SWASAN- A hate story (5)

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SWASAN- A hate story (4)

Sorry everyone..actually many are asking for precap buy each episode is a spontaneous one. Hope you forgive me.

Ramprasad ran towards sanskar and hugged him tightly who just entered the hall with swara.
Ram: beta..are you fine? Where did you go?
Sanskar: what will happen to me papa. I am absolutely fine.
Ram: please never leave us sanskar. We..especially I am not so strong to bear another heart break.
Sanskar broke the hug and cupped ram’s face.
Sanskar: I am sorry papa. I promise you that I will never go anywhere without informing you.
He dropped ram Prasad at his room and then started walking to his room.swara had already left. Only ram prasad’ s words are echoing in his ear.”I am not strong enough to bear another heart break” . he was correct. Ram Prasad is really a sensitive man and he loved laksh more than sanskar . after all everyone has a special place for laksh in their hearts and it is because of his nature. But laksh’s death created a havoc in the family and it nealy took few months for them to recover. It was during that period when ram Prasad got heart attack and his condition became critical . they have really payed huge amount for his recovery. After that, ram Prasad has never became the old person. He always used the be in depression but ragini has changed his mind. She inspired and gave him hope on life.
He entered the room and saw swara sleeping peacefully. He turned his head and saw the dustbin with ash. He cleaned the entire room and slept beside her.
Next morning
Swara opened her eyes and sat on bed.
Swara: a beautiful Sunday morning….oh God Sunday morning!!!!
She screamed and ran downstairs . sanskar became confused seeing her.
Sanskar: oh God! No one can understand this girl.
He went to the washroom and got fresh. Then he came downstairs. Swara was still in her night dress reading some magazine with great interest. He saw her smiling closing the book.
She took the mobile from the table and called someone but went upstairs seeing sanskar.
He ignored her and went to dining table.
Sanskar: so! What are the specials mom?
Ragini: me!
He turned back and saw ragini.

Sanskar: hey ! Lucky’s girl..what’s up?
Ragini: nothing special. Just came like that.
Durga Prasad: ragini beta. Come and have breakfast.
Ragini: of course papa. This girl will never leave a chance to eat..
Everyone smiled not because of her words but because of the way that she delivers it. It reminds them their lucky!
Swara is moving here and there upstairs. Finally a smile came in her face listening someone’s voice.
Swara: of God varun..how much time you will take to pick up my call?
Varun: so sorry dear..what should I do to lessen your anger now?
Swara: this girl will never get anger on you dear.
Varun: thank god!
Swara: today’s episode was awesome varun. I mean the way you explained the emotions of each and every charecter are really good.
Varun: thank-you my sweet heart! But please don’t compliment me as I am bored of listening them..
Swara: how can i stay calm after reading your story. But the word last episode made me sad..
Varun: if I will continue to write the story, the magazine editor is going to kill me. After all I am writing it from four months.
Swara: okay but when will you publish the last part..
Varun: I am not so sure because I really have many works to get completed.
Swara: I will really miss you so much.
Varun: same here.
Swara: okay bye but don’t forget to come back with another story after publishing the last episode
Varun: this is my passion dear and I will never stop writing.
Swara: okay then bye..I have some work to do.
She disconnected the call and leaned towards the wall thinking varun.. She is generally not interested in reading any fictions infact she hates reading novels but she read his story as her friend forced to do so. But after reading, she fell in love with the fiction and with in no time she became addicted to it. She has sent many appreciation letters to him but didn’t get anything in reply.she felt very happy seeing his number published in one of the episodes and called him hesitatingly but in these three months, they became the thickest friends who know very well about each other..she came out of the trance listening ragini’s voice.
She immediately ran down to see her but she left before her arrival.
Annapurna: swara!! You must have come earlier. Ragini left just now.
Swara: but why badi ma?
Parineta: she came here to meet you only but she received some call and left in hurry
Swara made a face and left upstaris to get fresh. Later she had her breakfast.
Same night.
Swara and sanskar came to their bedroom after having dinner. She saw sanskar going to balcony with his laptop. He sat on the couch and opened his laptop and started working on it. Something flashed in swara’s mind. She immediately turned to the goddess idol in their room and started praying loudly.
Sanskar got irritated listening her voice. He composed himself and started working again. Swara was jerked seeing his reaction. Now she started praying in loud voice. Sanskar fisted his hands but again continued working. Sanskar lost his patience when she again raised her voice. Sanskar went to her.
Sanskar: can’t you offer your prayer in low voice
Swara turned to him.
Swara: sorry..

