SWASAN- A hate story (17)

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The next minute, swara’s right hand landed on ananya’s cheek leaving impressions.
Swara stood up in rage and turned to ananya.
Swara: how dare you to say like that. I want love from him not all these stuff. Love is divine and you are asking me to get it by seducing him. How can you think that I will do this type of things? Mrs. Ananya raghunanthan! Thanks for your ghatiya advice and please never call me again.
Swara reached the home in rage and directly went into their room.

Same evening.
Sanskar came to his room after a hectic work. His eyes searched for swara but was disappointed by her absence.
Sanskar:( to himself) I know that you are feeling bad by my ignorance but I am also stuck between you and vaishu.
” what’s your opinion about love at first sight?” Vaishali’s words echoed in his ear.
Sanskar: I guess she loves me and I am not sure about my feelings because when she asked me to meet her on my London trip, I lied her then switch off the mobile just to satisfy her. I want you in my life but if I have you in my life with her in my heart then it will hell and it leads in breaking your trust. I want sometime to gain clarity regarding my feelings on her..am I treating her just as friend or something beyond that..
He came out of his thoughts when he heard someone opening the door of washroom. Swara came out of it wearing night dress and looked at sanskar. He immediately went inside the washroom ignoring her.
Swara sat infront of the mirror combing her hairs but is staring at sanskar’s reflection in mirror who came out after becoming fresh.
Only ananya’s words were echoing in her ears.
” SEDUCE HIM…show him that you are a girl”
She placed her comb on the table and started moving towards him.
Swara: sanskar!
He tried to move away from her but she held his hand.
Swara: why are you not talking with me?
He just looked the other side as he didn’t have any answer for her. Swara wrapped her arms around his neck and came close the him.
Sanskar was shocked by her act.
Swara: I know that you love me.
Sanskar tried to free her arms around his neck
Sanskar: swara.. I think you misunderstood my silence. There is nothing as such.
Swara tightened her grip.
Swara: then why is your voice shaking?
Sanskar gulped and was about to about to say something but his mouth went dry when swara hugged him hard..
Swara: I am ready to bear any punishment sanskar but not your silence. Please talk to me sanskar.
His heart melted by her words but composed himself.
Sanskar:( to himself) I am sorry swara but I cannot take any decision for you till I get clarity on my relation with vaishu
Swara looked up from his chest and ran a finger over his cheek and smiled sadly.
Swara: sweat!! So you are nervous.
She freed herself from him.
Swara: till now I thought that you had feelings for me but didn’t want to show it. I was wrong sanskar.
She again smiled seeing his confused face.
Swara: if you really love me then you should not sweat sanskar. You must feel protected by my touch not nervous. I know that you find this foolish and funny but let me clear it. Will you sweat when your parents or siblings touch you..no because you are close to them and feel protective as you love them. I want to see that love from you not this type which is just due to infacutation.
She started walking to the entrance and paused for a second.
Swara: come down fast. Dinner is ready! Trust me, that hug of mine was not due to libido
She turned to him..
Swara: and one more thing..this is swara….swara MAHESWARI and she doesn’t have the habit of begging anything not even love.
He can see the same pride amd confidence in her eyes but now he was feeling happy for that.the word love echoded in his heart for more than thousand times.
After few hours, swara went to terrace and called someone.
Swara: how about the papers which I have asked you to prepare.
Man: mam! They are almost ready. I have tried to hard to get it.
Swara: so can I expect them by tomorrow?
Man: this is really a difficult one mam. I can bring them day after tomorrow.
Swara: fine..but don’t delay!
She disconnected the call and stared the moon..
Sanskar was also staring the moon thinking about swara’s words in their room.
Sanskar: I didn’t expect this change in you. Sometimes I feel like you are exact copy of mine in some issues.
” she was the same sanskar. It was you who have misunderstood her” said his inner voice.
Sanskar was deeply involved in this thoughts and received a call without noticing the name on it
Vaishu( S): hello sanskar!
Sanskar: swara!
Swara became numb by listening her name but quickly composed herself.
Vaishu: swara! Who is swara?
Sanskar realised that it was vaishali.
Sanskar: sorry..how are you vaishu?
Swara felt relieved that sanskar didn’t get to know about her identity
Vaishu: its okay..I am fine Mr. Handsome.
He felt inconvient listening it.
Sanskar: why did you call me?
Vaishu: you have been asking me about our meeting right! So I have planned it tomorrow.
Sanskar: oh! Fine..where should I come?
Vaishu: I will tell you the address tomorrow.
Sanskar: okay.
Vaishu: sanskar…
Sanskar: hmm
Vaishu: once I have asked you about love at first sight..do you remember?
A lump got stuck in his throat.
Sanskar: so….
Vaishu: I don’t know when and how but has started feeling for you. I cannot live without you .
Sanskar: what!
Vaishu: please don’t forget to come tomorrow. I will explain you everything.
She disconnected the call leaving him shock.
A layer of fear occupied his heart, the fear of loosing swara.
Sanskar:( to himself) I don’t love her..yes I don’t love her because I didn’t feel anything for vaishali as I felt for swara when she said that she didn’t want to loose me because vaishu is my friend and swara..swara is my wife but I must go there just to reject her this time.
Swara came to their room and saw sanskar. She felt bad seeing his restless face and approached him. She was about to take his name but sanskar hugged her leaving shocked.
Sanskar: I won’t do any injustice to you. This is my promise.
She felt some tear drop falling on her shoulder and was totally shocked by his words such that she didn’t even hug him back.
Sanskar parted away from her.
Sanskar: I am sorry…
He just left the room.
Swara: I know that you are caring for me but I cannot stay with you through out the life hiding my another face. Everything will get cleared by tomorrow.
After few minutes, they both sat on their side of bed and was unable to read each others expressions. Immediately they looked at AC for temperature but it was off. Both turned to opposite sides and smiled for their act.

