Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 10)


Swasan – Hatred Ends with Love (Episode 10)

Recap: Laksh’s masterplan makes Raglak comes close to each other.

Swasan is walking on the streets and they both maintain the silence throughout their way but their silence speaks a lot between them. But that silence also break by a foreign couple who ask Sanskar to take a picture of them. Sanskar agrees and takes the camera from them. He looks at Swara who moves away little far from him and looks at the couple smilingly. Sanskar smiles seeing her and start taking the picture of them. But suddenly Swasan gets shocked and shy by seeing them. The couple gives a pose of kissing each other..actually its a lip lock. Sanskar feels shy to picture it and Swara also fees shy to see them like that. But still Sanskar managed to take a picture and gives it to them. They are so happy seeing the pictures and offers to take a picture of Swasan. Both of them refuses and finally due to their compulsion they agreed to take it.

Sanskar moves close to Swara and stands with her. Still both maintain a little distance between them. The lady comes towards them and push Swara close to him and makes Sanskar’s hand to touch her shoulder and says, “now its perfect”. By saying this she moves away and the guy take the picture of them. And they asked for one more pose, Swasan stands in the same position but he asked them to give the pose like theirs. Swasan feels odd and turns their faces to opposite side due to shy. But they still forced them to do so. Sanskar takes the first step and turns to see her. Swara also feels his movements and turns to him. He moves very close to her. They both are looking into each other’s eyes. Slowly Sanskar raised his hands to cup her face. He clutches her hairs behind her ears and cups her face. He moves more close to her and Swara feels the heat in his breathe. He raises his face and slowly place a kiss on her forehead. Swara feels tense and nervous and closes her eyes when he kissed her. He place a strong kiss on her forehead and slowly she too sink into it and holds his hands lovingly. The foreign couple becomes so happy seeing and takes a picture of them. Swasan gets into senses and looks into each other’s eyes intently and the eyelock lasts for a while. The couple walks towards them and says, “I know you Indians will respect the Indian culture and Tradition whereever you goes, you people will always make sure to follow ur culture and that’s the matter we all respect you Indians. We are so proud of you and the kiss you gave to her shows how much you love her and respect her. We wish you all the very happy married life”. They wishes Swasan and leaves from there.

Swasan is speechless and looks each other again. Again there is a deep silence follows them and both did not feel the silence because all this way their hearts are talking to each other. Both of them are so confused on their inner feelings about each other.

Swara’s Point of View:

Swara sees Sanskar who is walking beside her silently. She talks to herself, “What is happening to me?. Why i am feeling relax and safe in his presence?. Its not possible. I hate him…I hate him from the core. But why i am unable to oppose him, why i am unable to stop him to come to me. Infact i am yearning for him, my body is yearning for his touch. Its so flexible when he touch me.I am becoming weak infront of him. No, No, No.i should stop my growing feelings on him. He is a betrayer, he cheated me and he ruined a person’s life. I cannot forgive him so easily. It’s not so easy to forget his deeds. But why am i forgetting everything when he is near to me? Initially it was not so hard for me to show my hatred to him but now i cannot even resist myself to think about him. Do i love him? No..No I don’t love him, but why i cannot stop his thoughts in my mind. Why it is always thinking about him?. Shall i give him a second chance? No way..there is no second chance in betrayal.” by thinking like this she sees him beside her in a determined face.

Sanskar’s point of view:

Sanskar is completely lost himself in her thoughts.”What are you doing to me Swara? I am going mad day by day because of you. I lost infront of you..i cannot stop myself in seeing you. I know i hate you but more than that i love you Swara. But you question my character that i cannot forget so easily. You know me more than anyone else but still you doubted me and you insulted me and you called me characterless infront of everyone. I cannot forget that in my life. You are the only girl i loved, i love and i will love. But i know you will not believe that so easily and even i don’t want to make you believe. I trusted you from the bottom of my heart but i did not get that same faith from you on me. Its hurted me a lot Swara. Till now i don’t know why you reacted like that on that day. But it gave me a permanent wound in my heart. You doubted my love Swara, still its paining me more. You know that once the spitted words cannot take back but still you spitted the bitterness on me. I really want to go away from you but i am not able to do becuase I LOVE YOU. I love you till my last breathe but i will resist myself in showing you. I don’t want to force you to love me, but i will pray god to give my love back with full faith on me. I will be waiting for that day”.

Both of them lost in their own thoughts and to disturb them Sanskar gets a call in his mobile. He picks up and silently looks at Swara who is staring him. After he disconnected the call, he informs her that, “Call from hotel, they have arranged a party in our hotel for the tourists, they have invited us also join”.

