SWASAN- A hate story (9)

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Sanskar: I must help you.
Swara: what!
She almost screamed.
Sanskar: see now you don’t want anyone to help you and you cannot come outside like this so..
Swara: stop it sanskar. I won’t allow you to touch my shadow even.
Sanskar turned back.
Sanskar: its your wish!
Swara thought for a moment and she remembered his care towards her.
Swara:( almost in wishper) I agree.
Sanskar turned to her and closed his eyes.
Swara: how are you going to drape closing your eyes.
Sanskar:that is also a point.
Swara: we will do one thing. I will close my eyes as I am too shy to face you now.
For the first time, he felt that she was innocent..
Swara closed her eyes and she felt his hands running through her waist and then to her neck. She opened the eyes when she felt like everything is done. Her eyes widened in surprise seeing a familiar face standing infront of her with a smile.

Ragini: ha didi..we don’t have much time to talk now. Get ready soon.
Ragini made her sit and started coming her hairs. Swara grabbed the mobile listening to vibration. She opened the message
* sanskar: I know that you will be comfortable only with your sister .
A smile came on her face.
Ragini: didi..I think you have started loving jiju.
Swara jerked listening this and turned to her.
Swara: I am just liking the human inside him. My hate for him will never change.
Ragini sighed and made swara to turn to mirror and started combing her hair
Swara:( to herself) Is she right? Did I start loving him..if yes then swara maheswari ,kill that blossoming love as the only relationship that you have with him is hate.
After getting ready,they both went downstairs and performed some pooja.
Ragini: so don’t forget to be ready by 7:00 tomorrow.
Swara: but why?
Ragini:( smiled) surprise!!
Ragini bid bye to everyone and went to her house.
Shomi: ragini
Ragini: ji ma!

Shomi: how is swara?
Ragini: you know it very well
Ragini didn’t taunt but shomi took it as a taunt. After all she thinks that she was responsible for spoiling her daughter’s life.
Ragini smile faded away when she entered the room. She slowly approached their family photo and removed laksh’s picture from the backside of the frame. Her eyes welled up in tears. She slept on the bed cuddling herself but didn’t let even a single drop of water of cross her eye.
Ragini: I am sorry laksh. I have tried my best to unite my sister and your brother but no one is ready to accept the other. I want you laksh. Your girl wants you laksh.. Her heart slipped into memories of laksh.
Laksh: I love you ragini
The three words made ragini open her mouth wide because he proposed her infront of gadodias and maheswaris.
Durga Prasad: what is this Laksh?
Laksh: I love her papa and so I am proposing her.

Shekar: but I think this is not the correct age to think all these things. I mean the one you have is crush not love.
Annapurna: yes laksh. I agree with shekar ji. After all you are studying plus two and she is tenth standard.
Laksh: ma please. What if I had seceretly proposed her? I really mean my words and I want you all to know about my feelings cause I hate betraying parents in name of love.
Durga Prasad: laksh!
Shekar turned to ragini.
Shekar: what is your answer for this ragini?
Ragini came out of shock listening shekar’s words. She thought a while about him. Laksh doesn’t have any bad habits as far as she know. He is a responsible and caring person moreover thickest friend of swara. She didn’t find any reason to object it.
Ragini: I don’t have any objection to accept him if you agree him papa.
Shekar sighed.
Shomi: is this what you both are learning instead of studies?
Laksh: no aun..ma. Please don’t relate this with our academics. That is for carrer and love is for life
Annapurna: okay then. I have a solution for this.

Everyone looked at her.
Annapurna: we elders strongly believe that you have infatuation on her and you believe it to be love. So we all will accept for your marriage if you both have the same intensity even after completing your studies.
Laksh: I will prove that my feeling towards ragini is love.
Same night
Ragini got up at midnight to drink water. Some one dragged her outside the room.
Laksh: hello.
Ragini: how did you come inside laksh. I mean what if security sees you..
Laksh: I came here to talk to you. Not to them..
Ragini: say
Laksh: why did you say in the morning that you will accept our relation if your dad accepts
Ragini: because I am not clear about my feelings for you laksh. What I know about you is you are a responsible person and moreover my sisters friend. Thats it.We never had been so close to each other so…

Laksh took her face in his hands which made her froze for a minute.
Laksh: ragini…don’t think like that. I know that you will love me for sure. If not also just stay with me. My love is enough to live our lives together.
Ragini looked into his eyes and at that moment she saw only love for her.
Shomi: don’t you want to go to college today?
Ragini got up listening shomi’s words.she came out of her room and kissed shomi and left.
Swara and sanskar are still downstaris in mm.Anjali came running to them.
Anjali: chachi..you have missed the trip . it was really good.
Swara took her in the laps while sanskar came and sat beside her to talk to Anjali.
Sanskar: seriously .
Anjali: ha chacha..you know what we did many things there. First of all we…
Sanskar: ( pouts) so you went out leaving your chacha alone.
Swara smiled looking at sanskar’s expression.
Anjali: you too went out many a times leaving me alone. So this is tit for tat.
Sanskar opened his mouth whole swara started laughing.
Anjali: why are you laughing chachi. Let me explain my experiences
Sanskar: no way! You must get punished for leaving us.

