SWASAN- A hate story (14)

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Sanskar opened his eyes when intense rays of sun were falling of him. He sat on the bed holding his head as it was aching a lot. He grabbed his mobile from the desk and was surprised to see the time. It was 12 at noon.
Sanskar: damn it. How did I sleep this long.

He stepped out of the bed and looked down when something soft touched his feet. He saw his clothes scattered on the floor and then looked at his bare top. For a moment he was confused. Immediately his eyes searched for swara but of no use. He then went to washroom and stared at his reflection in mirror. The cold waters falling on his body from the shower didn’t had any affect as he was totally lost in thinking the before night’s incident. He then raised his right hand and with in a second, it landed on his cheek leaving the impressions.
Sanskar: how dare you sanskar! How dare you to touch her. Are these the values you learnt from your family?? Who has given right you to force her in the relationship, to get intimate… I will never forgive you sanskar…never.
His eyes became red in anger.

He went down after becoming fresh but his heart was completely filled with guilt.
Annapurna:( smiled) good mor…afternoon sanskar.
He was thinking that swara by that time would have said everything about the night and he prepared himself to bear the tantrums but the situation was quite opposite. Annapurna greeted him smiling.
Sanskar: ma..I..swara..
Sujatha: swara said us everything.

Sanskar: ( shocked) she said everything and you are not angry with me?
Annapurna: what is there in that sanskar. You have came late yesterday night because of hectic work and so you slept till noon today. Sometimes it happens with your bade papa even. Now stop cursing yourself for waking late and come for lunch.

In office, swara was moving here in there. One can easily identify the restlessness on her face. There were two reasons for it. Number one sanskar…number two sanskar.
Swara turned to her PA who was standing infront of her almost shivering.
Swara: tell me one thing siya! Did I show any attitude to you anytime?
PA:no mam
Swara: did you see me anytime being so bossy and proud on my wealth.
PA: no mam instead you used to arrange some parties for closeness of colleagues!!
Her voice is almost shaking. She ran out of the cabin seeing swara stamping her foot aganist floor.
Swara: no one sees any attitude or pride in me except you sanskar!!

This time swara came home late night and was surprised by absence of sanskar in her room. She waited for more than two hours and finally got to know that he was sleeping in guest room by one of the servants.
Swara: hate…why do you hate me so much? This was a regular question I have asked to sanskar many a times in my heart. I thought that you were irritated by my rude answers but never expected you to consider me as a girl who is proud of her wealth and beauty …wait a minute…why is it hurting me? It was his mistake who mistook me.
She then reminded varun and his words.
Swara: I am still unable to believe that varun is sanskar. But how can this happen ..varun really had a good heart and he always stood for me but sanskar always argued and hurted me.
” may be destiny played this game to make you know about sanskar” said her heart. A sad smile came on her face.

Swara: eliminate varun from your life swara because he is a imaginary one. Try to accept the real sanskar or else….
She didn’t had the courage to finish the line as relations value her more than her self respect.
Sanskar was tossing all the night thinking about the wrong step he took in case of swara and so he didn’t had a good sleep.

Next morning
Swara and sanskar met at the dining table for breakfast. Swara reminded her act of spilling tea and then his words. Sanskar was feeling very guilt for his move in their relationship.
They had an eye contact but moved away each other ignoring it.

Same night
Swara: what happened?
Driver: sorry mam! The tyre got puntcured.
Swara got out of the car and looked around. It was dark and foggy. It nealy takes half and hour to reach the house and there were no signs of any vehicle coming in that way. She started walking thinking about sanskar.
Swara: I think that I have hurted him more…not think, I have hurted him and can eaisly read the pain from his eyes…a tear came out of her eye… I am sorry sanskar..
Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw some men blocking her way.
1st p: give me your ornaments..

Swara: what!! Why should I?
She crossed her arms.
2nd p: because we are thieves.
Swara: oh! So I should get scared of you..go to hell
1st p: if you don’t give us by your own then we have to use our ways.
Swara: no one is going to fear for your filmy dialouges.
One of the men threatened her showing a knife. She immediately gave her bracelet, ear rings, finger rings and her wallet along with mobile.
1st p: give that!
Swara: what ! I don’t have any thing with me.
1st p: that..
He said pointing her mangal sutra. swara clutched it hard.
Swara: no way. I won’t give this.
2nd p: you must
Swara: I have given many valuable things to you. Please leave me.
2nd p threw mobile on her face.

2nd p: your sacred thread costs more than this.
Swara grabbed the mobile from ground and started running. The men chased her. She ran really for 20 minutes when a car crossed her way. The man inside slided his window.
Both swara and the man are equally shocked seeing each other.
Swara: papa!?
Shekar: what are you doing here?
Swara: leave about me..why are you roaming on roads at this hour.
Ragini: because we are coming back from a restaurant.
Shomi: get inside dear.
Swara got inside the car.
Shomi: why were you running on road..
Swara: ma..actually my car tire got punctured and I have started walking …but as you know that I am scared of dark so started running in fear.
It was not convincing but still shomi didn’t force her to say the truth.
The men who were chasing swara stopped in the middle and called someone.
2nd p: mission one completed mam!
Lady: good. I have transferred the money to your account already. Collect them.
2nd p: yes mam.

