SWASAN- A hate story (8)

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Sanskar: swara please open your eyes. Please..
He don’t know till how much time he sat beside her crying but all what he wants to see her opening her eyes. He lost his senses of calling to doctor even.
It’s almost late at midnight. sanskar sat beside swara on bed and looked around. he found some new things in his room. Actually he must get angry because he never allowed anyone to redesign his room as it was modernised by laksh but for some strange reason he felt happy seeing them. ‘Swara’ knowingly or unknowingly this name had great significance in his life
Swara and sanskar encountered each other after the self governing day.
Laksh: hello bhai! Meet my friend swara.
Sanskar: what is new in meeting her laksh. I have been seeing her from four years in our house.
Laksh: but you never met each other. So..
Swara: so what? I am not at all interested in meeting your brother…I mean attitude brother.
Sanskar fumed in anger.
Sanskar: it is you who are blessed with not me
Swara: stop abusing me okay. You have never bothered to reply me when I came to your house .
Sanskar: because you didn’t respond to my friendliness in the initial days.
Swara: don’t try to act.
Sanskar: its you swara.. Not me and please don’t be proud of your wealth and beauty. They will destroy you.
Swara: oh very good. You have started commenting on my charecter.
Laksh: please don’t qurallel. You both are misunderstanding each other.
Swara and sanskar turned to him and folded their respective hands.
SWASAN: then what is the truth?
Laksh was about to say something but was interrupted by a girl’s voice.
Girl: swara di? Why are you fighting with him?
Swara: ragini! Why did you come here.
Laksh: yes ragini . go to your class.
Ragini: but one of my friend said that you were arguing with one of the senior. It is really bad didi. You must obey them.
Sanskar: atleast learn from your sister. Inspire of studying sixth standard she is ten times mature to you
Swara: don’t involve in this ragini. Please leave to your class.
Ragini: but
Laksh: as you have said, disobeying seniors is not good,so obey our words and go to your class.
Swara turned to sanskar
Swara: anyway I am not interested to talk to a cheap mentality guy who doesn’t even know to respect girls
Saying this, she left the place. Laksh followed her while ragini came to sanskar
Ragini: don’t worry sanskar ji . I am apologizing for my sister’s words.
Sanskar kneeled down to her and carressed her hairs
Sanskar: its okay ragini. You don’t need to ask sorry for her behaviour and thanks for supporting for me
He gave her a chocolate
Ragini: thank-you but I am so selfish in the matter of chocolates. so don’t expect me to share it with you
Sanskar smiled at her words and wondered how she became the sister of attitude girl.
Ragini ran smiling but after that incident for no reason, swara and sanskar become haters for life time
Sanskar fell asleep thinking about his conversation with swara.swara started moving her eyelids as if she was dreaming something. She started sweating profusely and all the incidents of that day came infront of her eyes.
She turned back after applying kajal and went down stairs and passed time in reading magazines. She thought of calling varun but didn’t want to disturb his work. She looked around and her gaze froze at laksh’s frame. Tears ran down her eyes thinking about their friendship. She contionusly kept staring at his photo which resulted in generation of fear in her heart. She looked around and gulped in fear. The house which was till now very beautiful, became a horror place for her eyes. She immediately ran to her room and bolted the door.
Swara: how did I stay for this much time in this MANISON that too alone…
This thought shivered her and she sat of the bed covering herself with the body. She then started hallucinating like someone is staring her, someone hiding under the bed would come out or may be someone was hiding inside the washroom. She hallucinated all the possible ways of ghost and started chanting hanuman chalisa but her voice was barely audiable due to fear. She totally lost her wits such that she was unable to move a single bit to reach her mobile kept on study table. It was then she heard sound of water droplets falling from tap and covered herself entirely with blanket and slept for more than an hour. She slowly opened her eyes when she felt thirst but was too scared to move out of the blanket.
Swara: come on swara..you can not be so dumb. You must not fear for silly things..
She finally gathered some courage and stood up but because of the pressure that she was undergoing, she hardly moved two steps and felt dizzy. She tried to hold something for grip but because of her burnt hands she was unable to hold anything and slipped a flower vase. She then slowly started walking towards the door and finally opened it but because of thirst and dizziness she didn’t take any forward step rather she came back and in that process, she slipped on one of the files which resulted in the papers to come out of it and scattered on the floor. She tried hard but nothing worked and finally she collapsed on the ground.
