SWASAN- A hate story (18)

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Swara opened her eyes in the morning when cool breeze touched her face. She saw sanskar getting ready in formals.
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: please leave me alone swara. I don’t want to talk to you now!
She jerked listening his words but his heart was broken much more by her two faces..no two identities.
He turned to her and gave a Bluetooth.
Sanskar: I think you don’t have any use of this now..you can talk to me freely..
His taunt stabbed her heart and she remembered how she use to manage talking to varun before sanskar using it.

He left the room while swara went to washroom after taking clothes from wardrobe. She came out and was surprised to see a red crape saree with silver border.
Swara: who has changed my clothes…she heard ragini’s voice downstairs..may be she did.
Swara got ready by wearing the saree, bangles and ear rings. She applied kajal and then filled her hairline with sindoor. Her face became red while filling her maang thinking about sanskar.
She then came down and saw sanskar and ragini discussing something and laughing aloud..for a moment, she felt jealous to see ragini laughing with him where she has to be in her place.
Sanskar didn’t even care to look at her.
Sanskar: ma! Swara and I are going out today. We will come come for lunch.
A smile came on her face. They both started walking towards the entrance but was interrupted by ragini.
Ragini: I think you forgot something!!
Swara: what!

She looked at herself and again ragini.
Ragini tool a bowl from the table and make swara to eat the kheeer.
Swara: kheer..for what?
Ragini: nothing special. I just made it with my own hands
She then fed it to sanskar. Both of them left the hall and ragini smiled happily seeing them together.
At entrance, swara encountered post man.
Postman: who is swara MAHESWARI?
Swara: me..

Postman: here is your parcel.
Swara understood that they were the papers which she asked someone to arrange.she signed the papers and went to the car where sanskar was already waiting for her.
She simply kept staring out of the window and the early morning breeze removed all her tensions as it flew through her. Sanskar stopped infront of a temple and went inside the temple while swara followed him. They made circumambulations and stood infront of the idol of Rama and sita.
Swara: I am sorry sanskar. I really didn’t trap you. Please understand me.
He turned to her and she was surprised to see him smiling at her.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Swara: sanskar!
Sanskar: stop crying swara. You don’t look good while crying.
Swara: it means you forgave me.
Her voice was filled with surprise and joy.
Sanskar: I think I ….forgave you.

Swara: sanskar!!
To her surprise, he hugged her.
Sanskar: I was angry with you but not now swara.
Swara broke the hug and looked him with confusion.
Swara: but this quickly? What is the reason behind this.
Sanskar:( smiled) marriage.
He then took her puzzled face in his hands.
Sanskar: yes swara..marriage is reason for my this. Do you why in our tradition, a girl gets married to a guy elder to her.
Swara nodded in no but was eagerly waiting to listen the answer from him.
Sanskar: because the man will treat his wife as a child because of her age and will eventually guide her and forgive..
Swara: I think you did graduation in matter of love and marriage
Sanskar: nothing as such swara. Till yesterday, my hate was dominating all others emotions and today my love is…

Swara smiled at him cause she too experienced.
Swara: yes sanskar! Till date, our hate has dominated other emotions and so we never tried to understand each other but..
Sanskar: if we have balance and control on all emotions equally then we would be in place of those idols.
Swara: you were true sanskar. We will never hate a person but their behaviour.
He smiled nodding yes.
Sanskar: I really don’t want to miss you swara. If I had known that staying together for four months will bring such a change then I would have married you in my tenth class itself…
Swara: and I would have come today to jail for your release….child marriages are crime..aren’t they?
They both smiled.
Swara: a small gift to you from my side
She gave him the papers and his face showed happiness, excitement and surprise after reading it.
Sanskar: are you serious?
Swara: yes sanskar…you can now fulfill your dream of becoming a lecturer.
Sanskar became teary eyed.
Sanskar: but how did you get to know?

