SWASAN- A hate story (10)

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Sanskar sat on one of the stones beside highway road. His mind is totally filled with swara’s words.
” you were responsible for laksh’s death”.
A tear of guilt, affection,love and hate escaped his eyes.
Sanskar: was I really responsible for laksh’s death. Did I kill my own brother? Yes I have killed him. I am a culprit. I need to get punished.
He borrowed his head in his plans and started weeping.
Swara also sat on one of the stones beside high way.
Swara: how can I kill my lucky?? I am not responsible for this. It was he who started the dispute. But I must have not extended it. I was the reason behind his death. I must get punished badly.
She looked on the road and saw two girls riding a scooty. Her heart and mind started reminiscing the incidents of that day involuntarily which was marked as black day in the life of gadodias and maheswaris.
Four years ago.
Swara and ragini are on scooty. Ragini is riding it while swara sat on back. She turned beside and gave a hi-fi to laksh who is sitting back of sanskar on their bike.
Ragini: where are we going laksh?
Laksh: offo ragini. You have asked this question nearlly thirty times since morning. Just follow sanskar.
Soon they reached a DESSERTED AREA with trees around.
Swara: where are we lucky?
Laksh: stop blabbering swara. I think you both sisters are gifted in this.
Sanskar: I think swara is blessed more than ragini.
Swara: you no need to bother about me..
Ragini: didi…
Swara: this is why I have rejected to come. I don’t want to see his face.
Laksh: you came here for me not for my brother okay!
The four went to a clean place and placed their stuff.
Laksh: so we are here to celebrate my birthday.
Swara: come on laksh it is next week.
Laksh: I know swara but bhai is leaving to abroad day after tomorrow and more over we have third year semester exams.
Sanskar: so this is the reason you brought us here
Ragini: but don’t forget to celebrate the original day with me.
Laksh: how did you think that my day will complete without you dear?
Swara: enough of poetic lines now.
The four spent the precious time by eating and discussing few matters regarding their college, friends and the pranks they played.
Ragini: so what shall we do now?
Swara: shall we play hide and seek?
Sanskar: girls game. I am not going to play.
Swara: no one asked you to play Mr. Maheswari.any how we don’t want any middle monkey in our game.
Sanskar turned to laksh: this is why I said that I won’t accompany you.
Laksh: cool bhai! We won’t play anything now.
Ragini:( pouts) I don’t want my day to get wasted.
Swara: okay then we will ask some questions to each other and they must answer them, genuinely.
Laksh: then you and sanskar be in one team and me and ragini in other.
Sanskar: no way. I am not going to spare her even for a single second.
Laksh: this is why I have asked you both to team up. If you stay in opposite teams then you will qurallel.
Everyone nodded.

Ragini: let me ask the first question…hm…ha.. What is the most sacriest thought for you.
Swara:I am scared of dark.
Sanskar: dark! Typical girl.
Swara: don’t interfere
Laksh: say your answer sanskar.
Sanskar: I really feel scared when I get up in the morning and have no work to do. It really scares me.
Ragini: workaholic!!
Everyone laughed.
Sanskar: let me ask! What will be your wish when it is your last day on earth.
Swara: to spend my day with ragini and laksh.
Sanskar: I didn’t ask you okay.
Swara turned her head in opposite direction.
Ragini: see I really have a very big list in my mind and if I say it out then I think that it will take three days to get all those fulfilled. So leave me.
Laksh: I would wish infact love to see you and swara as a couple.

