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First of all the plot of my story is a bit boring and on taht I am trying to make it some feel good story. Many of you have guessed the only twist if my story. It’s my humble request to all of you that continue reading and encouraging and thanks for your support and I promise that this will end with in 20 episodes..

Few more days passed in swara and sanskar’s dairy. They both came to the hall before leaving to their offices.
Durga Prasad: sanskar beta!
Sanskar: ji bade papa
Durga Prasad: actually we all are going to vaishnavi mata temple for three days as we have to attend some puja.
Sanskar: do you need any help?
Durga Prasad: actually I have an important meeting tomorrow and it is necessary to handover this file. So will you give it in my office as I have promised your badi ma to attend the pooja.
Sanskar smiled.
Sanskar: small thing papa. You no need to request for this. Just order me..
Annapurna came towards swara.
Annapurna: actually our servants have asked for a holiday and we have granted them for these three days. So you must do your work on your own. Sorry.
Swara: don’t say sorry ma. After all I am doing my household work. Don’t fear..your daughter in law is going to manage everything.
Everyone smiled. Sanskar hugged ram Prasad and turned towards sujatha.
Sanskar: take care of him ma!
Sujatha: take care of yourself.
Sanskar smiled.
Anjali: chacha..you forgot something?
Sanskar kneeled down .
Sanskar: really? What my princess.
Anjali pouted: to wish happy journey.
Sanskar smiled and lifted her in his arms.
Sanskar: sorry!! Happy journey.
Anjali: no your princess is angry with you.
She turned the face other side. Sanskar started acting.
Sanskar: oh God! What should I do know? God please punish me for hurting Anjali.
Anjali: your God listens you when you gift me something.
Parineta: Anjali.
Swara: so will the God be satisfied if you get a dairy milk?
Anjali: sure chachi.
Swara gave her a chocolate and both swara and sanskar kissed anjali’s cheeks simultaneously.
Anjali:(smiled) Anjali is happy so god is.
She then individually kissed both of them and the family left the place.
Sujatha: I wish after returning from the temple, we will be able to see them together.
Annapurna: that is what the reason behind this trip sujatha. Every thing will become fine.

Next morning
Swara got up early in the morning and went down into the hall. She took a glance of whole MANISON.
Swara:( to herself) oh God! I said to badi ma that I will manage but how??
She then saw sanskar coming down.
Sanskar: come on swara! You can do it but I think it takes whole day just to clean this house…
He bursted out laughing
Swara: what is there to laugh in this? I agree that I am not used to this type of things but I promise to surprise you in the evening.
Sanskar: but how can you do that I mean your face and skin gets spoiled by this..how about your beauty and what happens to your pride if your staff gets to know about this?
She saw him smirking.
Swara: challenge then. Swara MAHESWARI is going to finish this work before your arrival.
Sanskar: don’t get over excited dear. If you really want to prove yourself then prepare nice and delicious food for dinner. Till then good bye!!
He left the place leaving swara alone in the house. She called someone.
PA: good morning mam.
Swara: good morning and listen..I will be on leave for next two days . ask dad to take control about my shares.
PA: sure mam.
Swara started cleaning the house and then she went to the kitchen. She felt like the heap of the utensils are laughing at her. She cleaned and dried them and then visited every room to collect the clothes to be washed. Finally she threw herself on the bed after drying clothes.
Swara: hats off to all those women who really do this work with out any servants.
She tossed and just looked at the room. She found it dull. Immediately, she brought some hangings and curtanis and decorated the room. A smile came on her face seeing it..
Swara: finally done!!