Swara: sanskar!!!
Swara: sanskar!!
Sanskar immediately opened his eyes listening to her scream. He saw her face and this time he observed fear in it which he has never seen till now.
Swara: sanskar! Sanskar! Help me please.
Sanskar: swara.I am here only.
Swara looked at him and almost leaned to hug him but composed herself. sanskar took her face in his hands
Sanskar: don’t worry swara. I am here. Your sanskar is here. Nothing will happen to you.
She came to senses completely and now hugged sanskar. He was able to sense the tears of her which were wetting his shirt.
Sanskar carressed her hair.
Sanskar: nothing has happened swara. Please stop crying.
Swara: please sanskar. Don’t live me alone.
Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face
Sanskar: I won’t leave you. Did you eat anything?
Swara nodded in no. Sanskar stood up.
Sanskar: I will bring dinner for you.
Swara: no I don’t want to eat anything.
Sanskar: swara!
Swara: please sanskar. Don’t leave me alone.
Sanskar: I am not leaving you. I will be back in a minute .
He tried to move but she holded his hand.
Sanskar: please leave me swara. Even I didn’t eat anything.
Swara:( still crying) then I will also come with you.
Sanskar: dont argue with me.
Swara:( in low voice) it is you who are arguing not me..
Sanskar:( in loud voice) stop it swara. Wait for five minutes. I will be back.
Swara became numb while sanskar left downstairs. She closed her eyes and opened them after listening SANSKAR’S voice
Sanskar: eat something
Swara: no.
Sanskar: will you eat or I should feed you.
Swara: I am not feeling hungry.
Sanskar felt irritated actually worried.
Sanskar: I hate wasting food and don’t forget that you are staying in my house..so you need to obey my rules.
Swara just looked at him while he looked at her burnt hands.
Sanskar: should I make you eat?
Swara: I will manage.
Sanskar: your wish!
Without uttering a words,she ate.Sanskar became happy seeing her obeying him.
After the dinner, swara came close to sanskar.
Swara: please don’t go to office tomorrow. I am scared.
Sanskar slept beside her without replying her.
Swara: I have asked you something.
Sanskar saw swara’s eyes and he can see her pleading..he nodded in yes.
Sanskar: its time to sleep now.
Swara: stay with me..
He positioned himself such that swara can comfortably sleep on his arms. As expected, she came near to him but to his surprise she slept on his chest. He was able to feel her shivering on his body and in order to calm her, he wrapped his arm around her. She sighed happily and closed her eyes. Sanskar grabbed the AC remote from the stool beside them and decreased the temperature to 16.
Swara closed her eyes and slept peacefully in his arms. Sanskar was also feeling protective by having her in his arms. After making sure that she fell asleep, he made her sleep on the pillow and covered the blanket. He then turned off the lights and slept.
The next day also passed the same way. Sanskar took care of swara while she didn’t leave him even for a second.
Next morning
Swara came downstairs listening sujatha’s voice. She immediately ran and hugged her.
Sujatha: how are you beta?
Swara: fine ma! But missed you badly
Annapurna: swara!
Swara: ji badi ma!
Annapurna: this is the saree that we offered to the goddess. The priest had asked to gift this to the daughter in law..
Swara: okay ma!
Annapurna: it will be better if you wear it today.
Swara smiled.
Parineta: arey swara! What happened to your hands?
Everyone looked at her hands and became worried.
Sanskar: she burned her hands in process of preparing kheer. Everyone looked at sanskar who was descending the steps..
Durga Prasad: you must be careful beta. How are you feeling now?
Swara: fine bade papa. Please don’t panic.
Parineta: I will help you in wearing the saree.
Swara lowered her eyes In shy.
Swara: I will manage bhabhi.
Parineta: but..
Swara: please.
Parineta nodded her head unwillingly.
After two hours, sanskar entered their room to call swara downstairs and started laughing seeing her.
Swara: are monkeys dancing on my face?
Sanskar:( still laughing) not on your face but on your saree.
Swara: stop laughing okay. I have seen the videos of drapping and they are the same.
He looked at swara’s burnt hands which were still bandaged.
Sanskar approached her.
Sanskar: I think your drape is not perfect because of this.
He said this pointing at her hands. Swara turned to see her reflection in mirror and sanskar came to her.
Sanskar: should I call anyone to help you.
Swara: no
Sanskar: why are you so stubborn.
She turned to him.
Swara: this is not stubborness sanskar.. You will never understand it.
Sanskar: I say it stubborn.
Swara: stop arguing with me okay.
Sanskar: but you can’t come out like this.
Swara:( worried) what should I do then?
Sanskar lowered his face.
Sanskar: only one way is left?
Swara: what?
He slowly said in a shivering voice.
Sanskar: I must help you.
Swara looked at his reflection in mirror.

To be continued ..

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