Swasan I hate to love u (intro)


hey guyz first time writing any thing for swasan. I seriously huge fan of them, so plz do tell your reveiw
ok the story begins

A girl is sitting in chair writting a dairy she end up writting then read aloud what wrote
” 4 years have passed! four years but that incident is so fresh in my memoy, that it just happened yesterday.”
She takes out a photo frame nd say ” this is the same day i lost u dad still miss u ” a tear fall from her eyes she then wipes her tear nd say
“No….. Swara Gaddodia……u cant be weak, all these year u made ur self strong. Dont forget ur dad cant see u in tears ”
Swara Gadodia is living in Bangalore since four years far from her family.She is handling business in Bangalore.
She is the daughter of Late Shekhar Gadodia whom she love dearly but some thing had happened which took her every thing

A boy is standing in his cabin near window witnessing dark sky with shinning stars. He took a deep bereath and say while looking at the sky
“Four years…..Four year have passed still i couldnt find u. Just once comeback i want to apologise what i did to u ”
“Will u able to face her after what u did” his inner voice said a tear roll in his eyes and say ” I dont know……but……. i only know her forgiveness will make my life peaceful. All these year i living in a hell because of her”
“Sanskar Maheshwri u r again being selfish Have u forgotten u made her life hell nt she ”
Sanskar Maheshwri a successful businessman. What he needs he always grt it by hook or crook.His only weakness is his family or u u can say his sisiter Ragini…..Ragini Maheshwri

as the story progress the character will be introduced just tell me howz it i know i mnot a good writer but do inform me plz……….

Credit to: sana

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  1. interesting

  2. Awesome..nxt part soon..pakka na?

  3. Nice start dr

  4. its sound really gud but make it some bit long

  5. Its nice ….pls contineu dear.

  6. ooo… finally someone proposed different relationas … i was sick of the same concept of swaragini being sisters and sanlak brothers

  7. Good… Keep writing…

  8. Omg….Ragini is Sanskar’s sister? Interesting…..

  9. well thanku so much at first i was so nervous to write but now ur comment motivated alot once again thank u all

  10. interesting plss update next episode ASAP

  11. nice start continue…

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