Swara: you..sorry varun had once said this to vaishali. I remember you saying that you love staying in village by teaching those students but I was unable to fullfill your wish completely as our family is not so strong to stay away from us .
Sanskar: laksh always used to tease me listening my dream.
Swara: but swara won’t.
He smiled and wiped his tears
Sanskar: I don’t want to make marriage a joke by marrying you again but as a husband…I have this right ( didn’t mean to offend anyone)
He took a pinch of sindoor from the feet of goddesses seetha and filled her maang with it.
Sanskar: the right of filling your hairline and show how important you are to me.
Swara rubbed her eyes when sindoor went into her eyes. She felt bad seeing sanskar smiling at her..
Swara: how mean sanskar..you didn’t even try to help me.
Sanskar: you were looking cute with tears in your eyes.
Swara:Still you love me seeing in tears!!.
She hugged him.

Swara: I hate you sanskar!
He hugged her back.
Sanskar: I hate you too swara!
He then lifted her in his arms and as it was early hours, the temple was almost deserted.
Swara snaked her hands around his neck and stared at his eyes. he too did the same and descended the steps.

Swara: are you going to carry me like this till the car.
Sanskar: actually no..because my hands are aching
He then made her stand while swara placed her hands in his.
Swara: I wish laksh would have been alive. He would surely felt happy seeing us ..
Sanskar: who said that laksh is dead. see …he pointed the sky…he is seeing from there and is blessing us even.
Suddenly, a gentle wind blew and the flowers of the tree under which they were standing has fallen on them.
Swara: you are right!
They both sat in the car and drove off
From there the pilgrimage of love of this hate couple has started.

From there the pilgrimage of their love has started- sanskar maheswari.
He stretched his hands by dropping the pen on the table after writing the last line of his novel.
He turned back listening some familiar voice saying ” finished writing? “. He saw a old women in saree which was draped in traditional style and was holding a cup in her hands.
Sanskar: swara…my granny.
Swara: granny!! You are saying as if you are a young man.
Sanskar got up from his place and walked to the mirror.he then looked at himself. The skin of his body had wrinkles and the hairs on his head were grey evidencing his experiences in life
Sanskar: you are right Mrs. Maheswari but I am still young..I can jog …he moved few steps…can you do this?
Swara: enough of your drama. You know very well that I cannot walk properly even because of my…
Sanskar: arthritis…
He sighed while swara pouted.
Sanskar: but there are many women who…
She interrupted him.
Swara: I think your passion and profession of teaching has not left you even after three years of you leaving it.

Sanskar smiled and looked at his retirement photo which was hung on wall. He was sitting in middle and all his staff members were standing surrounding him.
Sanskar: passion cannot leave us while profession can. Will you proof read my novel?
Swara: I would have surely read if it was written by you but unfortunately Mr. Varun has written it and I know very well about his writing skills.
Sanskar smirked.
Sanskar: but I want vaishali to read it before it gets published.
Swara: enough of flirting now.. I came here to inform you about ragini’s arrival..
Sanskar: what! Ragini is coming. We must do many preparations.
They both turned their heads to entrance hearing a person’s voice.
Ayu: what!! ragini maasi is coming. Why didn’t you inform it ma?
Swara: I am sorry beta.
A girl of six years came running to sanskar.

Girl: grand pa…
He lifted her in his arms.
Sanskar: meena!
Meena: ragini dadi is coming?
Swara: yes..
Meena: then ansh bhayya will also come. Leave me dada. I should inform it to mom.
Sanskar: I will leave you meena but see my cheeks are crying…you need to do something.
She immediately kissed his cheeks.
Meena: see now they stopped crying.
Ayu and meena left the room and they heard meena calling her mother.
Swara: Ayu will always become a child listening ragini’s name.
She turned to sanskar and saw him pouting
Swara: what happened??
Sanskar: my cheeks are still crying!!
Swara: oh! Let me help..