The trio shocked. Swara and sanskar looked at each other and bursted out laughing.
Swara: me..marrying sanskar..oh God.
Sanskar: joke of the mellinium laksh. Why don’t you join a comedy club.
Laksh: I am serious about it bhai.
Swara: leave it laksh. Wish some other thing because this is not going to happen.
Sanskar: and for the first time I am with swara’s words.
Laksh: this is what I want. I want you both to stand for each other.
Ragini: but how is it possible laksh. They both hate each other.
Laksh:they hate each other but they love each other while hating.
Sanskar stood up in anger.
Sanskar: stop talking rubbish lucky. Don’t even day dream about it.
Swara: you are my friend and so I am leaving you without slapping.
Sanskar: I never wished a girl like swara to be in my life.
Swara: and I cannot bear you in my life.
Ragini: stop fighting guys. We are here to celebrate.
Swara: why don’t you say anything to sanskar.you both are partial to him.
Sanskar: they are standing with a good personality. I think you don’t even know what is meant by it.
Swara: so you say that I am charecterless. Then let me remind you one thing. It was me who have saved you From the warden when you came late at night to the girl’s hostel.
Sanskar: I have said many a times that I came there as a mediator not as a lover.
Laksh fumed with anger.
Laksh: enough!! Not even a single word. Do you people are atleast aware of what you are talking. Are you in senses? Where did you start and where you came now….waste of scolding you people. It was my mistake of wishing to spend my day with you.
He turned back and stopped.

Laksh: I am leaving ragini. Do you want to accompany me?
Ragini looked at swara and sanskar with confusion, affection, hatred and what not.
Ragini: lets go Lucky
With in few minutes, ragini and laksh left the place on bike.
Sanskar: happy! You will always spoil a happy occasion.
Swara: it was you who have started.
Sanskar: I don’t have any energy to argue with you now.
Swara: I need to go
Sanskar: wait a minute. Let me pack these things
Both swara and sanskar packed the stuff and went to scooty. He felt some vibration on his chest indicating that his mobile reached a message but he ignored.
It was difficult to ride a scooty because of his height but managed to.after travelling some distance, the sight on the road brought tears in their eyes
Swara: ragini!!! Laksh!!
Sanskar: lucky! They both ran to ragini and laksh who were lying on the road. Ragini had a helmet on her head while laksh was immeresed in pool of blood.
All what they can think at that time was aadarsh and called him immediately. Laksh and ragini were taken to hospital but it was too late for laksh as he died on spot. Ragini came out of coma after two days.
Swara wiped her tears and started walking in the direction where sanskar went.
Ragini stopped the car in front of her house and rushed into her room. She then botled the door and leaned to it.
Ragini: laksh!
Ragini: laksh!
Laksh: what?
Ragini: leave it lucky. Dont get irritated by their words.
Laksh: how can I ragini. I really don’t want them to fight and I am sure that they love each other but their hate Is dominating their love.
Ragini: you know very well about them. Now please become normal. Lucky’s girl will never be happy seeing him like this
Laksh: dramebaaz.
He smiled
Ragini: finally..
Laksh: can I say something to you?
Ragini: you can say anything but please reduce the speed.
Laksh: enjoy it dear. Actual fun is riding in high speed
He saw her smiling through the rear window.
Laksh: I love you ragini..
Ragini: love you too laksh.
Laksh: remember one thing..never get afraid of small things in life. The one who struggles is finally blessed with the best.
Ragini: you are implying to sanskar and swara right?
He didn’t give any reply but she saw him sending message to someone.
Laksh: hug me once.
Ragini: what!!
Laksh: my body needs your touch now.
Ragini hugged him tightly.
Laksh: take out this helmet dear. I want fresh air to touch my face and you wear it because it will be difficult to hold.
Ragini obeyed him and saw him smiling.
It was then the bike started loosing its control.
Ragini clutched laksh’s shirt.
Ragini: what happened!.
Laksh: remember my words ragini. Don’t fear for anything.
It was the last word that she listened from him. The next second , bike dashed a tree and they fell unconscious.
Sanskar parted his face from the palms when he felt some hand on his shoulder. Swara sat beside him. She came to him because he want her by his side actually both want them to stay together when it is matter of laksh.
Sanskar wiped his tears and so did swara. There was a deep silence between them but it was not a barrier to understand and read each other’s mind. Swara and sanskar turned back when they heard a horn sound. They stood up and saw ragini driving it.
Ragini( without turning to them): ma and papa will get worried. Get inside.
They both sat in back seat while ragini drove. Swara and sanskar knew that ragini was hurting deep inside more than they because she was to be his better half.both of them leaned to window and closed respective eyes. Ragini is still looking straight to the road with blank expression.
annapurna: laksh! Please get up laksh. Your mom is calling you beta.
Durga Prasad: Annapurna. Try to compose yourself. He is not going to come back.
Ram Prasad just sat beside his body with a blank face but his heart is weeping inside.
Gadodias and maheswaris were in the hall. It has been two days where they brought laksh’s body to the MANISON but didn’t perform the funeral as ragini was in coma. They want her to see him for the last time and every member of the family was determined to maintain and protect the body till she comes out of coma.
Swara: laksh. Please get up laksh. Your friend needs you. See I have obeyed your words. I have not quralled with sanskar… laksh. Please get up.
Aadarsh who was talking to someone on mobile, disconnected the call and turned to durga Prasad.
Aadarsh: papa..the accident was due to break failure. Cops has informed me just now.
His voice was very heavy as if he was trying to stop his emotions from overflowing but soon he lost his control on it and started weeping.
Everyone in the house were crying except a pair of eyes which were starimg laksh’s body the moment it entered the house. Not even a single drop of water fell down from SANSKAR’S eyes.
All the members of the family turned to the entrance when they heard some voice.
Ragini was walking towards them with the support of shomi.
Seeing ragini, a tear formed in sanskar’s eyes and finally it fell down. Ragini just came and sat beside laksh and started caressing his hair.
Everyone are surprised to see her act and got worried. Few hours passed but ragini’s face was blank and it irritated sanskar.
He went to her and held her by her shoulders.
Sanskar: come on ragini..cry..let your emotions come out..cry for your lucky ragini. He might return seeing you in pain. Cry !!
He started crying now.
Instead of crying ,she hugged sanskar.
Sanskar: please ragini..show some emotions. Burst out.
Ragini broke the hug.
Ragini: why are you expecting me to cry sanskar? Why should I cry?
Swara approached him.
Swara: because he is your life.
Ragini smiled sadly
Ragini: you have only said that he is my life it means that he is living in every inch..no every atom of my body. I won’t let a single drop of water cross my eye cause I may loose him through my tears.
Everyone are shocked listening her.
Ragini: he knew that breaks failed and wanted me to survive. This skin, this body still has some work to finish on this earth. Being his girl, I will fulfill his desire, I will show him that his girl is not so weak that she cannot face the world. I will live .. I will..
Laksh’s words ecohed in her ear.
” don’t fear for anything”
Sanskar and swara hugged ragini and cried. They were moved by her determination.
After few minutes sanskar took his mobile from the table to call one of the friends of laksh and saw a pop up message of laksh.
He immediately opened it and his eyes widened. Aadarsh who came there to call sanskar was also equally shocked seeing the message.
*laksh: MARRY SWARA!!

