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Swara: sanskar!!!!
She immediately rushed to the study table and called someone
Swara: hello
Ragini:( almost in wishper) what happened di?
Swara:( angry) you were saying yesterday that we ourselves are responsible for our deeds right! But that is not the case with me.
Ragini is surprised and confused listening her.

Ragini: what!
Swara heard someone asking ragini get out of the class room.
Ragini: happy! How many times did I say you not to call during class hours.
Swara: but..
Ragini: what?
Swara: I think you know Mr. Pratik..pratik singhania.
Ragini: why did in come in between us?
Swara: listen to me first. We were about to enter into a deal today and ..your sanskar has spoiled it by burning the papers.
Ragini: what?
Swara: you said that one will pay for one’s deeds but I am paying for his hatred.
Ragini: cool down di.
Swara: cool down! Do you atleast have any idea regarding the project?
Ragini: just shut up di. Stop complaining about him.and if you are really fed with then encounter him not me..okay!
Ragini disconnected the call. Swara stamped her foot aganist the floor.
Swara:( to herself) damn it! This ragini always takes side of sanskar. God! Where will the habits of laksh will go in supporting his ladla brother. After all she was his better half.
She sat down leaning to the wall and closed her eyes. Tears simply rolled down from her eyes…she really needed someone to outburst her frustration and the first name flashed in her mind is varun. She immediately called him..

Swara: hello varun!
Varun: hello dear! How are you?
Swara:( in low voice) actually..I am …not fine.
Varun: are you crying?
Swara: you always read my mind.
Varun: what happened dear?
‘Dear’..only laksh used to call her like that. After him only varun had right on it.
Swara: I want to meet you.
Varun:( worried) should I come?
Swara thought for a while.
Swara: no need. I can manage myself.
Varun: tell me dear..what is that problem that is annoying you?
Swara: my enemy. He again plotted aganist me.
Varun: hmm..so you didn’t consider my advice to ignore him
Swara:( started crying) no I did but he is..
Varun: shh..my girl is very brave. She won’t cry for such small things. If you really feel like you are betrayed by him then confront him dear. Trust me! It gives better results.
Swara became angry once again.
Swara: neither you nor my sister understands me.

He was about to say something about she disconnected the call.
Swara:( to herself) there is some sense in ragini supporting sanskar. I didn’t expect varun, being my friend, I thought that atleast he will say that I am correct but no..
Same evening
Sanskar came home
Parineta: sanskar!
Sanskar: ji bhabhi
Parineta: did you both had a fight?
Sanskar: no bhabhi.
Patients: actually swara came home early and she did not eat anything from morning.
Sanskar left the place smiling.
He entered the room and saw swara lying beside the bed.she slowly opened her eyes and the next moment they became red.
Sanskar without uttering a word left the wash room.
Swara went near to him after coming out of washroom.
Sanskar: see swara! I really don’t have any mood of fighting with you. By the way, I heard that your deal got…
Swara’s eyes welled up. She saw him smirking . a layer of guilt came in his heart but he composed himself. He simply left the place.
He came back after dinner and saw swara in the same position. Now the human inside him started responding.
” what is this sanskar! If you want to take revenge then you can use other ways but not this.are these are the values which you learnt..to make some one cry especially girls” said his inner voice.

He slowly started moving towards her but his mobile rang disturbing them..swara lifted her head listening the ringtone. She then saw him rushing to the balcony.
Sanskar: ragini!
Ragini: what did you do with her sanskar?
Her voice is almost like a scream.
Sanskar: I was just..
Ragini: stop it sanskar. I know that you both hate each other but this is not the way to take your revenge..
Sanskar: I am sorry ragini. I haven’t thought that it will affect her so much.
Ragini: this is what the problem with you sanskar. You will always think twice before doing anything and will also consider their emotions except swara. Try to consider her feelings. After all she is your wife sanskar..show come curtosy to her.
Sanskar: I can do anything for you ragini but never ask me to accept your sister.
Ragini: let me remember you one thing..you can’t even get out of this relationship as you are bound to a promise.
Sanskar sighed.: ragini..try to understand me
Ragini: will you give the same reply to laksh?

He heard her disconnected ting the call. And then closed his eyes in pain and opened his laptop to work but closed it again seeing laksh’s picture as his wall paper. He came into his room and saw plate with rotis beside her..parineta bhabhi must have brought it probably.
Sanskar: enough of crying swara..have your dinner.
Swara saw him. He eyes became red and tears were not there now.
Swara: I think you are happy now. Go away sanskar..celebrate your success and please I don’t need your care and concern.
Sanskar fisted his hand helplessly and rushed out of the room taking car keys.
Swara leaned to the wall and started thinking about him. It was not the first time for her. He did the same in her college during her practical exam.

Lecturer: swara where is your project?
Swara looked at lecturer after checking her bag for the third time.
Swara: I am sorry mam. It got misplaced.
Lecturer: how can you be this careless. I won’t allow you to attend the practicals. This is the best way to punish you.
Bell rang and everyone left the room for lunch
Swara collapsed crying.
Laksh: don’t worry swara. We will convince her.
Swara: but how…I mean the project was with me before an hour. How can it….sanskar.
Laksh: come on swara. Why are you pointing my bhai.
Swara: cause he is the only one who can do this.
Laksh was about to say something and stopped when he saw sanskar standing at the entrance if class room.
Sanskar: ( sarcastic tone) lucky! The climate is really good today. I think it is going to rain today..rain…did you remember how we used to play with paper boats in our childhood.
Laksh looked confused but swara understood his words. She immediately ran outside and reached the pond in their campus. The sight boiled her blood..she saw her project book torn and all the papers were in the water. She turned to laksh who came after her.
Swara: see..I think this is enough to prove that I was correct about your brother.
Laksh sighed while swara left the place.
Laksh: why did you do this bhai? You very well know how hard she worked for it.
Sanskar smirked: a small punishment lucky. Leave about it.
After few days, swara was allowed to write practical exams but she really didn’t know how. She always thought that laksh convinced her lecturer.