She leaned towards his cheek and pinched it hard.
Sanskar: swara!!
Swara: I am not as sweet as meena. You know very well that I hate you.
Sanskar: I hate you too.
They heard Ayu greeting and shouting” ragini maasi”
Swara: come fast sanskar..we need to go..
Sanskar: yes swara otherwise this Lucky’s girl…he stuck his tongue out seeing swara’s angry face….sorry krish’s girl will see our death.
She smiled while sanskar forward his hand. Swara took support of him and both of them started walking.
The pages of the novel were still flying by the wind that blew from the adjacent window indicating that the whole book is not enough to write the love story of the hate couple.


NOTE: Being last episode , I know that many will comment ‘miss you’ and I won’t reject as I will also equally miss you but its a humble request from my side to give your opinion on this update too. I want to read genuine feedback of this episode. Sorry of I hurt anyone.

Credit to: Sree harini


    • Sree harini

      Thank-you snehahari for commenting from day one. To start another fiction, I need to think some beautiful story line and I guess it takes long time. But I will write for sure.

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      Hmm..thanks dhara for being a active reader and commenter of this fiction. You have made a spl place in my heart dear.

  1. U said u will write 20 episodes!!!!
    These are only 18..
    Sree harani I wont tell u miss u coz u n this ff will alwayz be in my heart.
    Well, I want u to write 1 more ff on swasan..
    If possible!!

    • Sree harini

      I said that I will complete with in 20episodes. I must think for another plor dear. Even you will be in my heart forever.

  2. sonia

    you are ending it…… so soon!
    no…… i loved reading this ff…..
    gonna miss you a lot seriously…. thanks sree for it.
    hope to read another one from you soon.

    • Sree harini

      I cannot drag it anymore dear because the story looses its charm.and plaese don’t say thanks and being a sanskar fan you should never say thanks to a friend.

  3. Sree harini just wanted to ask..when swara asked her pa that did she had any attitude in her..?at that time pa replied no in a shivering way..why?

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you joya..I was literally waiting for your comment and it really means a lot to me. I am really sorry of I hurt you but trust me that wasn’t intentionally. Love you dear.

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        hey why r u saying sorry??????
        that was my opinion dear………
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        stone hearted girl i m…….it’s not easy to hurt me….hehehehe just kidding dear…….
        but ur writing skill is superb………..

      • Sree harini

        Relieved…you really don’t know how I am feeling now. I regularly read your conversation in vini di’s fiction and seriously I keep checking hr update regularly just not to miss anyone of you but seriously I hardly don’t find any time on comment on it. You are really akind hearted one. Love you loads

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    Myself silent reader of your ff but so lazy to type comments but has last episode i have to appreciate you….really its worth for searching you’re ff and reading…all the best for what ever in future you’re upto…

    • Sree harini

      Thanks harsja for breaking your silence and letting me know that you were a silent reader. Really felt happy and overwhelmed reading your comment.

  5. Varu

    Nice .. yaar I’m ur regular reader .. Ur awesome dear…its perfect … it doesn’t feel us dat ur draging it or moving fastly… it’s really good.. u hav good writing skill yaar . Don’t stop writing… re enjoys us by writing another ff..
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    • Sree harini

      Seriously…but I think many writers here are more blessed in writing. Anyways thanks for your lovely comment and I have seen your comments regularly.

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    it was awesome dear…as i had told uhh..all words are less for uhh..SUPERB ending…sanky with wrinkles….haha…it was so funny to imagine him like that..lol…n the I HATE YOU…i loved it….it was beautiful…loved it dear
    n m bit confuse about line lucky girl and krish girl part….but i enjoyed reading this..hope u will start your next ff soon
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    • Sree harini

      Lucky’s girl is because ragini was his lover but later she got married to krish and so she is krish’s girl. I hope you got your answer and I am really gonna miss you aashi.ha-ha sanskar with wrinkles…I haven’t imagined him while writing but I am ROFL after reading your comment.. Love you dear.

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      Thank-you darsh.I know this word is less to express my feelings bit seriously right now I am unable to think of anything.

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      Overwhelmed with your words dear and I am glad to know that you were silent reader of my previous fiction.please don’t say sorry dear.regarding ending, I have planned it before writing the first episode itself.