To be continued..

Credit to: Sree harini


  1. Tania

    What is all this I don’t know, but one thing I know is that I love ur story, the way u write everything,,,, update nxt part soon , we will be waiting.

  2. Needhi

    U made me cry yaar.this is second time i am crying for ff .u r just amazing and i must say what a relation swasan share,a relation of pain and love , a relation where they both stand by each other in tough time and understand each others pain without uttering word.i am really speechless after todays episode.u r inborn writer and do continue writing till eternity.if u get time plz upload one more episode today.thanks for such a heart touching ff.

    • Sree harini

      Thanks for such lovely words needhi. Felt very happy reading them. I really don’t know how you people are going to accept my idea as it is a unique one. I will upload another episode by 6pm

  3. Anna

    This is so emotional ..seriously…. I read this twice and I really cried a lot…its nt first tym…can u plz add laksh at any tym wid a miracle…after some episode….rag is brave enough…but she also need someone..Γ±Γ€….laksh is only person which matches her….plz bring back laksh to the plot wid any miracle…plz….I’m waiting for your next part…swasan is good….but I’m waiting for raglak part tooooo….???????????????????

    • Sree harini

      Sorry Anna. I have mentioned earlier even. I cannot bring laksh as he is dead. I really cannot do this as I try to write stories close to reality. I am really sorry dear.

