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Ragini: I am leaving ma! Actually I have some work to do.
She left the place . everyone there knew that she just pretended as they were also pretending to be fine. Swara and sanskar went into their room to get fresh. Sanskar sat in the balcony and started inhaling the fresh air. He remembered how laksh has specially designed his room as he was never interested in such type of things. Laksh was the reason for this beautiful design of his room with a balcony having only glass doors which slide and the view from the balcony with those flowers and trees. They used to spend hours together in his room and laksh was the only person who know each and everything about them. He was two years younger to sanskar but they were friends more than brothers . he stopped thinking about laksh when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder. He was sure that it was swara.

Swara: dinner is ready.
Her voice is now soft and there were no traces of any hatred or attitude.
Sanskar sighed and said: I am okay swara. Don’t need to take any tension about me.
Swara nodded and they both went down for dinner. The fact is that swara and sanskar used to fight always for small things but they stood for each other when it comes to laksh.
They both had their dinner and came back to their room. Sanskar as usual sat in the balcony while swara is doing some work on her laptop sitting on bed.

He again went back to his memories when he has seen swara in college..all his friends were really interested in ragging but he never took part in it. Laksh always used to insist him to rag but he refused as according to him, no one has a right to tease or hurt others feelings but he never applied it to swara. He really felt happy when laksh informed to he is joing to join in the same college and has planned many things to do. He was eagerly waiting for laksh’s arrival that day. His friends kept on asking him to rag atleast one student in that year. As usual he denied but his gaze caught up swara who was walking alone. Her face made his inner man hungry asking him to take revenge from her. Everyone was shocked seeing him ragging someone especially a girl but he always felt happy troubling her after all she used to react the same with him and in no time , they became the most popular Tom and Jerry couple of the campus..but…

He felt a small vibration at his chest and removed the mobile from br*ast pocket. His face gloomed seeing the name and immediately he attended the call.
Sanskar: hello sweet heart!
Vaishu: hello Mr. Handsome. Again a new name.
Sanskar:I will never get bored calling you by different names.
Vaishu: but this girl wants to listen her name from his mouth.
Sanskar smiled at her words. Her voice is rejuvenating him and his every part.
Sanskar: vaishali!
Vaishu: finally.. It sounds good.
Sanskar: how are you? And why didn’t you call me?
Vaishu:(pleading tone) you know very well about my exams right!
Sanskar sighed.
Vaishu: but don’t sorry. This girl is promising you to call you every day
Sanskar: sure!

Vaishu: by the way, why didn’t you text me since four days.
Sanskar gulped at her question as he didn’t want her to know about his marriage.
Sanskar: I…was..on business tour.
Vaishu: cool. I want to meet you cutie pie!
Sanskar: I think you forgot our agreement and according to it, you need to wait for two months dear.
He heard nothing from her.
Sanskar: vaishali!
Vaishu: yeah! Good bye
Sanskar: but why?

Vaishu: the more I talk to you, the more my desire to meet you increases. So good bye.
He then heard beep sound indicating that she disconnected the call.
He went inside the room and it was too cool. He looked at the AC in the room and it was at 16. His jaw touched the ground seeing the temperature but soon realised that swara loves cold temperatures and without uttering a word, he slept beside her.
Next morning

Sanskar opened his eyes listening to some prayer song . he was sure that it is from his house and immediately went out of the room. He saw swara offering prayer at mandir. He just closed his eyes to feel her voice. After all she had a memorising voice and was even know as Nightingale of the campus during her studies. He soon opened his eyes and shouted.
Sanskar: ma! Who let a donkey get inside the house. It’s voice is really hoarse and is disturbing my sleep. Send it outside the house orelse mute its audio if possible.
Swara glared at him in anger as he always used to tease her even in college. Sanskar came into his room irritated and ordered one of his servants to prepare tea for him.
Swara called someone after offering prayers.

Ragini: ha didi. Anything important?
Swara is surprised to listen her voice. It was so fresh as if nothing has happened yesterday. She sometimes wondered how can ragini be so cool.
Ragini: didi!
Swara: I have just called like that! Will you accompany me in shopping dear as I don’t have any knowledge in traditional clothes.
Ragini: so you are saying to your sister about your habits like what she likes and dislikes?
Swara: I don’t mean..
Ragini: its okay dear. I will come.
Swara: thank-you dear. Be ready by 6:00
Ragini: sure.
Swara entered their room disconnecting the call. Sanskar, who was standing infront of mirror brushing his hair with a towel wrapped around his waist turned back seeing swara.
Sanskar:( angry) don’t you have minimum manners that you must knock before entering into someone’s room.
Swara got irritated by his words.

Swara: oh hello! This is my room even and please don’t show off now.
Sanskar: show off! I mean see how shameless you are..you don’t even feel shy seeing me with bare skin.
Swara till now was busy in collecting files, turned to him.
Swara: Mr. Maheswari! You don’t have any six pack body either like salman Khan or sharukh and no one here is not so mad to see you like this. Stop hallucinating and please do wear your clothes.
She approached the door and turned back before closing it.
Swara: and it is your responsibility to lock the door.
She closed the door while sanskar stamped his foot aganist the floor.

