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Don’t worry guys.both varun and vaishali play a n important role in swara and sanskar’s life

Akshay: now its your turn sanskar! Say about your first impression on her.
Sanskar stepped out out his memories listening akshay.
Sanskar: actually I have seen her in my tenth standard. She was friend of my brother and thus we came close by her regular meetings to my house. At first we didn’t talk to each other much but later emereged as good friends.
Everyone laughed at his words.
Akshay: friends!! I have never seen such a relationship between you both in our college days.
Swara: its because we are Tom and Jerry and I think you know very well about the love and affection prevailed between them..
Everyone shut their mouth listening her words. Sanskar’s jaw touched the ground listening her answer. It was something he never expected.

After enjoying the party, swara and sanskar came to the parking area.
Sanskar: you just go and sit in the car. I will come in five minutes.
Swara nodded and started walking towards her car. Four men blocked her way.
Swara: excuse me? Will you please give me way.
1st p: why should we?
Swara’s forehead frowned . she tried to move but one of the member among the four caught her hand.
Swara: how dare you. Leave me.
3rd p: no way dear. After all you are looking quite tempting in this dress. We need to celebrate.
Her eyes widened listening to their words.
Swara: do you atleast know whom I am?

2nd p: if you say that you are the daughter of some wealthy person then we will really feel happy as I heard that wealthy girls really cooperate well at bed.
Now she understood that it is impossible for her to get out of them. She freed herself and started running fast.the four chased her.
Swara’s eyes glowed seeing sanskar talking to some on phone. She immediately rushed to him and caught his hand.sanskar turned back to her and saw the persons chasing her.
Swara: its good that you are here sanskar. Let’s go.

To her surprise, sanskar took his hand from her and started walking to one of the cars.
Sanskar: come on swara! I got to know about the situation here and it is really impossible for us to fight with them. I think you should listen to them.
Swara turned to him. He sat on the car bannot and opened the wrapper of a chocolate.
4th p: thank-you so much for cooperating with us. Don’t worry mister. We will give you the contribution.
Sanskar: no need of saying any thanks. I am leaving her to you. Now the matter is between you two and please don’t drag me in middle.
He started eating the chocolate but was able to feel the strong burning gaze of swara on him.
Sanskar:( sarcastically) what! Are you expecting me to save you by fighting with these people. No way swara. It happens only in movies.
Swara: but..

Sanskar: if you really want to get saved then fight with them..I forgot one thing…
Swara frowned.
Sanskar: ego..yes your ego might save you. atleast your proudness or else your wealth…may be your beauty even. Anything might help you swara. Try them.
1st p: come on. You both are wasting our time.
He went and grabbed swara’s hand. She just slapped him seeing sanskar.
Swara: how dare you to touch me in front of my husband..

Sanskar smiled listening her words.she observed him and now the frustration was in peak levels. She bet the person many a times leaving the other three shocked.
Swara: don’t even dare to touch me again..
She started walking in the opposite direction and turned back hearing some sound. She saw sanskar trying to stop a person having knife in his hand. Sanskar was holding the sharp edge of the knife with one hand and the man’s throat with other. Blood was oozing out of his hand but it seemed unaffected to him.
Swara was about to seperate them but was stopped by arrival of police. The cops caught all the four men who tried to escape.

Sanskar: thank-you sir for being on time.
Police: its okay sanskar.after all it is our duty. By the way you did a right thing by informing at correct time.
They both smiled. Police left the place while swara is still in shock. She looked at the bleeding left hand of sanskar from back side and ran to him. She then held his hand but sanskar jerked.
Sanskar: hey swara! Emotions doesn’t suit us especially you. So please stop being emotional and get inside the car.
Swara:stop it sanskar. What do you think of yourself? This one needs to get bandaged.
Sanskar: no need..

Swara: so you are saying me what is needed and what is not. if yes then I know very well what to do
She dressed his hand with the help of first aid kit in the car.
Sanskar: so finally swara maheswari’s humanity dominated her ego.
Swara looked at him.
Swara: swara always had a human inside her. It was you who never tried to see it..
Their eyes met for a fraction of second.
Sanskar started driving the car.

Sanskar: by the way swara..you really act very well
Swara felt like something got stuck in her throat but composed herself.
Swara: infact I must appreciate you as you are genius in it.
Sanskar just kept staring at the road and soon they reached home at 11:00
Swara went to washroom to get fresh. She changed her clothes and looked herself In the bathroom mirror.
Swara: acting!!! How can he judge my feelings.who has given him right to insult my feelings. Damn it! I must never let him a chance to Insult me again.
She stamped her foot aganist the floor.

Sanskar was standing in the balcony inhaling the cool breeze.
Sanskar: acting..that too a master..god! Why will you never try to understand me swara.why do you always consider my feelings to be fake when they are not. There is no wrong in it as your ego and pride is stopping you to see the real me and sanskar maheswari is not all bothered about all these things. I have many other works to complete and take tension of.
He too stamped his foot against the floor.
Both of them came to the bed and slept.
Sanskar grabbed the AC remote and increased the temperature to 22.
Swara: keep it in 16 sanskar.
Sanskar: come on swara. This is my room even and I have full rights on it.
Swara: I need low temperatures to sleep

Sanskar: I have been adjusting since the day of our marriage. There is no harm in adjusting for one day.
Swara: I said I want the temperature to be at 16
Sanskar: hell with you. I came here to sleep and you didn’t even leave a single chance to destroy it.
He throwed the remote on her lap.
Sanskar: take this and adjust the temperature and please stay away from me as I am scared of polar bears.
Swara: bear!!
Sanskar stood up and turned to her.
Sanskar: yes because only polar bears can tolerate such cool temperatures.Anyhow the room is yours now…enjoy!!

He left the room in rage.
Swara got irritated by his leaving and switched off the AC. She threw the remote on bed and slept..but not peacefully.

To be continued..

Credit to: Sree harini

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