Next night
Sanskar: come on vaishu.. I have almost come out of the city.
Vaishu: okay now.. Take left from the highway and drive for five more minutes. Then you will find small area decorated.stop there.
He reached the place as per her instructions and took a glance of the place..he felt like he has visited it before…he tried to remember and he succeeded in doing so. It was the same place where there came to celebrate laksh’s birthday before his death. Sanskar started moving slowly towards the venue. It was decorated with flowers and dim light but the decoration was not so grand. The fragrance of the roses was spread in the air adding beauty to the spot.
For a moment he wondered how did a middle class girl manage to do all these things but seeing her standing in middle of the decorated area, he fumed with anger.
He approached her but was unable to see her face because she was facing her back to him. Sanskar fisted his fingers seeing the decoration
Sanskar: va..is..ha..li!
His mind went blank when she turned to him smiling
Sanskar: swara!
Swara: yes sanskar…I am vaishali. Varun’s vaishali.
Sanskar felt cheated and heart broken. He felt like his heart broke into million pieces and each piece is smiling at his loose.
Swara: speak something sanskar.
His eyes welled up with tears.
Sanskar: betrayal..one more betrayal.
Swara was shocked listening his words.
Swara: you are taking me wrong sanskar . listen to me once
Sanskar: what will you say now to convince me ,that you don’t know about my identity when you first time called me! Please swara I am fed up with your words. I thought that you just hate me but you have played with my emotions.
He turned back while swara fell on knees.
Swara: no sanskar. Seriously I don’t know that you were varun but I have seen you when we planned to meet first time.
Sanskar: no swara. I am not ready to trust you. I very well know that this is your trap to destroy me and …and as a fool I have trusted and became a part of this.
Swara: please listen to me sanskar…
She was pleading him but he didn’t even listen to a single word of hers. He immediately rushed to his car and drove off by the time swara reached there.
She was completely collapsed seeing his behaviour and kneeled down on the road.
Swara: please listen to me once.
Tears were continously rolling down from her eyes but she wiped them when she saw a car by her side.
She stood up and saw sanskar fuming in anger. She was able to trace the pain of heart break in his face even.
Sanskar didn’t even look at her once but kept waiting for her to sit in the car. She understood his gesture and sat in the car.
Swara: please listen to me once .
Sanskar turned to her and then turned on the radio.
Swara was jerked seeing his response but didn’t took a back step.
Swara: please listen to me..
He increased the volume of the radio. She became determined by his act.
Swara: you need to listen to me. That’s it.
He raised the volume of the radio to the maximum and swara leaned to the window as now she understood that sanskar was heart breaken badly.
He stopped the car at the entrance of the house and waited for swara to get down. Swara opened her eyes and realised that they reached the house and got down from the car.
They both went inside their room without speaking to each other. Swara slept on her side and started weeping while sanskar rested on the couch in the balcony.
Sanskar: ( to himself) how did you get the idea of betraying me swara. This is my heart and it cannot bear every emotion especially betrayal. I can feel your guilt and the truth in your eyes and but this time, my heart is not ready to accept it as it is afraid of being ditched again.
He closed his eyes and ragini’s words echoed in his ears which she frequently used to say him,Actually they were laksh’s who said to ragini during his death.
“The one who struggles is finally blessed with the best”

To be continued…

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