She placed hand on her stomach.
Swara: I need to prepare food now. But before that I must bath again.
She went downstairs after getting fresh and opened the fridge to check the items.
Swara: what should I cook now?? Potato.. Carrot..what??
Something came in her mind and she immediately called someone.
Swara: hello.
Sanskar: hmm.
Swara: did you have your lunch..I mean I didn’t give you any carrier today.
Sanskar: what else can I do swara . I must starve my self today.
Swara’s eyes welled up.
Swara: sorry. Please eat something from canteen orelse ask the attender to get a parcel from nearby hotel
Sanskar: so you think that I don’t even have that minimum sense .
Swara: I don’t mean it. First of all eat something.
Sanskar: I will try to.
Swara: not try..you must eat otherwise….otherwise..I will starve myself..
Sanskar felt bad listening it.
Sanskar: stop your drama now. I am already eating. You don’t need to starve yourself for that.
Swara: is it true?
Sanskar: should i send you the pics?
Swara: not needed.
She disconnected the call and finally prepared lunch. She again came to her room and started searching the internet for the recepies to be prepared at dinner.

In office, sanskar washed his hands after eating and called vaishu.
Vaishu: hello.
Sanskar: hmm so you won’t remember me until I call you.
Vaishu: not like that dear..actually I am busy with my exams.
Sanskar: who said you not to learn. I am just asking you to call atleast once in a day if not atleast receive my call.
Vaishu: what made you to call me now?
Sanskar: actually I was eating paneer in my lunch today and it reminded you as it is your favourite dish too so..
Vaishu: so mean. You ate all the paneer without me.
Sanskar: oh! You must have joined me.
Vaishu: don’t talk. Vaishali is hurt here.
Sanskar: drama queen..please stop it okay.
Vaishu: drama queen..then you are cheater king.
Sanskar sighed.
Vaishu: bye..actuallty mom is coming. She will snatch my mobile if sees me talking ..bye sweet heart
Sanskar smiled at her words and innocence
Sanskar:( to himself) I hope swara would have been like this.
It has been three hours since swara has started searching for recepies.
Swara: what should I prepare for dinner. I mean I don’t know his likes.
” what a wife you are? You don’t even know about your husband’s likes and dislikes” said her inner voice.
Swara felt bad for a moment as her inner voice was correct bit she quickly composed herself.
Swara: even he too doesn’t know my likes and dislikes..tit for tat.
She went to kitchen and started preparing food. It almost took two hours to complete the dishes and finally she started boiling the milk to prepare the kheer. While transferring the dry fruits into it, she accidentally spilled it over her hands.
Swara: ouch!!
She immediately kept her hand under tap water but bristles were formed by the time. Both the hands were affected but the right one had more impact.she sat on the floor crying for sometime and then bandaged her right hand. After that she cleaned the kitchen and again prepared the kheer. After arranging all the things, she went to bath and finished it with great difficulty.
She came out of the washroom wearing a blue color suit and went near the mirror. She got ready by wearing bangles, earrings but was blowing air to her hands in between doing these things. She slowly started applying kajal where her limit of resistance broken. She threw it in anger.
Swara: why am I getting ready for him?
She turned back and her mangal sutra got stuck to one of her bangles.
“Because you are his wife” said the inner voice. She again took the kajal and applied to her eyes.

Same evening
Sanskar came home and locked the main door. He was surprised to see the arrangements and clean house. He went inside the kitchen it was crystal clear which had no signs of cooking. He opened every dish kept on the dining table.
Sanskar: finally swara has made something for me..
He smiled and went upstairs and opened the room. The next moment, a layer of terror occupied his heart. He saw the things scattered in the room and some of the vases were broken even..swara was lying on the ground facing her back towards ceiling.
Sanskar: swara!
He leaned to her. He hesitated to touch her but later lifted her in the arms and placed her on the bed. He sprinkled some water on her face but was of no use. He touched her forehead and it was as cool as ice. He started rubbing her palms and feet.
Samskar: get up swara! Get up!
He went downstairs and brought some hot water. He made her sleep straight and cleaned her face her hands repeatedly with wet cloth dipped in hot water.
He was worried as swara is not responding to any of his action. He sat beside her and carressed her hair. A tear fell from his left eye.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara. I must have not asked you to prepare the dinner. I am really sorry.
He took her hands into his and felt something strange. He then looked at her burnt hands and now his eyes got welled up.
He remembered seeing some utensil in the sink with some milk in it and then kheer on dining table.
Sanskar took her hands close to his chest and closed his eyes.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara. Please open your eyes..
To be continued…


Credit to: Sree harini

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