  4. Sneha

    I’m running out of words after reading ur ff… Its very emotional and touched my heart… Felt really bad for Ragini that she lost her love that’s another case that she kept him in her heart he but she feel his absence alot but she don’t even shed a single tear just for him, just for his love, just to keep him present in her… But on the otherside felt gud to know how much Laksh loved her… But he shouldn’t have died actually…
    But as you r writing it there must be something good for ragini too, I guess….
    Superb work… Seriously feel good to read your ff… The way you present it.. The way you explain the situation.. your story is just superb…

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you sneha and I must say that you were deeply involved in ragini’s charecter..I didn’t plan anything high for ragini. Plse keep reading.

  5. joya

    sethooty mentioned about ur new ff in her comment under vini di’s ff……….
    nice episode……….. i know ur ff’s title is swasan…..but i really like raglak and unki love story in ur ff…….

    • Sree harini

      Aww. That’s so nice of her. Thank-you joya for commenting. Actually I love raglak but this fiction is about swasan so I though to add some beautiful story to highlight their love.

  6. Swara.sss

    I can’t express my feelings …because I am not in sense. ..I can’t control my tears. …Thank you so much for this ff

  7. Aashi

    It was so nice…really feeling bad for ragini…srsly u have portrayed her as strong lady….n but if laksh knew breaks were failed then why did he speed up his bike??.
    M driving crazy for next part….curious…. Quite interesting…. Love uhh loadss….,

    • Sree harini

      Actually the bike was out of control when he got to know about it. I love ragini so much and so portrayed her as a strong lady.love you too dear.

  8. rosy

    I cannot control my emotions after reading this, crying mode!!! feeling bad for raglak gr8 lovers yar raglak, every dialogue is super

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    • Sree harini

      Thank-you rythm and so sorry for making you cry. I am glad to know that you were a silent reader if it. Keep reading and loving my fiction dear

  10. arshi

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  11. Nice dear but lakshya s death was copied from one of emotional short love story from google..
    But its ok ..we writers need some inspiration.

    • Sree harini

      Seriously… I really don’t know about it dear. I have planned this type of sequence for kavitha’s death in my other fiction but again changed it. I am really sorry if it hurted you.

  12. Ria

    is lucky really dead ??
    and would ever this ff turn into a luv story 4 swasan as d title is a hate story ,,,!?…

    • Sree harini

      It will turn into love..actually you can see their love in the previous episodes ..trying something different dear.

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  15. Tanvesha

    It was amazing!! The way u described bond of raglak, n hw laksh makes ragini wear helmet and ask her to b strong n sacrifices his life..it truly defines true love..! It touched my heart.. πŸ™‚ update nxt part asap..!

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    • Sree harini

      Thanks for your lenghthy comment. Felt happy reading it.I am glad to know that you have read it twice and are eagerly waiting for my fiction. It’s a honor for me dear.I lived in ragini’s charecter in this update.

  17. priya

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    • Sree harini

      I can’t bring him back because I don’t know any black magic to do that…lol I was just joking. I really wanted my readers to love raglak and now I am satisfied seeing your responses.

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    Best ff story I can say but plz don’t make us wait upload it soon I’m following you since your last ff I loved that too I was a silent reader.Can u bring lucky back after Sawsan. Realizing there love.

    • Sree harini

      I am so sorry Kahn . I cannot do that. Please forgive me and thanks for following and loving my fiction from Limitless love.

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you nisha.. Had read you fiction bust sorry for not commenting there. F you are not the one then please ignore it.

    • Sree harini

      Thank-you bhuvi..sorry for making you cry. My hankys were finished giving to the above readers. Will send a tissue to you dear…lol

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  23. Priya

    Harini pls try to accept my idea by this u can bring laksh back
    When they found raglak on road they took him to hospital there the doc told laksh i s having a disease so laksh doesnt want ragini to marry him and suffer so he fakes his death and stays hidden when he gets well that is present ragini spots him and hates him because he left him then ragak moments

    • Sree harini

      Thanks for sharing your idea dear but so sorry to inform that I cannot make any changes in the plot as it is gong to be a short series. But seriously I loved your thinking. I am really sorry. Please pardon me.

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