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      Hadi…finally your name. Seriously I am jumping like a small kid now.and yes that was the message I tried to convey. I am not getting words to say thank-you bit God seriously dear I am honored. Love you loads.

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    • Sree harini

      I am angry with you now…why did you mention your name?? Uhh? I don’t need any explanation for that now because you are in my heart and I can easily recognized your comment. Well coming to your comment, I am overwhelmed seeing that my writings reach your heart which I thought I was poor at. And …what!! Thanks. I am again angry now.

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    • Sree harini

      Seriously.. Then I don’t object but will suggest you to look at other fictions as they are really better than mine. Vini di’s is perfect example for that. Anyway it shows your love dear.regarding ending, I tried to make it natural but it turned out filmy.

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    • Sree harini

      Thanks roja. I think this is your first cment on fiction. I am glad that you loved my fiction and I have justified my title.

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      Ayyo…I will dear but need some time to think about the plot and also this is end of academics . I need to concentrate on my studies even. Thanks dear.

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      Kittuu.. I have got to know that you are a swalak fan by reading your comment on one of the fictions of this page. Inspire of being a swalak fan, you have read and regularly commented on this and this itself is a honour to me. Gonna miss you.

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      Thanks tanu. Lucky’s girl because ragini was laksh’s lover. Krish’s girl because she is married to krish. I hope your confusion got cleared.thank-you so much for loving my fiction and commenting regularly. Miss you.

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      I tried to make it real but it ended in filmy way. Thanks Tania for being a regular reader of my previous fiction too. Love you so much dear and gonna miss you equally.

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      Thanks xxxx but reky expected a lengthy comment from you. Thank-you so much for being a true encourager dear. Gonna miss you.

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        I will for sure but not now. Exams are going to start from this Monday and seriously God only knows when they are going to end.

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      I have replied for three times but it got bounced dear. Miss you so much musky..please don’t cry..I don’t even have a hankt to give you as I fell shortage of them after laksh’s death episode. Please don’t feel bad as I cannot bear tears in my friend’s eye.you were a true encourager dear and had commented from first. Gonna miss you and love you loads.

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      Thanks Maya.novel…are you serious?? Only few are eligible dear and I am sure that I won’t be in that list. Anyways thanks for your love.

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      Oh God!! Did I do any black magic on you..I guess no..lol…I am glad to know that you waited till late night for my fiction. I have planned this episode even before thinking of first episode . I really wished to see varun kapoor playing a lecturer role because he looks good in formals and finnaly I fulfilled it through my story.. I think you are happy now because you were worried in epi 16 about swara seducing him. I won’t let her do that because this fiction is completely based on my mind set. Many words of the leads are my options. Miss you sooooo much. Love you loads.

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      Kodata ninnu..last fiction lo miss you ani cheppu appude marchipotana. Infact Nenu Ne comment kosam chala wait chesa and please I am a young girl so antha respect avasaram ledu. Nuvvu ante Chalu. Oh so you have enjoyed your festival nicely. Belated makar sankranti dear. Thank god that Nuvvu na fiction open chesav lepkapothe I would have missed you and you would too. Laksh death episode roju almost andaru adey annaru and really trust me, I never expected it. Chala happy undi that Nuvvu anni episodes chadivavu. Even I love the lone Lucky’s girl. Actually Limitless love epi 38 daggara naaku ee thought occhindi and so rasanu but raglak story ante I need time to think moreover idi academics ending kada..studies mefa concentrate cheyyali. And finally coming to narration, I thought that I was not good at this but you all people made me to accept. But according to my pov, meeru oohinchukuntunnaru kabatti…mere great….I am angry in you now..already previous fiction lo cheppa kada that time waste chesanu lantivi cheppaku ani.infact this is my first lenghty comment dear. Please stop respecting me and you have a special place in my heart. Don’t forget that. Love you loads and gonna miss you to the hell…alm the best for your future. Inko two days, I will be active on this site. If you want to chat then you can.