He disconnected the call.
Swara bid bye to her family and then rushed to guest room. Sanskar was shocked seeing her in rage.
Swara: who has asked you to stay in this room?
Sanskar downed his eyes in guilt and she mistook it as his pain.
Sanskar: actually I don’t want to…
Swara: enough sanskar. Come to our room.
Sanskar: but..
Swara: no but..you know that I am scared of darks and promised me to not to leave. Then…
Sanskar sighed.
Swara: just five minutes sanskar..after that you will be in our room. No more arguments.
Saying this she left to their room leaving shocked sanskar behind.
Sanskar went after five minutes and saw swara sleeping. He then looked at AC which was at 22. Again guilt occupied his heart thinking that swara was doing all these because he got intimate to her.

Next morning
Sanskar opened his eyes and saw swara standing infront of mirror removing all her jewelry that she wore last night indicating that she was getting ready for bath but didn’t remove her mangal sutra. He fisted his hand in pain and went out of room unaware of the fact that swara never removed the mangal sutra from the moment it came on her neck.
Swara: please sanskar. Talk to me. I want you to scold me for my deed..
After few hours, sanskar came out of the washroom and saw his clothes on bed. Usually he used to take them from wardrobe. The next moment his eyes spotted swara standing in the balcony.
Sujatha: sanskar…I am so sorry. Actually the dhobi didn’t come yesterday so..
She stopped her words seeing sanskar’s outfit.

Sujatha: arey wah sanskar. I came here to inform you that there were no ironed clothes as dhobi didn’t come yesterday but you yourself had ironed it.
Sanskar: what!! I didn’t do that.
Sujatha: you didn’t iron..then who might have..
Her gaze froze at swara and she smiled to herself for her concern towards his son.
Sanskar closed his eyes in pain.
Swara:( to herself) atleast speak out now. Just tell one word that you forgave me for spilling tea..that’s it.
Sanskar went out of the room.

Same night.
Swara came late today also as she had some deals with pratik singhania. She saw him lying on the bed and went downstairs.
Swara: bhabhi! Where are everyone?
Parineta: we all ate our dinner swara. I am awake for you.
Swara: its okay bhabhi. I will have it. You please go and sleep.
Parineta: its okay swara..I will be with you.
Swara: you need to take rest bhabhi..after all you do household work daily and takes care of Anjali..right!
Parineta smiled and left the place.
Swara returned her room after dinner. He was still sleeping but swara felt some thing wrong seeing his dull face. She went near to him and touched his forehead.
Swara: oh my god! He is burning..

She immediately ran to kitchen and brought a bowl full of water with cloth. She then repeatedly cleaned his face and hands with it.
Swara: sanskar…open your eyes.
Sanskar didn’t move even an inch which worried her a lot. She sat beside him on bed caressing his hair and staring at him.
In her life with him till now, she has only worried once for him, during her second year and now after many years..
Laksh opened his eyes and jumped out of the bed when he felt someone patting his cheek.
Laksh: swara!
Swara: shh!
Laksh: don’t you have any other work than disturbing my sleep? I remembered my promise of taking you outside but not today.
Swara hit him on his head.
Swara: don’t shout. Anyone might get up.
Laksh dragged her to the corridor of his hostel.
Laksh: what is your problem swara! What if warden sees you. Girls are prohibited to enter in boy’s hostel.
Swara: you are saying that…lol laksh. Don’t forget that it was me who has helped you many a times to get into girl’s hostel.

Laksh:( irritated) that was girls’ but this belong to boys’
Swara: hmm and one more thing ..I didn’t came here to remind your promise because the program is already fixed and tomorrow night we are going out.
Laksh: what!! Again.
Swara: ha-ha..don’t act as if you are an amul boy. It was you who started first….
Laksh: enough. No one here asked you to praise me.
Swara: that’s like my boy.
Laksh: well. why did you come here.
She gave him a sheet of medicines which made him confused.
Laksh: swara.. I don’t need any sleeping pills infact I am good at doing that work.
Swara: I know that your are the great grand father of ‘khumbakarn’. These are not sleeping pills.
Laksh: then.
Swara: give it to your brother. I heard that he was suffering from high fever and your warden is not permitting him to go to your house due to exams. And you dumb guys don’t even have a single medicine to lessen his fever.

Laksh: so..
Swara: so give it to your brother and he will become alright with in a day.
Laksh smiled listening her words infact he felt happy for her concern towards sanskar because no girl dared to enter boy’s hostel because of their strict warden but this girl risked her academics and came at an odd hour just to give medicines that to her life time enemy.
Laksh’s words echoed in her ear.
” you both love each other while hating ”

To be continued….

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