Swasan : from hate to true love forever part 1


Hy guys im a new writer here im a silent reader of all ffs here and i want to say that you all are a fantastic writers ….i hope you will like my ff … Comments are needed … So here we go

Maheswari mansion

A girl is seen sitting in a bed in bridal attire she has tears in her eyes she says ” why god why have you written this marriage in my destiny what have i done god that you gave me so big punishment ” she cries and thinks ” no swara you have done this for your family you must be happy that they’re save ” ….. A boy comes in the room he has a devilish smile on his face he says ” so swara i said that i will give you a big punishment see now you are with me now you are Mrs sanskar maheswari now nobody can stop me from torturing you not even your parents and i think that now you are regretting the past doings of yours “fb starts ( in college laksh (the cousin of sanskar ) was in love with swara one day he proposed her but she refused …. A heartbroken laksh commited suicide ..and since that day sanskar sweared that he will take revenge from swara … He came to her house and acted very friendly with her parents but if he was alone with swara he blackmailed swara that if she doesnt marry him he will do bad things with her family ( he was a big bussnise man so very flunecy ) a frightened swara agreed to do that and her family also agreed thinking that he is a good guy ) fb ends …. Swara cries and says ” i am sorry for your brother i didnt know he will commite suicide but if i agreed to his proposal without loving him things could have turned worser ” sanskar drags her to the terrace he says ” dont think that i will forgive you now you are married with me and i will give you so much pain that you also will want to commit suicide but i wont let you die mera diya hua punishment mohot se bhi battar hoga and your punishments starts now .. now you are gonna sleep here ” he leaves her in the terrace and goes to his bed to sleep he thinks ” sorry swara i know it wasnt really your fault but bcoz of you my brother lost his life and i want you to bear the pain that my brother also felt ” he sleeps but not peacefully … On the other hand swara is sitting in the terrace chair and thinks ” god has written this in my destiny and i think it will turn better as time moves on ”
A single tears fall from her eye and she falls asleep but also not peacefully

Precap; sanskar torturing swara ….. Swasan eyelook

Did you like it guys ?? Comments needed

Credit to: Piya

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