Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 6


Hey guyz thank u I guess i have said thank u many time but kia karun m really happy to read the comments that u r liking my fiction
Here u go the next part


“We missed u sooo much Ragzzz” one of Ragini’s Friend said

“Ooooh Thank u guyz forthis much love” Ragini said. She was at her frndz marraige. It was sangeet function
nd dressed in beaitful white lehenga with golden border. She was no doubt looking beauitful
There was a sangeet competition of dance. Ragini was superb dancer but after her accident she was not sure
about it. She tried to make excuse but it was her best frndz marraige so she cant resist much. She hug her frnd Priya
nd leave the as she was called by somebody outside. She was walking when somebaody bumped in to her She was about to fall
when strong arm protected her from falling They had an eyelock but soon reality hit them nd compose themselves

“Cant u see while walking??” She heared the guyz as she moves to she turns and say with an attitude

“Excuse me I think u also have eyes but I guess u dont feel like using it.Take my advise use it before u looses
because sometime things on not using stops their functio. Believe me”

He stared her and was stunned by her idiotic speech He smiles nd see her laughing. He was totally flat on her smile and looking
her leaving. Suddenly he heares someone calling

“LAKSH…….have u heared that from bhabhi’s side there great dancer ” His frnd sees him lost in his thought He shakes him

“Laksh……R u in ur senses”

“Yes i m here nd…..Yeah about dance na I ll handle it dont worry” Laksh said

The sangeet function starts every one is cheering, shouting, enjoying.

“We will u see LARKI WALION ” Laksh said laughing Just then he see ragini performing on the stage on song Dewani Mastani
Laksh was totally mesmerizedby her dance. The song ends, now it was truns of laksh everyone was cheering for Laksh

“GO…LUCKY…..Show the real meaning of dance” his frndz shouted

Laksh dances on Desiboyz as the songs end it was thier turn together and they dance on the song Dance ke legends
Every one enjoyed alot their performance as no one win because they were together winners

“You r good at dancing……well…Impressive” Laksh praises Ragini She smiled nd say

“Even u r not that bad at all hmmm….”

“thank u ” laksh said with a smile

Ragini got a call from Sankar

“Where r u….Have u taken ur medicine…..I know how careless u r Ragini”

“Bhai…bhai…relax soo many question…ok for ur first question i m at my frnd’s sangeet function
for ur second one yes I took my medicine” She replied

“Good girl…..” Sanskar said in tensed tone

“R u tensed? ” Ragini asked her brother

“No……..Just tired thats why….ok bye prncess u enjoy” saying that he cuts the call


“In all these year I waited for this day……the day u will be infront of me I will askforgiveness from u…..
…..it came but i cant ask u that “He closes his eye nd lies on the bed . He remeber her condition nd get up he continues

“Wait…….why did u ask for the maximum shares……..Ru here for…….” He paused for a second

“No…….it cant be Swara u cant do this….”

“When u can broke her heart then…….she is playing with u in buisiness only” his inner voice confronted him

“I know her in and out….She is Swara Gadodia she cant do that” he said

“Time changes all……have u forgotten about ur case” again his inner voice provided the facts
He closed his eyes


“Shomi is every thing done na?? my frnd is coming from London i dont want any mistake” Shekhar said

“this 328TH time u r repeating this line from morning will u tell me who is coming “Shomi asked her husband

“This is 330th time u asked this question ” He smiles while shomi gave him an angry look

“OK they r….” as he could they here the door bell. He goes to opens the door nd welcomes the guest

“Welcome Durga prasad ji…….come plz”

Dp, Ap enters while Sanskar was coming. in middle he saw the garden full of flower of every kind
He was delighted nd mesmerized by the veiw. He moves near to the garden nd tries to pluck the white rose as
soon as he touch the flower a bucket of water falls which make him full drench

“What the hell is this…….is this some kind of way to welcome guest……Sankar Maheshwri better watch out
ur stars are in dark first dat Crazy girl now this ……Be careful dude” he said to himself

As he stepped in the house every one looks at him nd started to laugh. He makes faces everyone controlled
nd finally shekhar asked

“Have u touched any flower in garden…….? ” Sanskar was surprised how does he knows

“How…..uncle..I mean….”

“Thank to god that u dont plucked it out because then u would stinks” He heared the voice turn he find

“u…..crazy girl…” Swara was amzed to find him She becomes tensed if he tells what he did with him stoping himmiddleof a road
that to irrtated him to extreme

“Dont worry actually swara is fond of gardening nd dont want her flower to be touched or plucked out by somebody else that why
she set the alarm system……….but if u have plucked out a bucket of animal fat fallen on you….”
He looked Swara suspiously Shekhar continues

“But…..wait u guyz know each other??” Swara knew if he uttered the first meeting mom nd dad would blast so she decided to speak before he could say
She say

“Dad he is all wet let him change what if he suffered from cold….” Sanskar was not able to figure out as what she is trying
to do is she really concern or not want to tell thier blast meeting
She quickly take him inside before he could say something. She gives Laksh clothes to wear. before she could leave he stops
her by holding her wrist nd she tried to resist but his hold gets more tighten she stares him angrily

“Not so easy miss…….becoz of u i was late at that day…….Dad scolded me….I could have lost the deal all becoz of”

“But I guess u wont loose it……..seems like u r not sure of ur skills right that try to impress clients by ur punctuality huh…..?”
She speaks nd push him backward

“No u cant confuse me with ur words……….it was becoz of u ” He said with attitude

“What if i didnt stop u………nd something bad happen then who would u blame…it was destined that u would be late that day” She defended her
nd about to go she turns back see him He was trying to figure out her words She smile nd with all her atitude

“Dont try to touch my flowers again…….understand …..u know what worst can happens”
She leaves as she completed

“My god I never seen such a crazy girl in my life………so much atitude nd so easily defend herself when she knew she is at mistake
Save me from this” He said nd goes to bathroom to change

Next Morning

“I guess u had meeting yesterday…..did it work….? ” Laksh asked when Swara was doing Yoga

“Laksh for how many time should I tell u dont disturb me when i m doing Yoga” Swara said with anger

“It is hard to concentrate…….Have some disciplines in ur life” Swara said

“Discipline…….Look whose talking….seriously Shona” Swara gave her an angry look nd stoped her yoga becoz it was ruined by his brother
and tell him

“The meeting haan…..It would be signed by today for sure”

“I know my shona has become tigress she get her hunt rite…” Laksh jokes

“Yes my bro u r rite Ill get my hunt” She said with a devilish look

While Laksh find it little fishy in her behaiviour. Now he wants to know from whom she is dealing he trusted her sister but this made him more
worried. He decided to find out what she is upto
Her phone rang nd she excused nd left for her room


“Maam the work is done” a man spoke

“Good……..very good” Swara said with a smile

She takes out the photo frme of her dad Shekhar nd said

“Ur shona has done something wrong………but u know why did that dad….I remeber ur principles dad ur shona have not forgotten anything……u
know why i m doing this”

I m sorry guyz I m showing swara lil negative but trust me she wont be negative u
will get to know
Plz let me how u like swasan past scene plz……

Credit to: Sana

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