Next morning
Swara got up from the bed and as usually saw beside her thinking to see sanskar sleeping peacefully but to her surprise he was not there.
She went downstairs after becoming fresh.
Swara: ma! Where is sanskar? Did he leave early today?
Sujatha is surprised to listen her words.
Sujatha: what! I haven’t seen him from the morning.
Annapurna: its okay sujatha. He must have left in early hours.
Sara just smiled but her heart started indicating something bad.she reached her office.
PA: wow mam..that’s off to your determination.
Swara:( confused) but why?
PA: don’t act infront of us. Pratik is really impressed by your work instead he said that the format which you produced was better than previous one.
Swara: what!
She immediately called sanskar but it was switch off.
Swara: I need to go out. Please take care of these files.
She immediately went downstairs and left the place in her car.
Swara:( to herself) I know that sanskar had only done this. What is he thinking about me..a begger..I must talk to him at any cost.
She almost ran to his cabin..
Swara: sanskar
PA: mam sir has not come yet.
Swara: what?
PA:Yes mam we have been trying to his number since morning but all we can hear is switch off. Do you know where he is?
Swara: no..
Before PA could speak anything, swara left the place.
She started calling sanskar but of no use. She kept calling many a times. At first she wanted to take out her frustration but gradually it turned out in fear. She started worrying for him.
Swara: please sanskar..pick up my call.
She then called someone.
Swara: aadarsh bhayya..do you know where sanskar is?
Aadarsh: what!
Swara: actually his mobile is not working so I thought that…
Aadarsh: I think he is in some meeting..yeah..he mentioned me about it.
Swara: okay bhayya.

She said okay but her heart is not accepting .
Same evening
Swara came home home with a hope of seeing him
Sujatha: did you get to know anything about sanskar?
Swara: but how did you get to know ma!
Sujatha: aadarsh bhayya said.
Ram Prasad: swara!
She turned back and saw ram Prasad standing at the entrance.
Swara: papa
Ram: where is sanskar?
Sujatha: she too doesn’t know.
Everyone became worried. Swara immediately called someone
Swara: hello…trace out sanskar..immediately.. Waiting for your call.
She disconnected the call and turned to the family.
Swara: don’t worry papa. We will get to know about him. Saying this she went to her room
As soon as she entered the room, her gaze went to the dustbin containing ash. She throwed the phone on her bed and is really feeling restlessness now.
Swara: I know that it is you who have sent the copies to pratik, sanskar but what is the need to hide yourself.
She again tried to his mobile but switch off.
Swara: switch off!!
She closed her eyes and all she can see is his smiling face.
Swara: where are you??

Almost four to five hours passed and with every minute, swara’s heart started beating fast.it is then she heard her mobile ring. She immediately attended it and then rushed out of the room taking car keys. She again came back to the room.and grabbed one of the files from study desk and left again..
Swara banged the door and it opened with great force. She saw sanskar working seriously working on computer. A small smile apperead on her lips seeing him. She immediately rushed to him. Sanskar was seriously working and seemed as if he is not affected by her arrival
Swara:( shouts) who have asked you to switch off your mobile.. Do you know how everyone got tensed. I have been calling you since morning and you are working here without any…
He turned to her and again started working.
Swara: how mean sanskar. I am talking here and you are not even bothered to see me. I know you are not concerned about me but what about my in laws..do you atleast have the idea of the impact on them seeing their son missing. You are stubborn!

He stood up and turned to her. He can clearly see the restlessness, care, affection towards him in her face. Without uttering a word, he left the place giving her a pile of papers. Swara was shocked to see his behaviour and the intensity grew when she looked at the papers. They were the papers containing the rest of the amendments ,polices, ideas and rhesus of gadodia company which had to be sent to pratik. Her eyes welled up with tears. Sanskar observed her from outside the window. ‘Tears’.. It is what he cannot bear in her eyes. He rembered the last incident when he saw the same expressions in her face.
Sanskar: mam please!!
Lecturer: no way sanskar. Swara is not going to write a practical exam.
Sanskar: but mam!
Lecturer: what but? See sanskar I don’t want to listen anything about her.
Sanskar: sorry mam but it was not her fault .I mean the project was with me and accidentally it became wet by spilling of water.
Lecturer: the project is hers so she should pay.
Sanskar: please mam.
Lecturer: okay then but I won’t permit you to get inside my class for one week. I would have dismissed you from the practicals but as you are a good student..
Sanskar was almost in cloud nine.
Sanskar: I am ready for this . i am ready to do anything for her happiness. He then saw her attending the practical exams and the happiness he felt that moment priceless.
Swara came out of the house and she looked around. If was a farm house belonged to maheswaris but she didn’t know that it was his favourite place . she saw him far away stretching his hands as if they were paining due to the continuous work that he had done that day. His face us really calm and sweet. She slowly approached him
Swara: lets go home. Papa is waiting for you.
Sanskar turned back just to see her.
Swara: say something sanskar. Why are you not talking with me?
Sanskar smiled and started walking..
Swara” you are not that bad what I have thought you to be”. She almost murmered. As it was a silent area, her words didn’t fail to reach Sanskar’s ears. He turned back and this time only pain was visible in his eyes.
Sanskar: I am really a better one swara. It is you who never tried to understand me.!!

To be continued…

Credit to: Sree harini

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