Swasan I Hate to Love u epi 3


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“Dad u called me ?” Sanskar asked as he steped in the cabin of his dad (Oops) Mr. Durga Parsad Maheshwri
Dp turns and say

“Have u heared about the proposal?” He sits. Sanskar sit infront of him and replies

“Yes dad but i dont know who they r?” DP stares him with confused look.Sanskar understand and continues

“I mean they dont old foreign clients……and they didi nt even mention the name ”

“They are from Bangalore”Dp says Sanskar nodded and turns to to go Dp call him “SANSKAR”
He turns but didnt sit Dp continues

“Your mom called and told me that Ragini want to know what happen at her back”

Sanskar gets tensed and ask “Did mom………..”
Before he could complete Dp say

“No she didnt tell her anything because she cant bear it and that she is not properly recoverd”

Sanskar: (in a pleading tone) Dad plz dont let her know what happen…….I can bear ur and mom’s hatred
but I cant see my sister hating me

Dp stared him and say

“Dont worry Sanskar we wont let her know”

Sanskar felt a bit relivance say “Thank u dad” Dp say

“Dont need to thank me, its not because of u….Its because of my daughter. I dont want her to
suffer for a cause for which she is not responsible ” Sanskar left the cabin without utering a

“I also dont want to see u like this…..but this mistake of urs cnt be forgiven”


@Gaddodia mansion

Swara felt bit relaxed between her loved one. Shomi, dadi, dida n lucky all were happy to have her back
They were laughing, teasing each other dida dadi nok jhok. Usually few years back she enjoy this but now
she was feeling something, emptiness of her dad. She was badly missing him. Laksh notice this

Later at night every one was sleeping, Swara was awake, she goes to garden and sit on the swing, feels the air
She feel somthing and opens her eyes nd see her brother holding two cup of coffe.He hands her one and sit besides her
Laksh says

“It will not have the tast of my shona’s coffee but……(looking at her) I ll tried
harder this time”

she took a sip of coffe and say “yes u r right it wont have the taste because………….
it has the tast of my lucky’ coffee”

“Oh wow u r praising me Am I not dreaming na ?” He jokes.Swara pinches him ” oooouh”

“now u believe?” She asked with a devilish smile. He smiles and gets happy he didnt lost her completely
and have possibility of her return

they share some good time witnessing the dark sky with glittering starS. In the meantime he ask her

“What r u going to do ?” She shockingly stare him and ask “means???”

He replies

“I know u r here for some work can I help?”

She replies “YES…….but I need to do that work alone. If iI need any thing,I ll surely tell u”

He knew he cant force her to tell so he leave it to her that she will tell him definetly

All this was witnessed by Sharmishtha Gadodia. She was a woman of sharp vision. She could feel her daughter’s loneliness.
Her grief and her sad face can not be hidden by her because she was her mother can read her face
She comes infront of a big photo frme of his husband andsay

“That i didnt only lose u but i loose my shona too” her tears falls and continue

“Her happiness, her craziness pasion for life to live fully has gone”
She close her eyes

“Moooommmm…” Swara shouted. Shomi entered her room nd was stunned to see the mess in the room

“What its the mess Shona. When u will learn discipline in ur life” She scolded her daughter

“She said in ur age…..but for now plz help me in finding my watch. U know na it was given by dad
nd today is my exam plzzz help…” She said making faces

“Ok let me see…….nd there it is…cant u see straight it was near ur side table ” Her mother said. She quicklt took it and wear it
Swara says

“U know me Swara Gadodia cant never changed” she winks to her mother
they hear voice saying

“Swara Gadodia need not to change” Thet trun nd find Shekhar.Swara says “Dad….'” and hugs him

“Goodluck for ur exam” She take blessings nd leaves

Shomi opens her eyes and say “Still miss u Shekhar” and goes to sleep


“Suppose If I ever betray u, what will u do ” He asked curiously

She move closer to him and whisper in his ear

“Ill going to die”


Sanskar open his eyes in disgust and found himself in his study room. His laptop was placed on table half open
He closes it and goes straight to his room. He moves towards a drawer near to his bed. he sit and open it find a
photo frame of a girl. He touches it and say

“Where r u Swara???………all these year I finding u for ur apology….”

