Swasan : from hate to true love forever part 3


Hy guys thanks for the beautiful comments but not much of you commented am i boring … If you missed the parts here are the links :

So here we go :

Sanskar comes home from office he goes to the dining room to see wether swara has eaten something or not he sees that she has’nt eaten and feels bad .. then he goes to his room he shouts ” swara ” swara comes from the bathroom and her eyes are swollen and red that giving hints that she has cried all day he again feels bad he says ” why did you not eat anything ” swara says ” i wasnt hungry
” sanskar says ” just go and eat something you are looking horrible ”
Swara says ” no im not hungry … its late im going to sleep ” she goes to terrace
Sanskar wanted to say she can sleep here but controls his emotions he also goes to sleep …. Its raining outside sanskar is sleeping so he doesnt notice it …. swara is fully drenched and she cant sleep and few minutes later she faints

In the morning swasan room

Sanskar wakes up he looks in the terrace and sees that swara is fully drenched ( he realizes it has rained in the night ) he shouts ” swara ” and runs to her he calls her but she doesnt response
he shakes her she also doesnt response he takes her in the room and liese her on bed he cups her face and cries saying ” its all my fault swara what have i done ” he feels that she is hot and realize she has high fever ” he calls the doctor …. the doctor checks her and says to sanskar ” she will get consciousness within 2 hours but you have to take good care of her bcoz she has high fever and she also didnt eat well in this 2 days … i will give some medicens and you will have to give it after she eats something ” the doctor give medicens and leaves ….. Sanskar holds swaras hands and cries ” its all my fault swara but i will rectify by taking good care of u ” he kisses her forehead … he takes of her sari and puts her nignt clothes on without watching her ( how sweet ) then

He goes and takes a bowl water and puts a little towel thing in it ( sorry i dont know how it calls )
then he places it on swaras head ( tum hi ho plays in bg ) he does it multiple times and then he puts the bowl away he again holds swaras hand and falls asleep next to her

2 hours later swasan room

Swara wakes up and is suprised to find herself in sanskars room and seeing sanskar next to her sanskar also wakes up he is happy seeing that swara gained consciousness he says ” swara you waked up just sit here im coming within few minutes ” Sanskar comes with a tray full with 2 samosas and many golgappas and a soup ( its swaras fav food ) sanskar says ” doctor has said that you have to take medicines after you have eated so eat fast … no no wait i will make you eat is that ok “swara nods sanskar feeds her ( agar tum saath ho plays in bg ) now he is making her drink soup but its to hot and swara says ” auch ” sanskar is worried and says ” kya hua are you alright ” swara is suprised with his care towards her and says ” yes it was just to hot soup ” sanskar blows in the soup swara is suprised and makes her drink soup then he gives her medicines ….. now its night and swara was going to the terrace but sanskar stops her saying “today you can sleep here ..you sleep on the bed i will sleep on the couch ” swara says ” but ” sanskar says ” its ok i will adjust ” swara was suprised

She lies on the bed and sanskar lies on the couch sanskar says ” but dont get habitual to my care im just doing it bcoz you were sick
if you turn better then you will again have to bear my torture ” swara says ” i know ” but thinks ” i thought that you have forgive me but its ok i will bear all the punishment you give me but one day you will forgive me and i know it ” he thinks ” what is happening to why i am taking so much care of her am i in…. No it cant be you did it bcoz it was your fault …. ” they sleep but not peacefully

Precap; sanskar worried for swara cancels all his meetings

How was it guys … I know it was boring sorry for that shall i stop

Credit to: Piya

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