Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 17)

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Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 17)

Recap: Swara tries her best to convince Sanskar. Sanskar wants to test Swara till how much extent she will go for his love.

Swara and Ragini back to office and continues their work. Ragini gets a call and is giving shock and surpirse reactions together. Swara is looking her curiously. Ragini disconnect the call and is still in shock. Swara shakes her and signs as What.

Ragini looks panic and goes out of her cabin and looks worried. Swara too follows her and asks, “Hey Ragini, what happened? Y u suddenly becomes upset?”

Ragini gets tensed and starts biting her nails in full tension.

Swara: Ragini, just stop biting it. Tell na what happened?

Ragini: My parents came to my home.

Swara: Hey fool, that’s a happy news right, for that y you are worrying so much?

Ragini: They came with an alliance for me.

Now its Swara’s turn to get panic and gets tensed also.

Swara: Oh my god. What to do now? Did they know about you and Laksh or yet to know?

Ragini: Yet to Know Swara. I don’t know what to do. My brain is not working at all. I really don’t know how am gonna tell them about my relation with Laksh.

Swara also looks worried seeing her and pats her shoulder. She gets a flash and takes her mobile and dials Sanskar.

@TRENDZ Office,

Sanskar sees the Swara’s picture in his mobile and smiles seeing her call and thinks “why she is calling me at this time?”.

He immediately picks up the call and asks, “Are you ok?”

Swara is surprised and happy to hear and says, “Hmm, i am ok. So have you been sitting there and thinking only about me is it?”

Sanskar understands her taunts and said, “Y should i think about you. You called me at the unusual time, so just thought are you safe or not?”.

Swara smiles and says, “Ha ha, i am safe only but not in a good mood. you know what Ragini’s parents came to see her”. she told that in a full tensed voice.

Sanskar: Ok, so what? What is there to get tension?

Swara: They did not come simply, they came with an alliance for Ragini.

Sanskar: WHAT?. He looks at Laksh who is sitting opposite to him and looking at the files interestingly.

Swara: Ragini did not tell them about her relation with Laksh. Now she is scared to talk to her parents. what to do?

Sanskar keeps quiet for sometime and tells, “Okay. Ask Ragini to go to her home little late today. And you start immediately from office and go to home. Me and Laksh will be there in home in sometime.”

By Saying this he disconnected the call and Laksh looks on shocked after hearing Ragini name.

Laksh: What happened bro? Any problem?

Sanskar tells him everything while driving. Soon All 3 reached home.

Sanskar informs DP and AP also everything about Laksh and Ragini love. DP and AP accepts his love and Sanskar tells them what they need to do now.

Everyone goes and get ready to go out.

Sanskar gets his suite and goes to another room to get ready, he thought , so that in the meantime Swara can get ready. He gets ready in a nice blue jeans & white Formal shirt and enters his room and stops there itself. He becomes statue seeing her princess standing infront of the mirror like an angel in Blue color saree.

Swara is standing infront of the mirror and tries to tie her blouse dori but she is not. Sanskar freezes seeing her and couldn’t move forward. He controls his emotions by folding his fist tightly and moves to his wardrobe. Swara turns back hearing the noise and sees Sanskar hiding in wardrobe.

She smiles seeing him and thinks to tempt him.

Swara: Sanskar.

Sanskar who hides in wardrobe, gets jerked by her call and replies, “hmm what?”

Swara: Pls tie this dori na. I am struggling for a long time but i couldn’t do.

Sanskar: Then go and change your dress. Who asked you to wear saree now?

Swara: what s your problem if i am wearing saree? Oh means, you couldn’t control your emotions seeing me is it?

Sanskar comes out from the wardrobe and replies, “Its in your dream only. Why you always troubling me?”

Swara: Come on yar. I just asked you to help me in tie the dori. It is as simple as that. Y you r thinking that i am troubling you. It seems you are unable to control your feelings seeing me is it?

Sanskar’s ego pops up and goes close to her and says, “Will see whose emotions are flooding out”.

Swara also looks at his eyes deeply and turns to show her back while smiling.

Sanskar also smiles lightly and raises his hands to tie the dori. Intentionally or Unintentionally his fingers are touching her bare back and Swara gets goosebumps and feels shy and closed her eyes.

Sanskar picks up the dori and starts tying it. He doesn’t want to go away from her so he does it slowly by admiring her beauty through the mirror. He smiles seeing her image in the mirror when she closed her eyes and smiles.

Sanskar: Ahem..Hmmm…its done. he said in rude tone and move away from her.

Swara opens her eyes and gets upset seeing him going away. She smirks at him and again unties the dori knot and calls him again to tie it.

Sanskar stares her but still he goes to her and starts tying the dori again. This time he becomes little conscious and finishes his work and moves away again. he gets laugh seeing her upset face.

But this time Swara did not call him again but Sanskar waits for her call. Since she did not call him, he gets upset and thinks some idea to go close to her. Swara starts combing her hair she moves her hairs to front and try setting it up. Sanskar also comes there and acts like he is searching something important. He pushes her here and there and bends towards the dressing table by pushing her too.

By that act, intentionally he made his chain stick to her dori knot. When he moves back the dori knot gets unties and Swara is surprised and shocked seeing Sanskar behind her and holding the dori cum chain in his hands.

Sanskar slowly moves towards her and keeps his hands on the dori and slightly touches her bare back. Swara gets nervous and looks him lovingly through the mirror.

Sanskar moves more closer and slide towards her neck. She feels the hot breathe on her neck and tightly folds her fist to control her emotions.

