SWASAN- A hate story (11)

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I am really sorry as I got to know that laksh’s death sequence resemble a story on Google but trust me that it was my own idea. Sorry if hurted anyone and I cannot make laksh alive..please forgive me

Few more days passed in swasan’s dairy.
Swara opened her eyes listening to sanskar speaking to someone on mobile.
Sanskar: what!…okay..fine..when should I come?.. Two days…bye.
Swara: can’t you speak slowly sanskar!
Sanskar: if you have any problem then get out of my room.
Swara went downstairs after getting fresh. She saw him coming down with luggage.
Annapurna: where are you going sanskar?
Sanskar: I have seen important deals in London ma and so I am leaving.
Ram: but you didn’t inform us before!
Sanskar: I got to know today morning .so..I am sorry.
Sujatha: its okay beta. Even bade papa is in London. You can stay with him.
Sanskar bid bye to everyone and turned to the entrance. Swara wanted to wish him good luck and sanskar was expecting her to say him bye atleast…but ego dominated their affection and sanskar left to London.
Swara came to her room and started jumping in joy
Swara: freedom… Three days of freedom. I need not qurallel with him either for AC or for his rudeness. Thank-you MAHESWARI you gave me the biggest and previous gift of my life.
She immediately called someone.
Swara: varun!

Varun: hello sweet heart.. no Angel!
Swara: God..by the way everything suits me.
Varun: I think you are in a jovial mood.
Swara: of course after all I am free for two days.
Varun: two days!!
Swara: hmm. Shall we meet??
Varun: sure..when?
Swara: tomorrow morning 10 sharp.
Varun: done. Hey listen I need to attend clients call bye.
Swara disconnected the call and went to office. She came back in the evening and felt really happy for not seeing sanskar in the room.
Sanskar landed in London and got check in in one of the luxiours suit.
Sanskar: finally I am out her loud voice. God! How irritating it was. For the next two days I don’t have any need to see her irritating face.
He got fresh and left to the office.

Next morning
Swara got early in the morning and wore a green colour suit.
She started applying kajal and then arranged her hair. Her heart beat was increasing as the time passed. But some guilt occupied her heart while filling her maang with sindoor.
Swara: why am I feeling bad? Am I doing any wrong. Why am I thinking about sanskar?
Saying this she turned to take her mobile which was on bed but lost her balance and fell down.
Swara: ouch!!

She tried to stand but her ankle started paining..she ignored it first but later the intensity of the pain increased which resulted in tears in her eyes. She slowly maganed to sit on the bed and started caressing her ankle.
” it happened because you tried to betray your husband” said her inner voice.
She felt bad for a moment and called parineta bhabhi. She immediately rushed into swara’s room with a bandage cloth and wrapped it along her ankle.
Parineta: you need not go anywhere today. Take rest.
Swara nodded and leaned on bed. Finally she slept.

There in London, sanskar opened his eyes by seeing a bad dream on laksh.
Sanskar: laksh!!
He looked around and signed.
Sanskar: just a dream MAHESWARI..cool down.
He opened his luggage and reminded swara seeing the blue shirt which he wore that night when swara was scared.
He immediately composed himself and went to office.

Here in MANISON, swara got irritated by listening switch off from varun’s call. She kept repeatedly calling him to inform that she was not coming but the word switch off annoyed her.
Swara: I think he is angry with me..

In London, sanskar came to the room in the evening and checked his mobile in the hope of seeing missed calls from swara but was surprised to see ragini’s.
He immediately called her.
Sanskar: hello.
Ragini: hello jiju. How are you?
Sanskar: fine. Anything important?
Ragini: why? Should I call you only when I need something..
Sanskar:( smiled) I didn’t mean it.
Ragini: can I ask you something?
He felt some hesitation in her voice.
Sanskar: you can ask anything ragini. You have all rights on me.
Ragini: why do you hate swara?
A sad smile appeared on his face.
Sanskar: many reasons.
Ragini: you are misunderstanding her.
Sanskar: you may be right ragini because she is your sister and you have been seeing her since childhood but..
Ragini: what?
Sanskar: leave it ragini.
Ragini: no sanskar. I want to listen your version. Please speak out.
He sighed