Annapurna: where is sanskar dear?
Swara: he is getting ready badi ma!
Annapurna: ask him to get ready fast and also to come down for break fast.
Swara went to their room and was about to knock the door. Suddenly an idea flashed in her mind. She tiptoed to the door and bolted it.she then giggled.
Swara: you have addressed me as donkey right! Now see what this donkey can do.
Sanskar got ready and came near the door. He tried to open the door but failed in doing so. He started bangging the door.
Sanskar: please open the door..ma! Badi ma! Bhabhi!
Swara continued giggling outside.
Sanskar: I need to break this now…1..2..3
He tried to push the door but of no use. He again gathered strength and tried for the second time. It was also flop.

Sanskar: I am getting late to my office..sanskar! Come on you can do it.
Swara slowly opened the bolt and started smiling .
Sanskar with his full strength , pushed the door and has fallen down as the door was already open. Swara started laughing loudly
Swara: oh God! Sanskar. You are really a dumbo..
She laughed so much that her stomach started aching. Sanskar fumed in anger and started running after her.
Swara: you can’t reach me sanskar!
Sanskar: swara! Wait!

Finally sanskar caught swara by her wrist and twisted her hands to back.
Sanskar: say sorry
Swara: why should I?
Sanskar tightened his grip.
Sanskar: don’t irritate me. Say sorry.
Swara: swara ga…MAHESWARI is never going to say sorry to anyone.
Sanskar jerked listening MAHESWARI. He never expected it from her.
Sujatha:( exclaimed) sanskar! Is this the way to behave with a girl? Leave her first
Sanskar immediately left her while she smiled victouriosly.
Sanskar and swara left to office.
It has been a week since swara and sanskar has started staying together in the relationship called marriage though they never behaved like that.
Ragini: didi! What are you thinking about?

Swara: nothing
Ragini: can I ask you something?
Swara: what!
Ragini: why do you hate him so much.
Swara’s forehead frowned .
Swara: you know it very well.
Ragini: hmm.
Swara: I never thought that I would get married to him. My life has became hell.
Ragini smiled at her words.
Swara: why are you smiling?
Ragini: it is we who make our life hell not others didi.
Swara: I don’t agree with you…
Ragini: I didn’t give my opinion didi. I have said fact and no one can change it. Try to accept this relation di
Swara: how did you think that I am going to… Their conversation was interrupted by swara’s mobile ring. A big smile came on her face seeing the name.
Ragini: varun??

Swara:( smiles) how do you know?
Ragini: only he can make you smile
She stood up and turned to swara.
Ragini: try to give at least 10% importance to sanskar of which you give to varun!
She left the place. Swara tried twice to call varun but all she is hear is out of coverage area.
Sanskar came to house in the evening. He entered his room and at the next moment his blood boiled seeing swara’s face. He remembered how she bolted the door and was waiting for a chance to answer her.
After dinner, he went to the balcony as usual. He was about to close the door when he heard her talking to someone
Swara on phone
Swara: I know Mr.das and please believe me. I will submit those papers tomorrow…. Yeah fine…I will be careful as this project helps me to prove my potential once again…bye.
He then saw her keeping some file inside the wardrobe and now he had a big smile on his face thinking his future plan.
Next morning.

Swara: ma! Badi ma! I am leaving to office and will be late in the evening.
Annapurna: take care dear!
Swara turned her head and saw sanskar involved in reading some business magazine. She just went out while sanskar slowly moved the paper down and saw swara.
Sanskar: ( to himself) get ready swara! Get ready for the pain
At office
Swara started explaining her delegates about their plans to improve the standard of gadodia industries.
Pratik: so Mrs swara MAHESWARI..we welcome your deal. I would really feel happy if you handover those papers.
Swara: sure Mr. Pratik singhania.
She opened her bag and became worried seeing papers missing .
Swara:( to herself) oh God! What should I do now?
Pratik: what happened swara.
Swara tried to collect words but speak but her voice is barely audiable
Swara: papers …are..mi..ssi.ng!
Pratik: what! I mean how?
Swara: I am sorry.

Pratik fumed in anger.
Pratik: I have never seen such a irresponsible person in my life. Pratik sighania never trusts the person who is careless infact irresponsible. I just give you 48 hours of time. Get those papers ready.
He turned back to leave but took a sodeward glance to her.
Pratik: and this time is for the respect that I have on your father ..
Swara simply noded.
PA: But mam it is impossible to prepare the whole papers I mean we should again go through all the amendments…
Swara: I need the work to get done by tomorrow by hook or cook.
Saying this, she immediately rushed to her car and reached the home.
Parineta: arey swara! You said that you will be late!
Swara:( worried) I will just ce in a minute bhabhi.

She went to her room and started searching the whole place. She turned back to leave the room but her gaze caught up a burnt paper lying on the floor. She turned the other side and saw the dustbin filled with ash. A small unburnt paper came to her through wind.
She tried to read the letters In that paper and fumed with anger seeing’ pratik singhania’
Swara: sanskar!!!
To be continued..

Credit to: Sree harini

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