Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 7


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“Sanskar r u sure what u going to do is rite ” His best Virien asked He continued

“I understand ur state but destroying someone”s life to give pain to some one else…..this is not
Sanskar Maheshwri I know……..”

“What my sister did wrong……that she is suffering like this” defended Sanskar

“But think once its the matter of someone’s life plzz….” his friend warned him

“I promised my sister…..I ll make him suffer” Sanskar said sternly

“Soo make him suffer……y others” His friend confronted him

“Because the intense pain is felt when ur loved one is in pain because of u” Sanskar said

“And r u on my side or not……” Sanskar asked him

“To be honest with no my friend……but its my bad luck that I made apromise u once to help u when u r in need
His friend said with bowed head nd then pause for a minute

“But the girl u r making fall for u….whats her name….” His freind continues

“Swara…SWARA GADODIA….”Sanskar said frimly

“As u told about ur three meeting with….it was a blast nd the character u potray of her does not seems like she
will fall for u soo easily” Viren said Sanskar gave him angry look

“Calm down plz……that girl is crazy as u say but from ur description she is more sensible then u” His firend said with

Sanskar again stared him as if he is going to kill him first

“U plz decide….from whom side u will play….instead of telling how should Im make her….”Sankar stopped as he said

“Fool…….”Viren completed him. sanskar didnt like the word because he never made some one love him for betrayal

“Do u have any idea ” Sanskar asked

“This is bit filmy but work on girls I suggest ”

“Go a head” Sanskar asked

“Send some goon to molest her ” Viren said

“Are u out of ur mind…….I need to see the pain of betrayal not to take her vrignity plzz suggest something else”
Sanskar said more angrily

“calm down…..why r u so impateint listen me completely then comment….I m also hman nd harsh specially on girl
what i m saying is send the goo nd u will fight for save her now got it ” His firend finally lost his all patient nd said him

“Okay now I got it……If they gonna harm her or hurt her ” Sanskar asked him
Viren wonder that he is planning to hurt her in the end worried for her pain

It was ture Sanskar doesnot want her to hurt by somebody because she is now his victim. So no one has the rite to harm her except her

“They will only scare her not any thing else…..is it fine now” Viren said

“Fine ” Sanskar agreed


At shoping mall Swara is with her firend Nithi doing shoping. They were tired as they were roaming here nd there for a loong time
she bumped in to some one Its sanskar

“Oh god cant we have normal style meeting…..” She joke Sanskar tries to smile

“U here…..” Sanskar asked

“hmm shoping…u ?” swara asked

“hm….meeting finished now” sanskar answered

“Hey then come join us if u r free….” She said “By the way she is my firend Nithi”
she introduced her Sanskar said

“Hey nithi…well sure I ll join u What were u shopping” sanskar asked

“Nothing……till now nothing shopped” Nithi said while looking Swara

While they start moving to outside the mall their were some people with evil eye tired to rob the girls so the came nearer as Sanskar was on call with
his manager as soon he disconnects He sees someone coming to swara he comes forward stop in the path
thinking that they r Viren’s men nd let them do their work
The goon tries to molest Swara while sanskar calls Viren

“Haan Sankar….”

“I know we planned this in morning but doesnot expect u will send them soo early ” sanskar said

“What r u talking about….I didnt send any of them….what is going on” Viren cleared him

As soon as he heared he looks the scene again where someoe is about to touch Swara he felt intense anger as he stepped forward his
anger turns to shock He sees Swara hold the goons hand gave her Karatte move in her defence nd the goon fell on ground
Everyone who are witnesing the scene cheers for Swara

“Dont mess with Swara Gaododia….U get that”
On other side Sanskar say

“Its good u didnt send the men……other wise she would have killed them with her Karate moves”

“What……Karate” Viren asked but call disconnects

But one of the goon was about stabbed her by knife but Sanskar hold that her hand start bleeding
but he ignores the nd start beating him badly Swara was shocked concerned because his hand was bleeding as the goons
runs he comes to her ask her

“Are u okay Swara” but she doesnot respond she is contionously his hand bleeding he hold his palm
nd say

“Are u mad……..huh ur hand is bleeding nd u r asking me am i rite or not ” Sanskar could not this girl
he saved her instead of being grateful she is scolding He say

“Swara stop shouting every one is looking plz ” She drags him to her jeep nd start but he was resisting by saying

“Im fine Swara plzz its just a wound why r u soo concerned”

“No u r not…..for my concern……U r injured because of me so shut ur mouth nd get in ” they reached hospital
nd doctor bandage his injury Dr, said nothing to worry about it Nithi nd Dr left

“See I said u nothing to worry Swara nd u r………” She went close to him

“Remember what I said I cant see my friends in pain” He can see soo much concern in her eyes. She moves way nd says

“Nd now u r firend ” Sanskar smiles at her bahaiviour how she scolded

“But wait a minute u scolded me for saving u…..” Swara bit her tongue on hearing him nd say

“Thank u….but see u hurt I dont know I forgot all the thing…..Sorry”

“Its ok…….” Sanskar said They starts walking towards jeep Sanskar says in his mind

“Its a good sign……ur concern will make u fall for me Swara…..” he smiles


“Hey swara where r u…….I didnt see u since morning ” she heared someone after picking the call

“My dear bro arent u so worried for me…..” Swara asked Laksh

“Actually if somebodt have a devil sister like u then…..he has to be woried…..not for u
the person whom u r troubling “Taunted Laksh

“Are u done with ur taunting” Swara said

“Chill my shona…..where r u…..not come home yet its 8” Laksh tone change

“Im coming….well in my new office with whom i am gonna work ” Swara said

“The tigress got her hunt” Laksh said with excitment

“Yes…..” Swara said

“ok come fast ” swara said nd disconnects the call she comes out of the cabin everone had left to thier
homes except Sanskar. She find him typing something Sanskar notice her

“U didnt go “asked Swara

“I have to finish this work then will leave” He said without glancing her

“hmm okay” swara said but suddenly light swotch off n on simultaneously they both see each other

“What is happening here” Swara asked tensedly. sanskar gets up nd say

“Dont worry……Swara Im here” Sanskar assures her

Suddenly light goes nd she hugged him
He knew she was scared that it soo he pats her head nd assure her that he with her
Suddenly light comes nd she realizes she is hugging him she slowly break nd see him both are lost in
each others eye but then every thing flashes in her mind nd she stepped back quickly nd leave without
uttering a word
She get in the car nd say

“Be strong……Swara focus on ur goal ” she start nd drove to gadoddia mansion

on the other hand Sanskar says

“Why do I feel so good when she is close to me”

“May be u start feeling for her “His inner voice said frimly

“Nooo…..this cant be true…….She hate me nd I……” he stopes in middle nd doesnt want to admit that he love her
Not from day but the day he met her but unawre of the fact he thinks this is not love this is his guilt thats it
but he knows what his heart says is true how long will he deny this fact


Sorry for this short update but i wont be uploading tomorow so here u go this part as i m busy
so spare me guyz nd also raglak fans this update totally is swasan but i told u the gravity of story is swasan

Credit to: Sana

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