan – Hatred Ends with love (Episode – 21)

Thank you for the amazing response dears. And today chappy is a romantic treat for you guys…whole epi is completely on Swasan. So enjoy reading.Here is your next chapter.

Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 21)

Sanskar is stunned seeing her princess in a proper village attire. Swara also notices him and gets shy. She looks at him and asks him about her attire through her eyes. Since so many people are there, both are talking through their eyes. Sanskar for a min he couldn’t reply and more over he don’t know what to reply. He gives a happy smiles seeing her and nods as looking very good. Swara becomes so happy and blushes seeing his stare on her. She runs to her room and the ladies who stands there starts teasing her and Sanskar. Sanskar also gets blush and smiles seeing them and moves away from that place.

Swara changes into a normal saree and arranges her hair in a normal way and comes out. She opens the door and gets shock & surprise to see Sanskar there and is standing at the position as if he is about to knock on the door. He puts down his hands and looks at her. Both are finding words to express their feelings. Sanskar wants to talk so much but he couldn’t take off his eyes from her and thinks, “How come she can be this much beautiful in every attire. OMG, you did a big sin by created her like an angel and sent to me”. He stares her and so many thoughts like that are going on in his mind.

Swara waves her hand infront of him and asks , “What happened Sanskar? Where are you?”

Sanskar stammers for a sec and composes himself and says, “I am planning to roam in this village. Thought of calling you. If you are free, we both can go out for sometime”.

Swara feels so happy and agrees to go with him. Swasan informs to their parents and goes out. Raglak also wants to go but the elders did not allow them to go out.

Swasan teases them and laughs seeing their sad, upset and angry face. Swasan starts walking around the village and both did not talk to each other. They just want to feel this embrace and enjoys being with their soul and that too alone without any disturbance.

They are walking on the other side of the village which doesn’t have good roads and it is covered mostly with the grasses. They liked walking on it and gets happy being in that atmosphere. They did not aware that the atmosphere which they likes is making their inner soul yearning for each other’s embrace. Unkowingly it creates a heat in their body which Swasan not aware of it. They see a small temple which has small diya lighten it. They go there and pray for each other’s happiness and moves forward.

On the way, they see so many people who came for the engagement, they identify them and greets them. Swasan also greets them and moves forward. They both reach the river bay and Swara gets excited and runs towards it. Sanskar warns her not to go in but Swara does it. She starts playing in the water and throws the water drops also on him who comes to support Swara. Because of that, he miss his balance and by the time he holds Swara’s hands, both fall into the water and gets drenched completely. Sanskar somehow manages and helps Swara to get up from the water. She drank the water and started coughing badly because of that. Sanskar makes her to come out from the water and takes her little far from there under the tree. he starts scolding her and she continues her cough drama (actually, cough gets stopped inbetween but she notices Sanskar is angry so she continues the drama ? ? :P)

Sanskar sees her coughing badly, he stops scolding her and starts rubbing her back. She smiles seeing his care and starts laughing at him. Sanskar gets shocked and understands her acting. Swara sees him and starts running somewhere, he also follows her and tries to chase her. He runs fast and holds her hands and pulls her to him. Due to this sudden force, Swara pulls towards him and hits him and both falls on the ground. Swara is on top of Sanskar.

Her hairs falls infront and it covers both faces at one side. Swara breathes heavily and stares him lovingly. Sanskar slowly moves her hairs to the back and clutches some hairs behind her ears and softly touches her face. Both feels the tense and nervous but did not move from there and they don’t want to.

He smiles seeing her and gently cups her face and says, “I tried a lot act infront of you…but i couldn’t stop myself in coming close to you. You are doing something to me. you are my princess…how can this prince hold his feelings. Your magic makes me fall for you again and again. I don’t have any ego now since your love and care makes everything vanish from me.”

Swara also smiles and says, ‘Then y u ignored me, when i come close to you also, you behaved like it did not affect you. What and all i did to convince you”. she keeps a pout face and acts like sad.

Sanskar clutches her nose and shakes here and there and says, “Naughty girl, i know you did all this to get my attention. But i simply controlled my emotions so that i can enjoy some more drama from you right…” he winks at her.

