SWASAN – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 2)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 2)

Sanskar drives to Swara’s home. So many moments comes to his mind. A flash goes on his mind one by one, “Two kids in school uniform feeds ice cream to each other, A
grown up school students enjoys their time in the chat stall, Swasan in college with their friends and enjoys their time.” All these flashes on his mind one by one, he gets disturbed a lot and puts a sudden break. He sees outside and realizes he reached her home. Hesitatingly he gets down from the car and goes inside. While going he sees the board “Swara WEDS Manoj” kept outside and stares at it. He see a man coming out, he too goes inside on the same way and he slide his legs when the man comes out. Due to this he lost his balance and falls on the board which removes the name “Manoj”. Sanskar while walking inside just looks back and a small curve comes to his face by seeing the name in the floor.
He goes inside and looks for his parents. DP and AP comes to him and grags to a room and asks him to change his dress immediately. Sanskar is shocked and does not know
what is happening.

Sanskar, “Dad, what are you doing? Y u want me to change the dress and for what?”.

DP, “No man will do marriage in a casual wear. that’s y i asked you to change the dress”.

Sanskar is shocked and says, “WHAT?”.

AP, “Sanskar, do you listen ur parents word right? We will never think wrong for you. We always thinks about your happiness only. Do you believe us?” She asks him in a pleading way.

Sanskar is completely confused and says, “Mom…aahhh…what…ssshhhhhhh….but atleast tell me Why please”. DP tells him everything and Sanskar is shocked by hearing what
happened. He stays silent and DP & Shailu asked him to come out fast after changing it.

Sanskar looks at the bride groom’s dress and starts removing his dress. He takes the sherwani in his hand and looks at his reflection in the mirror.

A voice over comes, “I hate you from the bottom of my heart. No relation without faith will longer.” He comes to the senses by hearing the knock on the door.

He changed into bridal attire and opened the door. DP and Shailu becomes happy seeing him and takes him to the mandap. Guest who gathered there starts praising DP, AP and Sanskar. Sanskar with no reaction in his face sits silently in the mandap. Pandit guides him to repeat the mantras he saying. He is doing everything like a ROBOT.

Pandit calls for bride. The ladies gets Swara out from the room and takes her to the mandap where Sanskar is seated. They make Swara sits near to him. All the while both Swasan did not see them each other and only one thought is there in their mind, they are doing this just for their parents happiness. Pandit calls for the mahurat time and asks Sanskar to tie the mangalsutra. He takes it and not even look at her, he tied the knot and puts sindoor on her forehead. Swara not even looks at his face and bows her head down continuously. Pandit asks them to stand and do the pheras before that Sharmista ties the ghatbandan. DP stands with Ram gets emotional and hugs his friend lovingly. Swasan starts doing the pheras, Swara follows Sanskar and pandit recites the mantras. Soon Swara feels dizzy and about to fall down.

Sharmista shouts, “Shona”.

Sanskar turns back and holds Swara’s hand at the nick of time before she falls down. He pulls her towards him and holds her waist. Swara fainted and rests her head in his chest. Sanskar is shocked seeing her and stares at her continuously (He is seeing her now after a long years).

Pandit, “It is abshagun if we stop the pheras”. With no more thinking Sanskar takes her in his arms and starts doing the pheras. Shekar and Sharmista is very happy seeing Sanskar’s care for Swara. Shekar hugs DP emotionally. After the pheras Pandit announced that the marriage is over and from now on Sanskar and Swara is Husband & Wife. Sanskar stares Swara who is unconscious in his arms.

Sanskar puts her in the bed and the doctor comes to check her. After a small check up doctor says, “Nothing to worry, its just a stress she got fainted. Let her take some rest, she will be alright soon.”

Everyone leaves the room and makes Sanskar stays with her. Sanskar looks at her and with no reaction he moves to the balcony and looks outside.

He remembers the words said by his cousin Laksh, “Sanskar, as a friend i want to say something. The decisions we take in anger will always go wrong. It will spoil our life and happiness. Think well before you talk and decide. You know i believe in Fate. Fate is the one who can interfere in other’s life without their permission and no one can stop that, who knows it might give you the one which you hate and make you to love it”.

Sanskar closed his eyes and turns back to see Swara. He moves towards her and sees her coming to senses. She opens her eyes and tries to get up, Sanskar extends his hands to her to help but she looks at him in anger and ignores his help and gets up on her own. He folded his hands angrily and goes out to call the elders.

Swara looks herself and sees the mangalsutra in her neck and touches her forehead and sees the sindoor. She closed her eyes and tears drops down. Shekar and Sharmista comes to her and checks her health and make sure she is alright. They told DP and AP that they all can stay in their home tonight and tomorrow they shall go to Sanskar’s home. Everyone accepted it happily. Swasan stares each other and looks away. Before that Sharmista tells to AP about their first night arrangements, Swasan looks shocked and tensed now what they are upto. AP sees both and says to Sharmista that, “Let first Swara gets to normal and then will think about it”. Sharmista also agrees and happy seeing AP’s care towards her bahu. Swasan gives a sigh relief and AP notices this.

In the night, Sanskar comes to the room and sees no one and looks here and there. He heard a noise from bathroom and turns towards it. Swara comes out after takes bath and dries her hair. She not even looking at him and did not consider that some one is standing there and looking at her. She sits in the dressing table and applies night cream. Sanskar’s anger gets increased by this insult and he folds his fist in anger. She gets up and moves towards the bed but stopped by Sanskar. He pinned her to the wardrobe and looks at her. Swara also stares him angrily which makes him more anger.

Sanskar, “What do you think? Did i marry you by my wish? If you have that thought then erase it. I don’t have any feelings on you, i married you just because my parents asked me. They thought they did good for me but they don’t know their son is not happy in this marriage. And for your information, don’t ever except any wifey rights from me. You will never get it. All you will get from me is only Hatred.”

Swara now folds her hands across her chest and sees him straight to his eyes and says, “Do you think even i married you by my wish?. My fate played in my life and it makes my life more worse than ever. Even i hate you more than anything else in the world. If you are ready also i don’t want to take Wifey rights from you and i don’t want also. We are husband & wife only to this world and inside the room we are strangers.” saying this she pushed him back and moves to her bed.

She puts 2 pillows in the center of the bed and lies at one corner and says, “I never have habit of sleeping anywhere apart from the bed. If you have i don’t have any issues, here you can find the couch.” saying this she turns off the light on her side and starts sleeping. Sanskar also goes to his side and turns off the light and fell asleep. Both sleeping showed the back towards them and tries to sleep but they are not.

Precap: Sanskar feeds the prasad to Swara. Laksh and Ragini entry.

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