Sanskar: its not that I hate your sister ragini I hate her behaviour towards me. She might have been sweet to you but never to me. I am also a human being ragini.. It hurts me whenever she insults but it doesn’t seem affected on her. She never cared or bothered about my feelings and just kept insulting me infact she didn’t leave any chances. Being a girl, she must have control on her emotions but no. It angered me a lot. I got to know about her attitude in my seventh standard itself. One of the common friend of lucky and I informed about her and I was really surprised infact didn’t believe him but seeing her attitude towards me when she came to my house confirmed her charecter.
Ragini: I too agree that she was a bit short tempered but never had pride on her wealth. She is careless because everyone in my house pampared her but trust me she is good by heart.
Sanskar: I said you earlier ragini you may not find any flaws in her but I did see her nature closely. Inspite of taking care of her, she just insulted my feelings. If you clearly observe the situations, she was the one responsible for majority of our disputes.
Ragini:I can understand you sanskar but there is a small request from my side. Try to see her heart not her mind.
Sanskar: I am getting late ragini. Bye .
He disconnected the call. Ragini understood that he wanted to spend some time alone.

Swara came to her room after having dinner. She felt bad seeing empty balcony and then approached the bed and increased the AC Temperature to 22 involuntarily.
She drank water and looked around. It was calm and dark. She again started shivering and this time she hugged sanskar’s pillow and covered herself with blanket.
Next morning.
Ragini: didi..

Swara: ha ragini..
Ragini: will you accompany me in shopping?
Swara: shall we go after an hour?
Ragini: why?
Swara: actually I have to wash some clothes of your jiju..
Swara cut her words in between realizing what she said while ragini smiled inside.
Ragini: its okay di. I will wait for you downstairs.
After sometime, swara came down and they both went to shopping.

Same night
Swara returned to their room but today she was distracted. Ragini has shopped many things for herself and also for sanskar. Swara really felt guilt that she didn’t get any idea as such and brought a bracelet for him.
Only SANSKAR’S thoughts are running in her mind. she went to the balcony and sat on the couch. the cool breeze didn’t affect her as her body is filled with heat generated due to his thoughts. She leaned back and opened one of the video in her phone. Something got stuck in her throat seeing it as it was a video showing the preparation of some paneer item which she downloaded the other day to prepare the dinner.

It was evening in London. Sanskar stood near the river Thames. There were many girls around him who were much more beautiful than swara but his heart wanted to talk to her. At first he was surprised by his thoughts because he must remember vaishu instead of swara but he was unaware of the fact that swara is in his heart where as vaishali is in his mind..he stood staring and admiring the beauty of river Thames. Swara loves such type of sceneries. It is reminding her as she said to him that she wanted to visit London but didn’t get a chance too. He sighed and looked at his watch. The clock struck 6. He hurried up to a special spot and saw the beautiful sunsetting from the banks of the river. A smile apperead in his face. This was also informed by swara. He lost his patience now. He want to talk to her, listen to her. His ears are waiting infact dying to listen her voice. He immediately ran to the restaurant where he was staying and grabbed the mobile.

Swara became restless seeing the video. The only thought running in her mind is to listen sanskar’s voice. She thought that it would be easy for her to get rid of him but no.. Every minute she spent In his absence is intoxicating her. She immediately ran to the study and dailed sanskar’s number.
Both got irritated listening busy sound as they called each other same time. They disconnected the call and again dailed simultaneously.
Swara: to whom is he talking to??
She again dailed his number and her heart stated racing listening the ring.
SWASAN: hello!!
They both smiled but their voices were rejuvenating each other’s soul. They felt like they found an oasis in the desert.
Sanskar: swara!
Swara: sanskar!
Both voices had the same passion of loosing each other, affection and hate even.
Swara: why didn’t you call me in these three days?
Sanskar: you must have called me.
Swara: how are you?
Sanskar: how are you?
SWASAN: fine
They again laughed.

Sanskar: why did you call me?
Swara: actually… Actually.. To advise you to buy gifts for ma and papa.
Sanskar: but I brought for others too.
Swara:( smiled) oh! You are a step ahead.
Sanskar: as usual.
Swara: so
Sanskar: so
Swara: good night!
Sanskar: to you too.
They both disconnected the call and swara slept happily and peacefully. Sanskar reached the airport and boarded airplane along with durga prasad.

To be continued..

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