SWASAN- A hate story (2)


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I am really sorry for late update but as I have mentioned earlier, I am busy with my exams now and I promise to upload regularly after 4 the Feb. I have read all your commentcomments but so sorry as I didn’t reply to anyone of them. Hope you understand and coming to this fiction, it is just a cute hate story of our couple and I really don’t know whether you like it or not. It is just out of my imagination and I cannot promise many twists as my previous fiction. Keep reading.

Next morning
Swara slowly opened her eyes and found sanskar sleeping beside her peacefully. she got up from the bed and went to washroom to get fresh.. Sanskar started moving eyelids as if he is dreaming something . soon he started sweating and his heart beat raised. ” laksh!!” He screamed and opened his eyes. He looked around the room just to confirm that he was dreaming. He slowly went into the balcony of their room and opened the glass doors..he then slowly moved to the railing of the balcony and observed the view outside. All he can see is the beautiful garden with many flowers. The curves of his lips turned into a sad smile. Someone’ s words echoed in his ear.
Laksh: you are so boring bhai! I must say that you really don’t have any taste regarding interior designing.
Sanskar: but..
Laksh: don’t worry. Your lucky is going to help you.
Sanskar came out of his thoughts when he heard someone calling him. He turned back and now his face glowed with shine and happiness.
Sanskar: ma!

Sujatha:(smiles) good morning sanskar! Get ready soon. You have to come down for your wife’s dessert ritual.
Sanskar’s fisted his band but still smiled in order to make his mother happy.
Swara who just came out of the washroom, became happy seeing sujatha and hugged her.
Swara: ma!
Sujatha: wow swara! I didn’t expect you to get up this early.
Swara made face while sujatha approached the door to leave the room but she again turned back .
Sujatha: one more thing dear, please wear some traditional outfit.
Sanskar smiled listening to his mom’s order as he very well knew that swara is not habituated to wear such type of things. But to his surprise she agreed.
Soon everyone reached the hall and assembled at dining table.

Annapurna: swara! You go and prepare the kheer. Meanwhile I will serve them breakfast.
Swara nodded and left to kitchen while sanskar started eating his breakfast. He heard his phone making that special sound ( ringtone) which indicates that it was a message from his dearest one. Without wasting a minute he opened his phone. He felt like someone has taken out all his frustration by seeing the name. He opened the message.
*vaishu: hello sweet heart! Are you busy?
* sanskar: no. I am just having my breakfast.
* vaishu: oh! I need a help from you.
* Sanskar: feel free to ask.

* vaishu: will you give me the recepie of kheer. Actually my mom asked me to prepare.
* sanskar: but why?
* vaishu: cause I am I’ll fated. My mom caught me red handed bunking the class so..
* sanskar: punishment. Why don’t you Google it.
* vaishu: do you think that I am such a dumb girl not knowing to search in the net.
A smile came on sanskars’s face
* sanskar: may be…but why?

* vaishu: my mobile data is off dear. Please help me. .
Sanskar sent screen shots of the recepie.
* sanskar: how is it going?
* vaishu: almost done dear! It smells good even.
Sanskar saw swara standing beside him with a tray in her hand. He immediately locked his mobile seeing her. Swara observed him but ignored as she dont want to bother about his works.
He tried to take one of the bowls from the tray but was interrupted by swara.
Swara:( smiles) not that one sanskar. Take this.
Sanskar was jerked to see her expressions because he very well know about her nature and he strongly believed that there was something fishy in it.

Sanskar: it’s OK..
Swara:( pouts) i have made with lots of love dear. Please!!
Ramprasad: take it sanskar. After all you won’t get this type of treatment after few days.
He smirked at sujatha.
Sanskar sighed and tool the bowl. Swara smirked at him which didn’t go out of his sight.he slowly took the first spoon of the kheer in to his mouth and his eyes widened in shock.
Swara smiled victoursily. He really wanted to spit the kheer and shout at swara. He was about to but..
Durga Prasad: perfect beta. This is really good. He again took another spoon of kheer. Sanskar now understood her plan while swara remembered how she added salt instead of sugar in SANSKAR’S bowl.
He gulped the kheer and immediately drank a glass of water.
Sujatha:( worried) what happened beta. Are you okay.
Sanskar looked at her in confusion.
Ramprasad: don’t you think drinking water after eating kheer is a bit weird?
Sanskar: sorry papa. Actually it was hot.
He then turned to swara and smirked. She felt like he is plotting against her and now the colors of her face started changing.

Sanskar:( sarcastic tone) oh my dear wife! Thank-you so much for this one but I will really feel satisfied if I share this with you.
Swara’ s mouth opened wide.
Swara: no..I mean I have made it for you dear.

Annapurna: its okay swara. We won’t feel anything. You can share your husbands kheer.
Swara gulped while sanskar made her eat the kheer.
Swara ate it hardly but still continued to smile just to show that she is happy.
Sanskar:( in low voice) it is not so easy to fool me dear and being my wife you must get equal rights in everything and I promise that I will never let you down from it.
Swara looked at him in anger and stamped his foot under the table.
Swara:( whisper) it is not so easy to win swara…Mr. Sanskar MAHESWARI.
After sometime, sanskar entered his room and saw swara getting ready in her mini skrits.sanskar got furious seeing her outfit.
Sanskar: swara!.

