Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 16)

Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 16)

Recap: Sahil apologizes to everyone for his deeds. All forgiven him and Swara realises her love and feels bad of hurting Sanskar these many days and takes an oath to
gain his love back.

Swara stares the locked door, wipes her tears and follows Sanskar. She sees Sanskar is walking on the Swimming pool side. She runs and stops him by extending her hands
infront of him.

Swara: Sanskar pls, listen to me once. I am sorry. I know i did a bad to you but i did not know all these. Now i realise my mistake..pls forgive me na. I will do whatever you ask me to do. Pls don’t ignore me like this. Pls forgive me Sanskar.

Sanskar stares her without any reaction and pushes her aside and walks away. Swara stands shocked and looks at him walking. She heard a small kid’s voice and looks

Kid: Excuse me aunty, pls give me my way. I have to go and swim.

Swara smiles seeing the kid and plays with him by blocking his way. The kid got irritated and looks at her angrily by keeping its hands in the hips.

Kid: Aunty, you will not give me my way is it? ok i will find my way then.

Swara: Are wahh… so how will you find it baby? she likes the kid’s reactions and starts teasing him. Suddenly to her shock the kid pushed her into the pool and runs
away saying, “like this”.

Swara falls in the pool and struggles to breathe. She sees Sanskar standing there and calls him for help.

Sanskar stares her silently and walks slowly towards her. Swara waves her hands heavily to grab his attention. But Sanskar reaches to the place where she is and stands
still and calls her “NAUTANKI”.

Swara is shocked and stops waving her hands. She looks around her, only kids are swimming and they all are lauging seeing her.

Sanskar: So how many technics you have huh? This is kid’s swimming pool. Water level is upto your knee only. So don’t try to be over smart. See all the kids are laughing at you. Go and change your dress. Don’t do all this drama again.

Swara feels embarassed and sees the kids are lauging. She runs to her room and change the dress.

In the evening, Sanskar goes to his room and doesnot find Swara there. He searches everywhere but she is not there. He calls Raglak and informs them also. They are
searching Swara everywhere but couldn’t find her in the hotel.

Suddenly Sanskar gets an idea and calls nesam with him too. They reached the Ayurveda hospital and runs inside. There they see Swara sitting and starting Tina
continuously. Sanskar gives a sigh relief and breathes heavily because of the tension. Ragini rushes inside and drags Swara outside the room and starts scolding her.

Ragini: What do you think about yourself? You did not even inform to anyone and came here alone? What would have happened if you forgot the way?

Swara: Why are you shouting at me? I am not a kid to forget my way. I know how to keep me safe. Some people don’t want to see me only then what wil i do there simply.

Atleast here Tina is there who can hear my pain.

Ragini is shocked by Swara’s reply and understands that Swara is miffed with Sanskar. She looks Sanskar who is staring Radhgika angrily. Swara also stares him.

She steps backwards and takes Laksh with her and moves away from there. Sanskar moves towards her angrily. Swara couldn’t face him and turns to go inside.

Sanskar grabs her hands and drags her to the nearby big tree and pins her to it. Swara tries to free herself from his grip but the more she tries he tights his grips. Finally she give up and looks at him.

Sanskar: So why are doing all this? Do you want to grab my attention?

Swara: No. I just thought of seeing Tina, so i came here.

Sanskar: Ok but why did not inform anyone? ANd do you know anyone here? What would have happen if you would have got missed anywhere?

Swara: Y r u worrying this much? Anyway you are hating me right? Then what bothers you if am going anywhere?

Sanskar keeps staring her and jerks her hands and walks away from her. Swara smiles seeing him and says to herself, “I know you Sanskar. To seek your attention only i have come here without informing. See now you were searching me and came here. This is what i want? I know how much you love me, but now its my turn to shower you with my love.” She smiles seeing him.

They all spent sometime there and Sanskar informs Sahil that they are leaving kerala tomorrow. Swara cries seeing Tina and takes a promise from Sahil that he should inform her daily about Tina’s health.

Next day, all 4 reached to their home. Finally Ragini tells them that she is leaving to her home. Laksh feels sad and asks her to stay in their home itself.

Ragini smiles seeing his crying face and tells him that, “Get me with proper rights and then i ll stay there”.

Laksh did not understand completely and looks confused. Sanskar smiles and Swara hangs her mouth and is happy to hear this. She goes to Laksh and congratulates him.

Laksh not yet undertands it and Swara tells him, “you Idiot, she tells you to get her with proper rights means, get her to our home as your wife”.

Laksh is sooper happy and gives her a friendly hug and expresses his happiness. They see Ragini leaving them happily and waves bye to her.

Swasan and Laksh reaches their home and goes to relax. DP uncle goes to Laksh’s room and gets to know all the matters. he is so happy and thinks now everything will be alright between them. Laksh also promises him the same.

After few hours, Sanskar got ready and goes to his office. Swara tries to stop him but he did not. She felt bad but thougt that she can cook food for him for his lunch. She get help from AP (mom in law) and cooks Sanskar’s favourite dish and starts packing it.

She heard a voice from hall calling her and she goes to see who is that?. A courier boy stands there with a envelope in his hand. DP sees that and asks him for whom it is?

Courier boy, “It is for Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari”. Swara signs it and receives the courier and opens the envelope to read it.