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      Had waited desperately for your comment. I thought that you have stopped reading because of exams but finally…you commented. BTW how was your exam dear? What!! Did you really take the snaps of this episode. Quote shocking for me I mean I never thought that I would turn into such an impact writer and really I have some special place for you in my heart as our philosophies meet most of the time. I will literally puch your nose of you day thank-you.thanks for your wishes and I wish you the same. Love you to the core dear and I am gonna miss you to hell.

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      Thank-you soooo much for this lovely comment. At first I used to feel a bit awkward listening that I have good skills in writing…I still believe it but became habitual as you all are saying it..I will definitely try to come back with a fiction. Miss you so much and u made a special place in my heart by your regular comments. I will be available for one more day on this site..so you can talk to me. Miss you soon much.

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      Seriously.. If you would have been infront of eyes then I don’t know what I have done to you. How did you think that I will forget you dear. I have mentioned miss you in that fiction and I really mean it. Glad to know that you read all episodes without fail. Love you dear and please don’t say like this. It hurts me.

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        It’s okay dear..I was just kidding. Not now as I don’t have any story in my mind presently but will surely consider your request. Love you loads.

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    • Sree harini

      Hello vaishnavi…chala episodes tarvata Ne comment…literally feeling happy.sorry ninnu edipimchinanduku. And yes Nuvvu na kante Chinna and I really love to be called sister infact nakku okka sister matrame undi and rest all are young to me.Nuvvu kids eppatiki na heart lone untav. Serious ga. Love you loads vaishu. All the best for your IPEexam, practicals and EAMCET even. Baaga rayi.

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    I really like Hate converted to love stories….. N u portray dem very well that’s what makes ur ff Enticing!!!!!
    Well all I would like to say is great job do much more such work because u are loved by many!!!
    That’s because u give us Limitless Love so we are bound to give back the limitless love!!!!
    I hate to see ends but i will love the fact that u will come up with one more …..c u soon Ms Limitless Love!!!

    • Sree harini

      I thought of many things while reading your comment but the last word’ Limitless love’ has made me to forget everything. Now again I have scrolled up and read your comment again to reply. Seriously shradda..the way you say it is so acffeconate that it rejuvenated me always. I am spell bound by your love dear. I don’t know why but I got connected to your very first comment on my fiction and never missed your conversation on vini di’s fiction.you are really a good and true friend and seriously..your words reflect your heart. I am really glad and honored that you felt my fiction impact ful..your comment made my day.and to say frankly I don’t know the meaning of enticing as I am poor at vocabulary but still I will Google it out . love you to the core of my heart for no reason shradda..oops i don’t even whether you are shradda or shradda di but your name has a special place in my heart. Please don’t think that I am buttering but these are the words of my heart which never came out till date.all the best dear.

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    • Sree harini

      Oh!! Tension…tension…what should I do to lessen your anger now? But ate you serious that my fiction will reduce your suffocation..lol..thanks for your love dear. I had planned to end at 18th episode earlier only.

  28. nive

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    • Sree harini

      Thank-you so much nive. Felt happy seeing your name. Thanks for such lovely words and I will surely consider your request but sorry I cannot comment more than this as it is time for SWARAGINI time.

      • Sree harini

        Thank-you so much dear for regularly commenting.regarding episodes, I have prepared this.love you loads dear and I am gonna miss you badly.

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    • Sree harini

      Thanks taani for breaking your silence and I am glad to know that you read every episode with enthusiasm. Thank-you soo much for your wishes and I too pray God to fulfill all your wishes and demands in your life. Stay blessed dear.

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    • Sree harini

      This is not my passion actually. I just penned down the ideas of my heart . well thankyou for your wonderful and lovely comment.no yaar I cannot even think of writing on those sites cause the writers there are really worthy but it shows your love. I am happy to read that you found my fiction hilarious I guess initial episodes. I will definitely consider your request and will be back.