Swara: why are you shouting at me?
Sanskar: what is this?
Swara looked down at herself and again at him.
Swara: you don’t have any right to judge my dressing Mr. Maheswari.
Her voice is replete with attitude and according to sanskar it is because of wealth.
Sanskar: but no one here likes to see their daughter in law in these clothes. I need not remember this to you as you know it very well.
Swara who turned to leave,froze for a minute listening his words. Yes he is right. She is more close to his family and she very well knows about their habits. She would have quarelled with him but when it comes to family, she always comprised.
Swara:( in low voice) but I don’t have any traditional clothes.
Sanskar:( sighed) its okay. Borrow it from parineta bhabhi for today. I will ask ragini to make arrangements.
She simply noded and they both went down.

A small girl of some 4 years came running to swara.
Swara:( smiles) my princess is really looking good today.
Girl: ha chachi. Your princess is always beautiful and brave
Sanskar: and this is a gift for my brave girl.
The girl became happy seeing chocolate in his hand and grabbed it immediately.
Girl: I love you chacha.
Parineta: (angry) again chocolate! Sanskar.you very well know that she has recovered from fever just few days ago and ..
Girl: ma! Please. I promise this is the last one.
Aadarsh: its okay Anjali. Don’t take your mom’s words. See here is another chocolate for you.
Anjali became very happy.
Parineta: you all people pamper her in the same way and one day she will never listen to us..
Swara smiled at parineta’s words.
Aadarsh: sanskar! Will you please drop anju at school today?
Sanskar: sure..
Swara and sanskar came out along with Anjali.they went to their respective cars.
Anjali: chacha. I want you both to drop me at the school..swara and sanskar looked at each other.
Anjali: please.
Swara: sure beta but ask chacha to come in my car.
Sanskar : no way!
Anjali: please chacha.
His heart melted by her words.

The trio started their journey.sanskar is feeling a bit comfortable because of his height as the roof of the car is almost touching his head. He is really getting angry on swara but just composed himself for Anjali.
Anjali: you know what chacha..I have a close friend of mine..samhita..I met her at first day of my school and we…
Swara’s mind slipped into one of her memories listening ‘first day’
It was her first day of her college. Everyone will be generally excited for their first day but she was crying bitterly. Shekar was consoling her as she has to stay in hostel for the next four years. Swara tried her best to convince her family as she never wanted to stay away from them but her dada convinced her.

Shekar: swara! Please don’t cry dear. Look how everyone is looking at you.
She composed herself and slowly started walking. She saw her father waving to her till she goes off his sight. She was slowly moving to her hostel and really felt very happy when some familiar voice called her name. She turned back and now she is on cloud nine seeing him.
Swara: laksh!

Laksh: hey swara! Are you crying?
Swara wiped her tears.
Swara: your girl is not so weak that she will cry for silly things.
Laksh: that’s like gadodia.
They both smiled.
She really felt relieved seeing him in the campus but soon her smile faded away seeing a gang infront of her. She turned back but laksh was no more. He already left the place. She didn’t knew anything about them but strongly believed that they were seniors. Her believe grew more stronger seeing a person in the gang.
Swara: God! Why don’t he allow me to live peacefully.
She started walking ignoring him but he crossed her way.
Guy: welcome miss. Swara gadodia.

His voice is familiar to her and it was the face which she never wanted to meet in her life but..she cursed herself for not paying attention to her sister when she mentioned about the college in which he joined two years ago. Actually she never gave importance to him but destiny played with her. She raised her head and said in a stubborn voice.
Swara: thank-you Mr. Sanskar MAHESWARI and please maintain some distance from me. It will be better for us.

He smiled at her and she know that she is helpless because he was her senior now but she didn’t want to give any hint to him. When she looked into his eyes, he saw the same determination as before which had only one goal that is to tease and destroy her..
She came out of trance when driver stopped the car at the school.

Both of them waved to Anjali and reached their respective offices.
Same evening
Swara and sanskar almost reached at the same time. Swara was really feeling exhausted but all her tiredness fade away when she saw a familiar face laughing and chatting with Annapurna.
The girl turned and with in no time she came running and hugged swara.
Girl: didi…
Swara: ragini
Ragini: I was really missing badly.
Sanskar:( smiles) what! Only for one day?

Ragini: jiju..you very well know about me right!
Sanskar: hey please do call me sanskar. jiju doesn’t sound good from your mouth.
Swara:( sarcastic tone) he is right ragini. You no need to call him jiju. He is not fit for that . ragini rolled her eyes and she was not surprised to see them fighting like this. Sanskar observed her expression but ignored it as it was not new for him even..
Sanskar: hey lucky’ s girl! Why did you come here.
Ragini: I have said earlier that I came here to meet swara di
Sanskar: but not to meet your…friend!
Ragini: oh God! You became upset now. See I can’t handle you when you really upset.
Swara: you no need to bother about him. Okay!
Ragini: di!
The trio turned back listening annapurna’s scream.
Annapurna: ouch!
Ragini ran to her and made her sit .

Ragini: are you fine ma!
Annapurna: I think I got a sprain in my ankle.
Ragini: let me help ma.
Ragini massaged her foot
Ragini: how are you feeling now?

Annapurna: ( smiles)same as how I always feel by your touch.
Ragini smiled at her while swara and sanskar became happy that Annapurna became well.
Annapurna:( emotional) i always wished that I had a daughter in law like you ragini.
The trio jerked listening to her words. Ragini gulped hard and her eyes filled with tears . swara and sanskar became numb and their eyes were filled with tears but they were of guilt. Annapurna’ s eyes welled up with affection. The entire hall became pindrop silence with in a minute and now only the breathing of the four is echoing in the room. The four members turned to the adjacent wall which had a very big frame of laksh hanging down with a garland on it.

To be continued…

Credit to: Sree harini

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