Swara listens him silently and agrees to join the party. Both again heading towards the hotel. Sanskar drops her in the room and tells her that he will be back soon.

In the meantime Raglak also gets a call from the hotel and got to know about the party. They both decided to buy party wears for that evening. Ragini selects a dress for him and he too likes it. They paid for that and headed towards another shop for Ragini’s dress. Ragini stopped him in coming inside the shop and says, “I want to give you a surprise, so be here. you have to be stunned seeing me in the evening party”. Laksh also agrees and waits outside. After sometime, Ragini finishes her shopping and they both walking towards the hotel.

Sanskar comes back to the room with a shopping bag. He hands it over to Swara and asks her to wear it for today’s party. She is shocked and blinks at him.

Sanskar: Y r u staring at me like this?

Swara: Dress for you.

Sanskar: It’s ok. I have some suites with me. I will manage.

Swara: No…I..I bought dress for you.

Sanskar is really surprised and looks her softly. Swara takes the suite and keeps it in the bed. Sanskar smiles at her and takes the dress. He keeps the dress on the bed which he bought for her. He leaves to Laksh’s room with that suite.

She rolls her hand on the dress kept on the bed and gives a sigh relief. Laksh & Sanskar gets ready in their own suite and heads out from their room. They leave to the party hall first and informs Ragini & Swara to join there.

Sanskar & Laksh joins the party and waits for their ladies to storm the hall. Laksh is often looking at his watch and waits eagerly for Ragini’s arrival. To his surprise Ragini enters the party hall like a storm and waves hands seeing Laksh. Laksh is stunned seeing her and is speechless. He just hangs his mouth open till Ragini comes to him. Sanskar looks at his position and smiles seeing him and moves away from them. Ragini comes close to him and keeps her 1 finger in his chin and push it upwards to close his mouth. She smirks at him. Laksh is still staring at him without blinking his eyes.

Ragini: So how is the surprise?

Laksh: Well…I am dumbstruck babieee You are stunning.

Ragini feels so happy and proud says, “You are not less than me. You too looks hot” and she winks at him.

Sanskar sees them and feels happy for them. He is waiting for his princess. Not to make more wait Swara enters the party hall like a mild blowing wind. Sanskar feels her presence and turns back to look at the entrance. There he sees his princess entering like an angel. He is completely stumbled and couldn’t take off his eyes from her. She noticed and walks towards him. He still stands at the Raginie place and not even moves by an inch.

Swara walks to him and mesmerized seeing him in the suite she brought. She feels happy seeing but she couldn’t understand her feelings towards him. He goes and stands with him. By the time Raglak also sees her and joins with them.

The party organizer announces about the competition for the couples. Raglak compells to Swasan to participate in the competition. They both agreed after a long discussion. Quite few couples also participate in the competition. The organizer announces them that about the game.

Organizer: Good Evening to all. A very special thank you to each and everyone who makes this party more spl and beautiful. Will start the competition soon and before that i will tell you all about the game. Don’t worry we have only one round and we will ask the same questions to the couples but seperately and will match the answers. So lets start the game.

The couples gets seperated. First the questions asked to the husbands in a seperate room and they have collected the answers. The organizing team now calls the wives to the stage. Everyone goes and stands with their partners.There are around 10 couples participating the competition. The questions are asked to the wives one by one. And the rules are if they answer 2 questions wrongly then they will be eliminated from the round. This is how the game is going on. Raglak are encouraging Swasan to win. Almost all the participants lost the round and only one couple left with 1 wrong answer.

Now it’s Swara’s turn to answer the questions.

Organizer: Where did u meet ur partner first?
Swara: In my bday party at my age of 5.

Org: What is the first thing you say in the morning and in the night before going to bed?
Swara: I never say this but i always wanted to say that i hate him.

Everyone is shocked listening her answer but only Sanskar curiously seeing her. Raglak is still worrying seeing them.

Org: What is the definition of a Happy life forever?
Swara: It needs 3 things. Love, Trust & Truthfulness are the 3 things for a Happy life forever.

Everyone applauses for her answer. Organizer continuoulsy asks few more questions and she answer for all.

Org: Will move onto 9th question. What is the hobby he loves seen you doing?
Swara: He loves to see me playing with the puppies.

Org: Wow, that was cute. Okay the last question. What is the last gift he gave you which you likes the most?
Swara keeps quiet for sometime and looks at Sanskar who is staring at her without blinking.