Swara gently hits on his chest and Sanskar acts like he is getting pain. Swara smiles at him and softly kisses on his chest and looks at him.

Suddenly a drop of water falls on Sanskar’s forehead and makes them to come to sense and fortunate or unfortunate, it starts raining continuously. Both gets up and starts running in search of the shelter. Sanskar sees some hut little far and he takes Swara also with him and both runs towards there. Sanskar tries to knock it but it gets opens. Both goes inside the hut and gives a big sigh relief. Swara moves towards the corner and started drying her hairs and her saree. Her Saree sticks to her body and and she tries to seperate it from her and starts drying it.

Sanskar stands at the same place and rubs his hairs through his hands. He locks the door and looks outside through the window. He sees the rain gets heavy and thinks how to go home. By thinking like this, he turns to inform Swara, but he becomes statue seeing her. Swara also turns to his side and gets tense seeing his stare at her.

Sanskar stares her from top to bottom and feels the heat in his body by seeing her wet saree sticks to her body which shows her the body physique clearly to him. Each and every parts of her body did unjustice to her and gives a visual treat to Sanskar who looks at her like a prey for his long time hunger. Swara tightly holds her saree and turns to other side and stands near another window. She breathes heavily and for the support she holds the window tightly.

Sanskar slowly moves towards and she feels his movement and getting tensed. Sanskar stands behind her so close and Swara feels his hot breathe and closes her eyes.
Sanskar moves her hairs to one side and place a soft kiss on her neck and continues kissing her. Swara’s nerves gets weak and she clutches her saree tightly and breathes heavily. Slowly Sanskar moves his hands on her shoulder and moves down to her hands and hugs her from back by keeping her hands together. He continues kissing and moves up towards her cheeks. Swara becomes like a water in his arms and goes into the flow however he wants her. He moves his hands inside her saree and keeps his hands on her waist and gently rubs. Swara is now completely out of emotions and feels the fire in his hands, she turns to him and hugs him tightly by clutching his shirt.

Sanskar also hugs her tightly and starts kissing her shoulder passionately. He cups her face and kisses on her forehead and says, “Now i am on your feet and will always be for your love. I LOVE YOU Swara”.

Swara gets emotional and says, “Your position is on my heart not on feet. You will always be there. I was waiting for this moment only”. By saying this she hugs him tightly and says, “I LOVE YOU TOO Sanskar”.

They both freeze for sometime in the same position and they love to be in each other’s embrace. He slowly gets seperated her and looks at her lovingly. He place a kiss on her forehead, then kiss on her eyes and to her cheeks. Finally now he in his destination, he slowly capture her lips and kissing it passionately. She also kiss him back and it becomes a hot smooch between them which both yearning for it for a long time.

Outside, the rain slowly reduces its speed and soon it stops, but inside the hut, Swasan slowly increases their speed in kissing each other and it goes on for so long and they forgot the surroundings and everything, now they remember only one thing in the world is, their love. They want to complete their love which was incomplete these many years and days. They feel like today is their last day and want to defeat all the obstacles which comes their way. They melted into each other’s arms completely.

The best feeling in the world is kissing someone for the first time when you have really wanted to kiss them for a long time. Slowly he moves down to her neck and kisses her passionately which moves her into a dream world where she sees only them. He tucks her neck in his both hands and he hardly kissing her as if he doesn’t want her to leave him. she too holds his shirt at his shoulder tightly and slowly her grip is getting tightened for each and every move of his on her.

After sometime, he slowly releases her from his embrace and now they both are breathing heavily. Sanskar looks her and she looks down and unable to look at his eyes. He cups her face and lifts her and makes her to see his eyes. He smiles seeing her and hugs her gently. she too reciprocate the same. Then they left the place once the rain stops and now also they don’t feel to talk to each other and they just want to feel their love. He holds her tightly beside him and they are walking towards the home.

A voice over says,

“Their Meeting was a fate, Becoming friend was a choice, but falling in love with each other was beyond their control”

Precap: Sanskar kisses Swara. Suddenly all the other family members hears a scream from Laksh. ? ? ? (can easily guess)

So how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Please provide your comments and am eagerly waiting for it.

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