Anjali’s face became red out of fear.
Anjali: what!!
Sanskar winked and started tickling her. Swara also joined him. With in no time, the trio started laughing aloud.
Annapurna: look at them sujatha. How cute they are..perfect couple.
Sujatha: ha didi. I wish I have a child of swara and sanskar in my lap atleast by the end of next year.
Swara and sanskar heard sujatha’s words and looked at each other for a moment and ignored again.
Same evening
Sanskar came house during late hours. He was looking very happy as they had made a deal with one of his best friends. He opened the door of his room happily thinking to share it with swara but seeing her depressed face, his mood went off.
Swara turned to see him and again looked down into her laptop. She didn’t want to see SANSKAR’S face after listening sujatha’s words in the morning. She tried hard to hide her frustration but as it was not her nature, she bursted out throwing her laptop on the floor.
Sanskar was shocked to see her and fumed with anger.
Sanskar: swara. It is an expensive one. Atleast value money cause I know that you won’t value any person

Swara: so you say that I don’t have any respect towards money…Mr. Maheswari I am least bothered about your belongings.
Sanskar: you must have said it earlier. Atleast I tried to bring all the things from your house so that you wouldn’t have broken anything till now. Hell with you swara.
Sanskar turned back to leave for washroom.
Swara: hell…you are making my life hell Mr. maheswari.
Sanskar turned to swara and pinned her to the wall.
Sanskar: first of all don’t raise your tone. I hate it. Secondly, I am in a very happy mood now. so please don’t try to spoil it.
He paused for a while and then a sad smile apperead on his face.
Sanskar: I am begging a girl who doesn’t even have the minimum courtesy to not to irritate her husband who came back home after a hectic schedule.

He freed her and again turned back.
Swara: then why did you marry me?
Sanskar: no one was dying to marry you. It was because of laksh that I am here with you.
Swara: laksh..laksh..so to fulfill your brothers wish, you have ruined my life. Did you ever think about the impact of it on me.
Sanskar: so you think that I am staying happy with you.I have planned many things regarding my martial life but destiny has gifted you…who didn’t even neither bothered nor tolerate seeing her spouse happy.
Heat burned through her eyes.
Swara: did you ever think of my happiness. You know what, a girl’s happiness lies when she transforms into a mother but you have collapsed that dream infact you snatched it from me by marrying because you know that neither you nor me is going to accept this relation.
Sanskar: enough swara. You have crossed your limits now. Get out of my room.
Swara: no way! Why should I?
Sanskar: because this is my room.
Swara: I have equal rights on this room as I am swara sanskar maheswari.
Sanskar: that is for the world swara. Not for me.

Swara:waste of arguing with you. Enjoy your freedom.
Saying this, she rushed out of the room closing the door behind her. while walking through the corridor she heard him saying something which acted as ghee for fire.
Sanskar: I will really enjoy my freedom when you will get out of my life.
She simply went to the terrace and stared at the moon.
Swara: you were a good friend of mine laksh. You said that you will never allow me to cry then why did you make your brother marry me..I hate you laksh..I hate you.
After few hours, she came down to their room and saw sanskar sleeping by covering himself with a blanket. There was laptop beside him. She sighed and went to her side to sleep but didn’t as she was feeling warm. She then looked up at the AC Temperature and it was in 22. She immediately went to guest room to sleep.
Next morning
Sanskar opened his eyes when he felt like someone continously patting his cheek.
Sanskar: ragini!
Ragini folded her hands.
Ragini: what is this sanskar. I have asked you to be ready by seven and now it is eight.
Sanskar: I am so sorry ragini. Give me fifteen minutes. I will come.
Ragini: okay then. Me and didi will be waiting for you in the car.

Sanskar nodded and went to washroom. He came downstairs after fifteen minutes.
Parineta: come sanskar have breakfast.
Ragini: no bhabhi. We will eat outside today.
She dragged him out of the MANISON.
Sanskar: slowly ragini.
Ragini: okay. So in which car I mean in whose car shall we go?
Sanskar: mine!
Swara: no way.
Ragini: offo didi. Jiju’s car is a bit luxurious and it will be difficult for him to adjust in your cat because of his height.
Swara nodded in no.
Ragini : please didi. Accept it. We are getting late.
Swara nodded in yes just for ragini. Swara was about to sit backside but was interrupted by ragini.
Ragini: please sit front didi. I mean my legs are aching so I want to stretch myself.
Swara obeyed and sat in front seat beside sanskar.
The trio started their journey. Everything was going smooth until they heard a boom sound.
Sanskar stopped the car and looked back. some car has dashed theirs. it was neither swara nor sanskar who stepped out but was ragini.

