Swasan : from hate to true love forever part 2


Hy guys thank you all for your wonderfull comments i will try my best to make it a beautiful story ….. So here we go :

Maheswari mansion

Sanskar is seen sleeping in his room … he wakes up he looks in the terrace but swara is nowhere to be seen .. He shouts ” swara where are you come here !! ” .. Swara was in the kitchen cooking she hears sanskar shouting and goes to him … Sanskar sees her and pins her to the wall and holds her hand very thightly swara says “s..s..sanskar its paining ” sanskar laughs ” i know its paining baby thats why i am doing it ” and now angrily says ” where were you ” swara says ” i..i was in kitchen i was cooking ” sanskar says ” with who’s approval ” swara says ” my ma says that in the 2nd day of the bride that the bride has to do cook for the whole family ” sanskar who was angrily looking swara suddenly changes his expression by the word family to sad says ” its ok swara you can cook for me but do never ever go anywhere without asking me ok ” swara who was suprised with this side of sanskar just nods and goes to the kitchen to cook … sanskar looks under his bed and takes a box from there he opens the box with a key and takes a picture from there ( it was a family picture ) he has tears in his ” my family im missing all of you so much i had never leave you all if that incident didnt happen “(in the past something bad happend that parted away sanskar from his family what happened you will get to know soon ) swara who was standing near the door watches all this and was suprised and quite impressed with this emotional side of sanskar then she goes to the kitchen

In the kitchen

Swara was cooking she needed salt but it was to high for her so she takes the chair but it was still to high for her so she stands on her toes then she loses her balance and she was about to fall but sanskar reaches at the nick of time and holds her .. They have an eyelook (agar tum saath ho plays in bg) after a few min they come to they’re senses sanskar says ” be careful swara if something happened then…. ” swara says ” why are you worried for me sanskar you wanted me to lead pain didnt you ?? ” sanskar laughs he holds her ” yes i want you to lead pain but bcoz of me not bcoz of that stupid chair … Im going to office you dont leave this house ” swara says ” but sanskar the food ” sanskar says ” i will eat in office ” swara wants to say something but he leaves .. She thinks ” who will eat all the food now i cant eat it alone …. Ragini but i cant ask her without asking sanskar .. Shall i call him ” she was about to call him but just then he comes back ” swara shouts ” sanskar i have cooked to much food but you dont want to eat it so i thought to ask ragini can i ? Sanskar says ” no now you cant see your family they are not even welcome here you are here to get punishment not to get family time ”
Swara cries thinking that see never can see her family sanskar feels bad bcoz he knows how it feels to be away from family but thinks ” she has given pain to your brother so you have to do this ” swara goes crying to her room and sanskar goes sad to his office

Precap; swara high fever …. sanskar taking care of swara

How was it guys …… comments are needed ?

Credit to: Piya

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  1. awesome epi piya…loved it ..waiting for next epi??

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