Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 9


Im sorry for ur disappointed but I ll say everything will be fine in upcoming story


“Dad…….this is not fair…..U nd mom are going to London meeting Lucky without me ” Swara said angrily

“Shona……its not that………..u know I have an important meeting in london but ur mom is going to meet her son” Shekhar said

“Cant I go with u” Swara asked

“No…u cant because ur exams are starting from next week….u r here” Shomi said as she entered with some food stuff packed

“So plz go when my exams are finished plz…..then I would go as well” Swara said with a pleading face

“Shona I have an improtant meeting which cant be postpone……plz understand……there is a news for u actually it was a surprise
but I will tell u this to make u happy…..I am opening a company on my children name Swalak which will be run by u”
Shekhar said

“Wow…..really dad ……SWALAK means swara nd laksh rite” swara said with excitment

“Yes is it cool? shekhar asked. “Yeah cool as my dad”

“I thought to gift this company on ur birthday….but u ruined the surprise” shekhar said

“Oh Im sorry dad…but what u r leaving me alone u know dida nd dadi are not there…nd being alone
is not my cup of tea….u know im scared “Swara said

“Oh dear ur going to stay in ur Dp uncles house……remeber u met them two weeks back……they have return from
london after many years……he was my class mate in collage we t close friend so i can trust him”

“Hmm okay…….Dp uncle nd Ap aunty r very sweet accept that mr. whatever…..lot of atitude” Swara said making faces

“Are u come less than him in showing atitude…..have u forgotten u gav him atittude when they came to our house” Shomi said while packing her

“Mom…..okay fine I will be staying their” swara said rolling her eyes

“Shona its just the matter of one month….nd we ll be back ok…nd promise me u would be a good girl
nd be a good guest to them okay? asked her mom

“Yes mom dont worry” She comes to her room to pack her stuff when she remember his hand injured nd he saved her from them
She whisper

“Mr. attitude is not that bad…..” she smile


“Mom so much preparation is someone coming” Sankar said in excitment

“Yes ur dad’s best friend daughter Swara is coming….she would be staying here for one month
because shekhar nd shomi are going London ” Anapurna said

“Really she is coming….” asked sanskar in anxiously

“Yes but y r u soo excited….? ap sad in teasing tone

“Mom nothing like that…..I have some work to do…”saying that he leaves. He comes to his room ndwith a victorious smile he

“It means u r with me god….means I m right ….Thanku ”


“Dad….I want to talk u ” Sankar said

“Go a head say…….I m listenning” Dp said in strict tone not looking him

“Dad Ragini wants to take part in singing competition….she needs permision” Sanskar said. all this was heared by Ragini
she was watching a different behaiviour of her family. She comparing behaiviour of her parent with past nd present. She was confused in this so concentrate on conversation
going on

“Okay say to her permission granted but tell…..next time she should come not u…..how long will u take her side every time” Dp said

“Okay…”He said left the room nd see . he sign her the work is done now she can do what she is planning

He enters in his room nd comes near to bed, he opens the drawer nd see Swara’s pic nd say

“Now what new torture r u preparing for me………?”

In office

“May I come in Maam” Kabir asked “Sure” swara said

“Kabir give this file to Mr. Maheshwri nd ask him to prepare the presentation” Swara ordered. Kabir opened the file nd get shocked
nd asked

“Maan r u signing deal with them….?”

“Yes any problem……just to do what u r asked……nd make sure this presentation should be made by him” Swara said harshly

“Maam…!give to whom big boss or Sanskar sir?” Kabir again asked confusing

“Sanskar……” She said with irrtating tone as not want to say his name

On the other hand Sanskar felt someone has called him while entering office. He see here there but find non nd say

“Why do I feel someone called me”

He ignore the thought nd went to his cabin……..no he turns nd goes to his new place assigned by his new boss
Meanwhile Kabir comes nd hand him the file nd say

“Our new boss wants presentaion made by tomorrow…..nd that it should be made by u…only”

Sanska opens the file nd get shocked She is dealing with Mr. Ram dhandraj.

Mr dhandraj is the owner of Karma and co nd business rivals of Maheshwri . It was hard digest that he would make presentation to deal with him. His anger lost his all control
decided to confront Swara

He storms in her cabin. She was sitting on her chair typing something She beome furious when he stepped in before knocking
but she knew he would come when he will get to know. She hide her anger nd peacefully heared him

“What the hell do u think…..u know whom with u signing with….They r our business rival” He yelled at her

“Lower down ur voice Mr. Maheshwri….u r talking to ur boss” She said calmly while standing nd coming towards him

He pins her to wall nd held her shoulder tight….she was feeling pain but seeing anger in his eyes making her smiles which made him more furious

“Maximum shares doesnot means u will rule….on me….no Miss bossy U cant” He said held her more close to her

“Yes I can Mr.Maheshwri…….because I m the boss” She said arrogantly nd pushed him back

“Get this straight….I have invested in ur company if I leave ur shares…..Ur reputation nd company will be at stake
think about it” Swara threatens him

“U know what I felt guilt to broke ur heart but not now because u r…….” Sanskar said but could not get word
to complete

“Because I what……its better to do what u r asked for…….or else u know the result…now u know what Swara Gadodia can do” Swara said more arrogantly

He turns to leave the but she stops him nd say

“And one more thing…….knock before u come…..I said u thios before….but I guess iwas not clear
next time I need not to repeat my words” Sanskar left the room in anger

“I know u r hurt…..but this is important nd Im not sorry for this……….” Swara said while coming to her seat


“HeY Laksh…” said Ragini waving hand “Hey how r u ” asked Laksh

“Im fine ” Ragini

“So its good u agreed to my suggestion…….glad to hear that” said Laksh

“Thank u Laksh…actually I was thinking I wont use my surname in this competition….u see I want to do something on my own
will it be possible ”
Ragini said

“Thats good doing something on ur own is commendable” Laksh compliments her. She smiles

“I need a facour from u….?” asked Ragini

“yeah sayit anything….” Laksh said “I m thinking that will u be coming with me for every round….I know I shouldnot order u like this
but my dad nd brother is busy in their work nd mom in her own home world…..my friends are busy in thier world so can u…..” Ragin said hesitatingly

“Dont I will be there for u…..trust me….I ll come but on a condition…..” Laksh said naughtingly

“What just say it” Ragini said

“U will have to give treat when u r selected for every second rounds ” Laksh said

“For sure……..” Ragini smiled

“I ll take a leave nd meet u tomorrow sharp 2 we ll go thier…..bye ” Laksh said

“Bye…..” Ragini said

Credit to: Sana

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