Swara also moves little back to be more closer to him. Now her bare back touches his chest and there is no inch gap between them. Sanskar loses his control and tries to lean on her neck and and both gets jerks away by hearing the knock on the door.

AP comes inside and sees them getting breathing heavily and nervous too. She smiles seeing them and tells Sanskar to go down.

AP helps Swara to get ready fast and they all are leaving out.

Ragini is in full tension and nervous and doesnot know what will happen? And she thinks about what Swasan is upto. She goes to home and enters inside nervously.

Ragini is completely shocked and speechless seeing Swasan’s family there with Laksh. She sees her parents who is so happily talking with them.

Ragini is in confused state and did not understand what is happening around her?

Swara sees her and goes to her and hugs her tightly. Ragini also hugs but did it in robotic way.

Ragini sees Laksh who is smiling all the way and winks at her. Ragini looks at her parents and her mom comes to her and asks her to fresh up and get ready.

Swara tells them that she will make her ready. Both Ragini and Swara goes to her room and locks the door.

Ragini asks Swara, “Swara, what is happening? I can’t understand anything?”

Swara: Don’t worry my dear, All is going well. We came here to talk about yours and neil’s marriage. you know what we made it as if it is an arranged marriage and your parents also very happy about this. So please control your excitement and behave normally like you don’t know Laksh earlier and you are seeing him first time ok?

Ragini is sooper happy and hugs her tightly and says, “WOOWWWW SHONA….I love you so much darling”. They both share a tight hug and Ragini goes to get ready.

Swara helps her in wearing a nice saree and takes her out. Laksh is dumbstruck seeing Ragini in Saree for the first time. When he is showing his excitement, Sanskar controls him.

Elders are started talking about the next level preparations as they are happy with their marriage. They told the youngers to talk seperately and share their views.

Raglak and Swasan comes to the garden and spends sometime there. Swasan and Raglak sits seperately in the garden.

Raglak’s Conversation:

Laksh: Well, Hi i am Laksh. He extends his hands to her and smiles and hints that now we both are new to each other right.

Ragini smiles seeing him and extends her hand and shakes, “I am Ragini.”

Laksh: Wow, nice name like you. he winks at her.

Ragini gets blushes seeing his act but controls it.

Laksh: So what are you doing? I mean, Are you studying or working?

Ragini: Working. Me and your brother’s wife Swara working together.

Laksh: oh Acchhaa…That’s cool. That’s y my bhabhi got me this proposal. Now i understood.

Ragini: So what about you?

Laksh: I too working with my bhai. I will tell about myself then it will be helpful for you to decide.

basically i am a very naughty boy. I am the only son for my parents, but they are no more now. I am with my bhai family and that is my family now. They are my parents now. And i love to flirt with the girls but till marriage only. After that i love to love flirt with my wife. You know what i don’t have faith in arranged marriage, but after seeing you i am stumped.

He winks at her saying this. She blushes seeing him.

Laksh: so do you want to say something?

Ragini: yes i have to ask you one question.

Laksh: Oh yeah sure.

Ragini: Which is more important to you, your life or me?

Laksh: Before i answer that let me ask you one question?

Ragini: Hmm okay.

Laksh: Is there a difference between you and my life?

Ragini is surprised by his counter attack and smiles seeing him.

Laksh: So madam, do you have anything to say?

Ragini: Hmm yes… If i let you talk for somemore time, i think you will blabber more.

She controls her laugh by saying this but after seeing neil’s reaction she couldn’t control anymore and bursts out laughing. Laksh mesmerizes seeing her laughing and gets up and moves 2 steps back.

Ragini looks at him and surprised seeing him kneel down infront of her.

Laksh takes a pouch from his pocket and opens it. It has a beautiful chain which is of heart shaped.

Ragini is overwhelmed seeing it and gets emotional. Laksh extends his hands towards her and says,

“I never asked anything from anyone. But today i bow down infront of you and want to ask you. WILL YOU BE MY LIFE FOREVER? I lost my mom’s love in my early life. WILL
YOU BE MY MOTHER FOREVER? I want to live my whole life with you. I need you to care me, fight with me, beat me, tease me, taunt me and more than anything else, i want
you to love me forever. Till now my life is incomplete and you are the who can make complete it. Every moment i spend with you is a like a beautiful dream comes true in my life. WILL YOU BE MY LOVE?”

He gets tears by saying this and extends his hands for hers. Ragini gets tears and it is flowing down her cheeks and nods as yes. She gives her hands to him and makes him stand. He comes close to her and makes her wear the chain he bought for her.

She gets happy and hugs him tightly and says, “I LOVE YOU LAKSH”. Laksh reciprocates it and says, “LOVE YOU TOO”.

Swasan is sitting on the stone bench but did not talk to each other. Only the silent speaks a lot.

(Sorry guys there will not be any conversation between Swasan, only few magical words for them).

“Distance between their hearts is not a barrier, rather it shows how strong their love is. When two hearts meet after being apart for long time, the world fades away as they meet and share the purest of loves. They are invisible at that moment and that is the magic of their love.”

Swasan is completely lost in each other’s thoughts and looks into each other’s eyes continously.They get disturbed by DP who calls them inside.

Everyone comes inside and the elders decided the date for engagement and marriage but Ragini’s parents agrees to it but with one condition.

All are curiously looking at them to hear about the condition.

Precap: Sanskar challenges Swara to show how much extent she will go for his love. Swara looks at him doubtedly.

So how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Please provide your comments and am eagerly waiting for it.

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