Ragini: hello mister.don’t you have minimum sense to horn.
Person: sorry mam!
Ragini: what sorry. See how badly it got damaged. Are you driving by keeping your eyes on fore head?
Person: I said I am sorry.
Ragini: nothing goes with sorry. You need to pay for that
Swara went out and after a big qurallel, she successful brought ragini inside.
Ragini was still fuming. Sanskar and swara turned back to her.
Ragini: why are you staring at me. It was his mistake.
SWASAN: who said that you are wrong.

Sanskar turned and started driving again but this time with a smile on his face. He never dreamed of seeing this shade of ragini. Actually no one had imagined because who will guess a traditional,shy girl who always talks only with the two brothers will become modern and shout at strangers. The reason for her drastic change is LAKSH.
After his proposal, laksh tried hard to develop feelings for him and he became successful. They used to meet regularly even after Laksh joining in his college. She used to come once in month to meet him and her sister but never forget about sanskar. Both ragini and sanskar had shared a brother sister bond and may their first meeting and impression was responsible for this. She can freely say anything to sanskar and he can easily accept and excuse her flaws.

Sanskar came out if his memories when his hand didn’t reach the chips packet between him and swara. He turned to her and saw that it was near to her. He grabbed it to his side.
Swara: hello Mr. Maheswari. You don’t have right to snatch food from one’s mouth.
Sanskar: it is you who are snatching it. Before this packet was here and you dragged it your side.
Ragini rolled her eyes.
Ragini: come-on guys don’t qurallel for such small things. But her words seemed unaffected.
Ragini: okay then please wake me up when we reach the destination.
She streched her self in the back seat almost like lying on bed and closed her eyes after plugging in ear phones.

She didn’t mention about the destination but was sure that sanskar would take to place which she had in her mind..
Soon the car stopped infront of an orphanage house. The trio got outside and greeted the manager. Then they went to children.
Child 1: sanskar bhayya
Sanskar kneeled to her.
Sanskar: how are you pari?
Pari: I fine bhayya. I think you came this time with swara bhabhi or still didi?
Swara smiled at her question.

Swara: bhabhi only…
Pari: congralations bhabhi.
Ragini:( pouts) so you forgot your ladla bhabhi.
Pari: no one here even dares to forget you bhabhi. You are so close to us.
She smiled and hugged that girl.
Pari:( shouts) swara bhabhi, ragini bhabhi came along with sanskar bhayya. Come fast everyone.
With in no time, 25children gathered around them.SWARAGINI became busy in talking with them while sanskar went to the manager and handovered the stuff they brought for children.
Manager: its good to see you all here sanskar. You will never forget to make frequent visits but it would be good if laksh was also here.

They both became teary eyed but sanskar composed himself.
Sanskar: laksh didn’t leave us mam. He is still living among us in her attire.
He said pointing ragini.
Manager: you are right! The change that laksh brought in her is incredible and now she is playing infact fulfilling her duties both as laksh and herself.
A smile came on his face. After spending some time with them, all had lunch together. Ragini played with those kids infact she turned into a kid for few hours.
Swara was thinking about laksh all the time. It was his favourite place and he never missed to visit it atleast once in a month. It was he who dragged them here and with in no time, everyone became close friends of them. A tear escaped from her eyes thinking their last visit with laksh before two days of his death. The trio bid bye to the children and started their journey to their home in the evening.
Ragini: sanskar please stop the car aside. I want to eat something.
Swara: even I am feeling hungry.

Sanskar stopped the car near a dhaba as it was high way.
The trio ordered snacks and started eating.
Ragini: I am really feeling very happy today.
Sanskar: yes. We had a great time with those children.
Swara gulped in anger reminding the previous night dispute.
Ragini: shall we eat pani puri?
Swara: I am not interested . you guys carry on.
Ragini became dull seeing her expressions while sanskar fumed.
Sanskar: leave her ragini.she will be always first in spoiling happy moments.
Swara: oh! Then you try to maintain it.
Sanskar: lower your pitch swara. Noone is going to get scared here.
Swara: who are you to say me about that. It’s my wish.
Ragini: cool down guys.we are outside. Look! everyone are seeing us.
Sanskar: say it to her ragini.
Swara: you are his best friend right! Make him learn some civic manners.
Ragini: shh!
Swara: after all it is of no use as he is not that mature to understand.
Ragini: stop it swara.

Sanskar: don’t repeat the history
Swara: history..which one sanskar?
Sanskar: you know it very well.
Swara: let me remind you that you were the reason for the dispute that day and today also.
Sanskar turned to leave and he again turned back.
Sanskar: please keep your mouth shut. I don’t want to listen your voice. It really irritates everyone and was one of the reason for laksh’s death.
Swara: so you say that I was responsible for his death. Why don’t you accept that it was your mistake sanskar.
Sanskar: I didn’t do anything.

Swara: then I was also not responsible.
Ragini stood there listening their conversation. She bursted out when her inner emotions over flowed.
Ragini: enough!! Enough of everything. You both are talking as if you are some angels who will never do any wrong but the fact is that you both equally contributed for laksh’s death…my Lucky’s death

Saying this, she went to their car and drove off in full rage.
Swara and sanskar looked at each other and walked in opposite directions.

To be continued…

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