Raglak is so tensed and nervous to listen her answer.

Org: Mrs. Swara, we are waiting for your answer.
Swara: A cute small white puppy is the gift he gave me before we came here.

By saying this she looks at Sanskar and that look says that she knows each and every inch of him. Sanskar smiles seeing her and he gives a satisfactory smile.

Raglak is speechless by listening her answer and looks each other unbelievingly. Everyone claps for all the contestants. The organizer start announcing the results.

Org: Thank you so much to all who makes this occasion very very special. We have come to the end of this game. Now we have 2 couples stands with me to know who will

win the Best Couple award. And now i am going to announce it by counting it reverse way and audiences pls start count with me.

All in chorus starts counting “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” Org: And the winner is “Mr & Mrs. Maheswari. They are the winners of this competition who won the Best Couple Award

by answering all the 10 questions correctly”.

The Hall is filled with the sound applause for Swasan. Raglak are so happy and hugs each other to convey their happiness. Swasan looks each other. Sanskar smiles seeing

her and Swara is surprised to see him.

The organizers hands over the BC award to them and wishes them to have a Happy life. Swasan shows him a fake smile and gets down from the stage. Raglak hugs Swasan

and conveys their wishes.

To make the event more special, DJ starts playing the songs. Everyone starts dancing with their partners. Raglak also gets Swasan on the center and makes them dance.

Raglak also moves little away from them and starts dancing to the tune.

BG song,

Male Version:

Malai Malai, En Idayathil varugindra
Mudhal Malai Nee Mudhal Malai

(You are the first rain who comes to my heart)

Alai Alai En Idhayathil Adikindra
Mudhal Alai Nee Mudhal Alai

(You are the waves to hit my heart)

Enna Thinmai, Enna Vanmai

(What a strong , What a vengence)

Entha Pennum Athisaya Vinkalam
Poga Poga Purigindra poarkalam

(Every girl is a wonder, let it go to understand the warfield)

Ondru sei ippodhae Ul nenjai udaiya sei

(Do onething, just break my heart now itself)

Sanskar holds Swara’s hands and pulls her over him and keeps her both hands on his shoulders and he keeps his hands on her waist and pulls her more and more closer to

him. Swara also just going with the flow and moves close to him. They are doing a normal slow movements for the tune but soon Sanskar lost himself on her and makes her

to dance with his tune. Swara couldn’t tolerate his growing closeness, she pushes him and turns and tries to go away but Sanskar caught her by holding her hands back

and again he goes to her and makes her to stand showing her back and keeps his hands on her chest and extends it to her shoulder (Just like covering her from her

back). Swara breathes heavily, she too hold his hand below her neck and rests her head on his chest. Sanskar’s another hand moves to her waist and goes onto her belly

and presses it little hard. Swara also hold his hands on her waist and try to take it off. But Sanskar did not mind her and rotate her in a full speed to face him.

Because of this, her hairs covers her face and he slowly moves her hairs and looks at her face lovingly.

Female Version

Theendamal sarugaaven Nee Vandhu thottal naan siragaaven

(i will become dry leave if not touched, but i will become the idol if you touch)

Aiyo daa Naan kallaaven uliyaaga nee Vandhal Kalaiyaaven

(I am a stone, but i will become an sculpture if you come and touch)

Hey Neeyum Oodi Vandthu ennai theenda theenda paaru

(You come running to me and try to touch me)

Oru PaadharaRagini pola naan naluvi selven thedu

(I will escape from you like a mercury)

Yedho Yedho vali enthan aimpulangali yen?

(why there is a pain in my heart)

Swara also looks at him lovingly and softly touches his face all over. She slowly turns away but he extends and holds her one hand and stops moving her away from

him. She turns back to see him with teary eyes and moves towards him. Slowly she moves more and more close to him and leans on his chest and hugs him tightly. Sanskar

also hugs her tightly that he will not allow even the air to flow inbetween them.

The music stops and everybody starts clapping seeing Swasan’s romantic sensual dance. Raglak are tooooooo excited and happy and emotional too. Swasan feels awkward

and gets seperated from each other and moves away.

One of the couple comes towards them and congratulates them for their award. The lady says, “I don’t think so you both are bonded in this relation by your will but you

are bonded because of God’s will. You both really understand each other well and that’s the reason you become the best couple today. I wish you end up all your

misunderstanding or any other problem soon and show the world you are the best couple. I wish you both all the best”. She moves away. Swasan gets teary eyes and looks

each other emotionally.

Precap: Swasan Flashback starts.

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