SWASAN- A hate story (1)

Hello everyone ! This is sree harini again. Actually I thought to discontinue writing fictions till I complete my exams but as I am a hyperactive girl, I couldn’t able to resist myself from penning down my thoughts again. My exams are going on but still I came here as a mad girl just to not loose your love and affection but so sorry to say that I hardly get time to update episodes. So please don’t curse me and for two weeks I will give only three to four episodes and after that I will post regularly. I may not be able to reply you even ..end of my bakbak now..enjoy reading this.

A girl of some 25 years of age is standing near a window staring at the moon. She really likes to stare at the moon but today only her eyes were looking but her mind are heart are busy in thinking about something.. May be memories. Her eyes are filled with tears but the ego, the attitude, the stubborness are the same which never departed from her eyes. She slowly moved her hand down her neck and slides her fingers over the sacred thread that is the symbol of her being married. She looked down herself. She was wearing a very heavy bridal lehenga and many ornaments even. Generally she might have enjoyed it but not now because she is the bride of the person whom she never wished to be with.. She looked sideways when she heard someone opening the door. She is sure that it is her husband…oops Mr. Sanskar MAHESWARI. She immediately turned her head again . sanskar slowly approached her and placed his hand on her. It is the most irritating touch for her. She tried to control her rage and turned towards him. He stood infront of her smiling . it again irritated her. ” Finally you became mine..swara!” said sanskar while placing his hand on her shoulder. He can feel the heat from her eyes but ignored it. ” Don’t dare to come near to me Mr. Maheswari” said swara while freeing her self. Her voice is replete with the hatred actually it isthe evidence for her hate towards him. Sanskar got irritated and pulled her to the bed ” How date you reject me Mrs. Sanskar! You have to pay now” swara can understand the taunt behind his words but strictly refused to move an inch. ” I am your husband and I have every right on you” said sanskar while throwing on her bed. He came on top of her. ” don’t behave like a beast sanskar” said swara. Her voice is still the same with attitude and irritation. Sanskar ignored her and tried to get close. It was then swara pushed pushed him with all the force.”stop it! Sanskar! ” she screamed.

She opened her eyes screaming his name and found herself profusely sweating and breathing heavily. She took a glance of the room just to conform that it was her dream. She slowly placed her hands on her lips to calm herself but she got hurt by one of the damaged end of the necklace..normally, she likes to wear ornaments infact she is fond of wearing but it is irritating her today. With in no time, all the ornaments were on the floor scattered. It shows her rage that she is going through. She again heard the sound of door but didn’t turn back. Sanskar entered the room and saw swara standing near the window. His eyes burned with hate. He doesn’t want to see her face..not only her face but her belongings too in his room. He just hates her presence, but destiny united them in a sacred relation which means everything to him. His angry became double when his gaze got stuck to the ornaments lying on the ground.
Sanskar: ( shouts) swara!
Swara turns back not because he has shouted but to show her hatred to him.
Sanskar:( authoritative voice) if you don’t respect our relation then don’t but I will never spare someone insulting money.
He said pointing the ornaments. A layer of guilt came in her heart as she too values everything in her life even marriage but not sanskar. I a split second, she kicked out her emotion as she don’t want to become weak infront of him. She simply rolled her eyes which acted as an ignition for buring heart of sanskar.
Sanskar:( high voice) pick them up swara! They belong to us.
She jerked listening his order. After all she never considers his word.
Swara:( stubborn voice) I would have picked them if they belong to gadodia but unfortunately they belong to you…maheswaris.
Sanskar left to wash room in rage taking his night clothes. When he returned, his gaze went on the floor but to his surprise, tere were no ornaments there. He looked round and noticed swara placing them in the wardrobe. The curves of his lips turned into smile but no for a longer time.
Swara turned back and is surprised to see sanskar standing infront of her. He slowly approached her smirking. Swara took few steps back in coordination with him. Sanskar leaned to her which irritated her again.

“Sanskar” screamed swara not taking her gaze off him. Her eyes didn’t had the tears now. There were no feelings expect hate which is enough to burn him alive. Sanskar moved forward but swara’s eyes stared at him with the same anger that she had always for him.
“Don’t think too much dear” said he while opening the door of wardrobe behind her. She turned her head away. He took a blanket from it and turned ” I will never come close to you even if you are the only girl left in this world. I hate you to the core.”
Swara eyed him with distress and taunts” as if I am dying to love you”.
They both went to the bed to sleep.
Sanskar:( widened eyes) are you going to sleep here?
He said pointing the bed. ” do you have any problem? ” said swara while adjusting the pillow. ” I can’t spare you even for one minute staying in my room then how did you think that I will allow you to sleep beside me?” Said sanskar. Swara turned to him and said” I think I need to remind you Mr. Maheswari that I too have the equal rights as you have on this room. I am married to you . remember that. Regarding bed, as I have said, I have every right to sleep here. If you don’t feel comfortable then you can sleep there” pointing the couch in his room. Sanskar’s fingers turned into fist in anger.” No way, this my room and my bed. I am not going to sleep anywhere else,Especially for your sake. Remember that this belongs to me as I am senoir to you in this house” said sanskar while sleeping on the bed.
Swara turned off the light and turned opposite to him. Sanskar’s eyes are still burning with anger..might be ego even, as a lady insulted him. Swara closed her eyes and her mother’s words echoed in her ear.
” you are going to marry sanskar ” said her mom as if the decision is been finalised. “But you must have asked me mom. I don’t want to marry him” swara screamed but before she could complete the sentence, her mom left the room.
Sanskar is also tossing on the bed. His brothers words are echoing in his ear even.” We have decided you to marry with swara” said aadarsh . ” but..” Sanskar’s words were interrupted by aadarsh again.” I think you have not forgot your promise to your brother ” aadrash voice is ordering sanskar infact it is making him remember his past. He really don’t want to marry swara but he is bound by a promise now and its a promise asked by the dearest one. So he couldn’t reject it.

It’s almost midnight, sanskar slept while swara is still tossing. She took her mobile from the table beside her and started scrolling down the contacts. A drop of tear escaped her left eye when her gaze stopped at a contact name.” Prince!!” She slowly wishpered and her voice is filled with love…not exactly, affection suits better as she is in dilemma about her feelings for him.
To be continued.

NOTE: Not proof read.

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