He turned back to leave but stopped listing swara’s loud voice. She is really enjoying his irritation and saw him taking some ropes from the drawer of dressing table. She then observed him dragging a chair to the center of the room. She was clueless but didn’t let her face to show the emotion. Sanskar approached her and before she could say anything he lifted her in his arms.
Swara: San…sk.ar!
He made her sit on the chair and immediately tied her hands to it. Swara is shocked by his act
Swara: sanskar! What is this? How dare you to behave with me like this. Untie the ropes first.
He simply ignored her and was searching for something. Finally he came near swara who is still shouting and cursing him. He closed her mouth with a cloth and then placed a tape against it. She saw him smiling and now started making sound.
Sanskar leaned to her.
Sanskar: shhh! Be quiet swara! See how pleasant it is. I really don’t know how you are blessed with this loud, irritating voice. I guess you have ate a loud speaker during birth.
Swara looked at him with anger . sanskar went to balcony and continued his work.
Swara stamped her foot several times and finally fell asleep i n the chair .
Late at midnight, sanskar came inside the bedroom and saw swara sleeping. He untied her ropes and tried to wake her but everything went in vain. He then lifted her again and placed her in bed and covered her with blanket. He moved to his side of the bed after decreasing the AC Temperature to 16.
Next morning
Swara slowly opened her eyes and turned side as she felt something hard. Her eyes became wide seeing sanskar so close to her infact she was almost lying on sanskar. Meanwhile sanskar opened his eyes and shocked to see swara’s lips close to his eyes. They both immediately parted away from each other.
Swara: how dare you??

Sanskar: I must ask this question.
Swara: don’t act sanskar. I know this type of cheap tricks.
Sanskar: cheap tricks!! First of all see the position of yours. It was you who came near me. I was sleeping in my place only…
Swara realised that it was her mistake as she has the habit of bumping into the one who sleeps by her side but she didn’t want to accept it
Swara: stop it sanskar!
Sanskar: me..I need to clean my body with dettol today.
Swara: I need to clean it with acid.
Sanskar: you better do that. Atleast I will get rid of you.
Saying this both went in opposite directions.
Swara reached her office and finalised the deal with pratik singhania. She leaned to the chair and closed her eyes but her mood was disturbed by sanskar’s call.
Swara: I don’t want to talk to you.
Sanskar: no one is dying here to do that. I just called you to inform you that akshay has invited us for their reception. Bade papa has asked us to attend the party
Swara rolled her eyes.
Sanskar: are you listening?
Swara: yeah.
Sanskar: be ready by 7:00
Same evening
Swara: you are looking so cute dear…she said for the seventh time looking herself in the mirror.
She immediately rushed down after filling her hairline with sindoor listening SANSKAR’S car horn.

Sanskar just started her for a moment. She was wearing a long red frock with a deep neck and sleeveless hands. Sanskar turned his gaze looking at her sleeveless hands as he dont like those type of dresses.
Soon swara and sanskar reached the venue.
Everyone greeted them and akshay really felt happy seeing swara and sanskar. He just went there and greeted them. Everyone started enjoying party. Swara became busy with her old college friends. One of her friends asked her to get on the dance floor and she immediately went with her friend but her eyes are searching for sanskar. Sanskar came out of the washroom and he too started searching for her. A smile came on his face listening to music as he know that swara will be dance floor as she loves it. He immediately went there. Swara was standing facing her back to him. He was about to call her but stopped seeing her zip slightly open. He fumed with anger seeing some men staring her. Without wasting a single second, he went near to her.
Swara: sanskar!! What are you doing on dance floor.. I mean you don’t like…
She stopped speaking when sanskar hugged her. She didn’t give any reply but got irritated. Swara: what are you do….
She again became numb when she felt his hands closing the zip. He then whispered in her ear.
Sanskar: this is why I don’t like you wearing this kind of dresses.
He left her shocked. After few hours.
Akshay: hey guys! Happy to see you all here especially you both.
He said pointing to swara and sanskar.they both smiled.
Akshay: it has been three years that we met. So to have some fun, I would like to ask few questions to everyone and they must answer honestly
Everyone noded.
Akshay: so first question is that what was your first impression regarding your partner as many of the girls here are married.
The girls in the party made a face while akshay smirked.
Sanskar lost listening ‘ first impression’. First impression is always the best impression. It really plays a important role in deciding ones charecter. may be the person might be a good one but a bad first impression affects it a lot.
It was during his tenth class. Everyone are walking here and there and all his friends were in formal clothes while girls were in sarees. Teachers were no less in dressing. Everyone looked beautiful that day so was he but he was feeling nervous cause he was going to teach a class to eight standard students that too in the section where laksh studies. His teachers wished him luck and he entered the class room after leaving a heavy breath.
The very first person he saw in the class was laksh.he smiled at him. Though it was a self governing day and he had to teach the class, the familiar faces of the class reduced his tension. Everyone stood to great him and he started explain the class. It was then he saw swara sitting behind laksh. She didn’t even care to listen and he heard her talking to someone beside..
Swara’s friend: see him swara. How handsome he is. I heard that he is laksh’s brother.
Swara rolled her eyes
Friend: come on swara! Even many said that almost every girl in his class tried to flirt with him but he never replied.
Sanskar: what’s going on there? I want a silent class
Friend:( whispered) why don’t you try him . after all you are also the heart throbe of our class.
Laksh: shh! Listen to him.
Swara: come on lucky..this is just a demo
Laksh: but!
Sanskar: I said I need a silent class.
The trio became quite. Swara observed him carefully. He was wearing a formal dress and she felt that her friend’s words were not false regarding him but something stuck inside her heart..he pointed out her two times which irritated her.
Bell rang and sanskar was about to leave the class when he heard her saying
Swara: come on ! Do you think that swara gadodia is going to consider and fall for such a cheap guy!
He looked at her and their eyes met.

To be continued..

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