“For only apology ” his inner voice spoke

“Yes for apology only” he says.

Just then Ragini comes in the room. her facial experssion telling that she is confused and angry
She say

“Bhai…..! Whats going on here ” It had been two she was observing all family member she didnt find anything
which used to be in past

Sanskar understand her state but pretends as if he dont know, he ask her in casual tone

“What hapen my pricesss, is something wrong??”

“Dont pretend bhai…..from last two day I m observing everyone no one is same as they used to be.
I m back but this feeling is not coming becoz u all are soo lost in ur selves u cant even This is irritating me
No morning arthi…..mom dad looks stressed…and u are completely lost in ur own world.”
She complains

Sanskar tries to say but she cut him between and say

“Dont say time changes everyone so as we also changed. I heared this line from mom many time.
I agree from mom but change comes due to a reason. I know something happend at my back just tell me plz
I feel something bad plz tell me”

Sanskar was shock by these complain nd speech of her. He knew if he tell alie to her he would be caught
so he decided to tall her half truth He say

“Oh my princess…! there is nothing to get worried for….it just that me and dad facing alot of problems in our company
that u see dad stressed nd u know if dad is in stress mom also take stress…As far as morning arhti is concerned then have u forgotten
that u do that every morning. After ur accident we missed u lot ur smile ur laugh ur bribings nd blackmailing everything”

Ragini agreed to his brother speech but inside she was suspicious to know what happened in past but she say

“Those things which I used to do no one didi that at my back” She said with a sad face
Sanskar replies

“My princess…….Yes no one didi that becoz we didnt want any one do ur work becase We cant accecpt any one
else doing ur work instead of u….Mom tried to do morning arthi but dad didnt allowed her because we r used to hear ur meladious voice
thats why…..and yes about fact that we r ignoring u its not that……U r Heart of Maheshwris uknow that ….Be Ragini Maheshwri make ur pressence
feel ”

She is now convinced and hugged him, say

“I think u r rite i llbring that happy atmosphere which is lost when i was not here”

He smiles and hugged her back. They broke the hug and she leaves. He comes back to the bad, see the photo frame in drawer
and lies on the bed


Swara is sitting with her friends Naira, Suresj, Vikky, Additityrin a hotel playing truth nd dare
Now swara turns comes she is asked “Truth or dare ”

She replies “Swara always choose Dare…so what should i do nd plz give something challenging

Vikky says

“See the road straight all is u have to stop a car nd irrtate the driver nd run ”

Every one shocks to hear nd says “no this is risky what if something happen to her noo Swara u r not going to do this”
Swara thinks for a while and steps out from the hotel nd goes inthe middle of the raod. Acar was about to hit her, her all frndz
closes their eyes. just then they hear car stop as driver applied the barke at rite time. A handsome man got down from car start yelling on Swara

“What the hell is wrong with if u wanna die then go nd use other option why r u troubling me”

Swara said “Hey…! mr…..” .He replies “SANSKAR………”
She continues

“Yeah whatever…..instead of saying thanku u r scolding me ” He looks at her confusingly

“The signal is red if u crossed it u would be caught by traffic police or the worst can happan
what happens cars coming from that side can crashed u if u crossed.U should say thanku n sorry to me”
She said this one breath

He stares at her trying to figure out what happened is she really trying to save me before he could
conclude anything he hears her again

“It ok…..good people are less in this world ” saying she gave him a devilish smile

Sanskar stood motion less but comes back in his sense as he hears car horns from back .He sees her going in the resturant giving them victory look
He got in nd say

“Crazy girl……”


Next morning

Swara comes near to mirror dressed in western official outfit looks at her nd say

“Are u ready Swara Gadodia…..?” her inner voice ask. She whisper

“Yes…….let game begins…..”

Credit to: Sana

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