Swasan : from hate to true love forever part 4


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So here we go

Swasan room

It was morning sanskar wakes up he sees swara sleeping and smiles he goes to her he feels her forehead she is still hot he gets worried .. swara wakes up and is suprised seeing sanskar in front of her they have an eyelook (tum hi ho plays in bg )
Sanskar asks ; how do you feel now ?
Swara says ; little better
Sanskar says ; im going to office if you need something just call me ok

Swara nods sanskar gets ready and leaves worriedly

In sanskar office (his cabin)

Sanskar is trying to work but he is thinking of swara he thinks to call her .. he calls but she doesnt pick he calls many times but in vain he gets worried he gets a call he says ” swara ” his pa says ; no sir its me
Sanskar says ; yes what is it
Pa says ; sir you have a meeting with mr raichand now ” sanskar thinks a bit he says ” cancel all the meetings ” pa says ” but sir ” sanskar says ” just do as i say ” pa says ” ok sir ” sanskar leaves

Swasan house

Sanskar arrives he directly goes to his room there he sees swara he gives a sigh of relief he runs to swara he hugs her he says ” swara nobody knows how happy i am seeing that you are alright ” swara is suprised and hugs him back ( yeh pyaar hai plays in bg ) sanskar takes her to bed and makes her sit he feels on her forehead he is relieved as its normal he says ” swara you are better ” swara says ” now you will torture me wont you ” sanskar says ” no … you are a bit better so i wont but from tommo i will continue with your punishment sanskar goes to kitchen and brings food he says ” i know you havent eaten anything ” sanskar feeds her ( agar tum saath ho plays ) in the night swara again sleeps on bed and sanskar on couch

Precap; sanskar knows truth ……. Swasan become friends

Sorry guys i know it was boring but i promise i will do my best tommo …. i have exams and thats bcoz the episodes were not good but tommo is the last exam and then i will do my best

Credit to: Piya

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  1. Its tooo short dear…nd ya its nice

  2. Nice..waiting fr nxt

  3. Awesome yaar…waiting for precap

  4. Nice bt shrt..

  5. Nce but sanskar has not tortured her only…..he should have tortured more nd there should also be a forced romance….I love forced romance?……..but waiting for ur story

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