    • Sree harini

      I think I should play a tape to everyone not to say thanks. Arey navi..you are one of my friends and please don’t break it by staying thanks.infact I must thank-you as u have read and encouraged me through comments .miss you.

    • Sree harini

      Thanks mona for supporting me silently till now.thank-you so much for your best wishes and wish you the same.

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    • Sree harini

      No dear..I won’t think anything as such and seriously your comment touched my heart . your last sentences were true and this fiction was a random idea but never expected it turn into a successful one. Yeah..Limitless live was big as I need to introduce every charecter but here it doesn’t require. You have mentioned about negatives right…actually I hate antagonists because they look good only in serials or movies and according to my pov, one should always try to show some good and inspirational things to the society instead of crap. Hence I never crossed the limit of romance in my previous fiction and didn’t even include it here. This fiction is completely based in my mindset and many words of the leads are my own thoughts. Simple..the things made my fiction free of negativity. Sorry for this lenghty update but I know that you won’t feel bad. Love you so much harani and equally miss you to the core.all the best for your future dear.

      • Harani

        tanq Dr I really didn’t expect this sweet response from you .and yes love u loads …ur mindset hats off …even u don’t like negative vibes in ur ff u r so sweet πŸ™‚

  32. Tanvesha

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    Bt the way u summed up the story was superb indeed..!! Each episode was superb n unique in its own way.. πŸ™‚ but hey who is krish…lyk ragini’s husband??

    • Sree harini

      Hi tanvesha..has seen your name twice I guess..the number of episodes were pre planned dear.thanks for your beautiful words to describe my story. Yes ragini is married to krish..miss you.

  33. Aditi Singh

    sree we r really gonna miss u I have read ur full ff n u know I love each n every line no word actually the way u write is epic u r an amazing writer…
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  34. Sree harini

    Hello aditi..thanks for being a regular and commenter on my fiction. Thank-you for your wonderful words about my fiction and regarding another fiction, I need some time to decide the plot dear. Miss you so much.

  35. Jwala

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    take care cutie ……………i luv a looot ( infinity) ……..bff

    • Sree harini

      It’s not because of full stops dear. I can understand it by your words and yeah..even I am not expecting any sorry from you being a sanskar fan….even I scold my friends who say sorry and thanks but you know what….I will be the first person to say that.so my friends regularly tease me and I will end up saying that only I have the rights on those two words..lol…what!! Seriously…you write like this in your exams?? Crazy girl.love you too…double infinity..take care..bfffff

      • Jwala

        yeah ………………oohh u just can uderstand my comment just by reading my words …..that’s awesome …………………. it happens with me too i always says sorry for each and everything ………….well it happens…….and guess wht ………..every1 ………….will start teasing me …………….but ,,,,,,i luv their teasing tooo …………it will be damn funny ………….
        luv u infinty raised to infinity …….and i will take care ………………..best sissy foerever …….

  36. Priya

    Awesome yaar but next ff fast and give imp to both swasan and raglak like before limitless love best ff

    • Sree harini

      No need to swaer dear..I can sense my silent readers and thank you so much for living my fiction silently.

  37. Oh its just fab! You did a great job ! Seriously i also feel marriage is a sacred relationship , a good ending for swasan, i ll miss u & ur ff n one more thing ,i have a doubt who was krish? Did ragini marry some other boy named krish? Ya i also wanted her to marry someone n move on in life ,plz just clarify my doubt,thanx for the lovely ff thanx a lot.

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you do much anam. I am really gonna miss you a lot….yes marriage is something beyond all relationships. Yes ragini is married to some other as no one in life will stuck to any situation..I want to show it and I did it in case of ragini. Hope your doubt got clarified. Love you dear.

  38. sindhuja

    hi hari!!!! sorry for the late comment. I just finished reading the updates. i got little busy with my projects. regarding updates, as usual you nailed it. awesomeness overloaded. feeling good to know that ragini had moved on in her life. perfect ending. you penned it so well. I got some doubts in previous update and got cleared. way to go girl!!! love you, dear!! good luck!!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.