To her shock it is a divorce notice from Sanskar. SHe is speechless and boggled to read and drops the notice and tears flowing down her cheeks. DP picks it up and gets shocked seeing it. He starts scolding him badly. He is about to go to office to meet Sanskar but Swara stops him and says, “Papa, i will take care of this matter. I know what to do now.” By saying this she goes inside the kitchen with the notice.

DP worries for and after sometime she comes back with a lunch box and gives it to the driver to hand over it to Sanskar for his lunch. The driver nods it and goes. She sees DP’s worry and winks at him smiling. DP feels relax seeing her so confident. She goes to her room.

The driver reaches office and gives the box to Sanskar and leaves the office. Sanskar feels wierdly and doesn’t care about it initially. Soon Sanskar is also feeling hungry and starts opening the box to have the food. But he is shocked seeing the stuff inside the box.

Sanskar stares him angrily and reads the letter attached to the box. It is from Swara.

“So, how is the surprise Sanskar. Hope you like it because this is the one you have given to me and i have returned it to you in a different form. What are you staring. This is nothing but the Divorce notice which you sent to me. I have burnt it and sent you back. so this is your lunch today and you have to eat this and gets it digested before you come home. And after this you should never think about giving divorce to me not even in your dreams ok?. This is the punishment for you to make me cry. YOU HAVE TO SPARE YOUR LIFE ONLY WITH ME. YOU HAVE NO OTHER WAY Sanskar. Come home soon. I am waiting for you”.

Sanskar reads the letter and looks at the box with the burnt ashes and throws it to the bin and went outside to have food. He reaches home in the evening and goes upstairs to his room and sees Swara casually sitting in the couch and reading books. He goes to her and pulls her to him and locks her near the wall.

Swara expects all tihs from him so she behaves normal and doesn’t react anything. Sanskar smirks and says, “I appreciate your brave but don’t show it infront of me. I know well how to break it.”

Swara: Oh is it? Then break it. I don’t mind infact i am waiting for it.

Sanskar moves close to her and hides his face in her neck. She feels his hot breathe in her neck and gets nervous and closes her eyes. Sanskar then whishpers in her ears says, “It’s not so easy to convince this Sanskar. You lost it now also”.

Swara is surprised and looks him shocked. Sanskar smiles seeing her shocking face and touches her nose with his nose and leave her and moves to washroom to get freshen up.

Swara stands still and wonders why she is not able to hold him and thinks she is losing herself when he is coming close to her. She gets blushes and smiles realising her love.

Inside the washroom, Sanskar smiles remembering Swara’s act to convince him and talks to himself, “I want to see that how far you will go to get my love back. I am really waiting for that moment.”

Next day, Swasan leaves to their work respectively. Raglak also joins with them. Swara and Raglak goes out of office to have some food at their lunch time. When they are about to leave from there somebody called Swara from far. Both are looking around them and finds no one. Again she is called by some one and now they noticed it who is that. It is none other than Manoj who ran away from the Mandap.

Swara is shocked for a sec but soon she composes herself and looks at him. Ragini is looking him angrily.

Manoj walks towards them slowly and asks, “HOw are you Swara?”. Before he continues Swara stops him and says, “Mrs. Swara Sanskar”.

Manoj is shocked hearing her and says, “What? he married you? For that only he threatened me is it?”

Now Ragini and Swara is shocked to hear this. Ragini, “What do you mean? Do you know Sanskar?”

Manoj: Yes i know. He only threatened me to run away from the marriage hall.

Ragini and Swara is shell shocked and looks each other.

Manoj sees their reactions and understands that they did not know anything. He continues his drama again.

Manoj: See Swara, He played well in our life. He seperates us and married you. I know when he was threatening me right that time only i know he also behind your money only.

Ragini interferes him and says, “he also means? Then who else was there behind her money?”.

Manoj stammers and finds words to say. Swara says, “Who else can be Ragini?. As per his statement one person is Sanskar and another person is standing infront of us. Am i right Mr. Manoj”.

Manoj bows down his head and says, “Sorry Swara. I accept that i came to you for your money only but soon i realise your good character and decided to marry you. But this Sanskar came inbetween and spoiled everything. Now he married you and enjoying all your money.”

This time Ragini and Swara did not give any reaction and looks at him silently.

Manoj couldn’t understand from their reaction and moves towards Swara and says, “Swara ma, now also we have time. I know you married him forcefully. Leave him and come to me. We will go somewhere and live a happy life.”

Swara stares him and gives him a tight slap on his cheeks. Manoj is stunned and holds his cheeks in one hand and stares her angrily.

Swara: Is it enough or do you need more? Do you think i am fool? Do you really think Sanskar married me just for money. You know what Sanskar has his own family business who is running it successfully for so long years. They already have enough money to help others and they don’t need others unlike you. How dare you talk about him? I don’t know the reason why he threatened you to run away. But he did the good thing to make you run or else i would have married a cheater like you. I dont want to know the reason also because i am happy with him and i love him. I can proudly say that “I AM MRS. Swara Sanskar”. And remember that this should be the last time i am seeing you. Never ever come infront of me again.”

By saying this Ragini and Swara leaves from there and Manoj stares the way they left.

Precap: Swara asks Sanskar to tie her blouse dori. He did it and goes. Swara again calls him to tie his blouse dori but Sanskar unties her dori. Swara is nervous and looks him through the mirror who is standing behind her.

So how is this episode. Hope you all like it. Please provide your comments and am eagerly waiting for it.

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