Swasan I Hate to Love u ep 5


hi everyone … its really hard to find time to type this story but I swear I will think the further story even in my exam halls…. but I m unable to post it…. sorry…

I m having enough boldness and courage and even a load of guts but when it comes for crossing the road, my everything will hide behind me… I m scared of crossing roads… that’s terrifying…. only my parents and Yuva knew this weakness of mine… but…

that day, I was with aadhi going for shopping. he took me to a big mall. on the way, we have to cross a 3 lane road… and oh god there was vehicles moving with high speed. I reached the divider with aadhi. but he quickly crossed the road leaving me behind… and we were the only people crossing the road. he shouted that the mall was far away from there. I didn’t move a bit. he again came to me and dragged me with him.

just that time… I was blind seeing only him.. not those stupid vehicles… I was deaf ignoring the noise and mute with no words. we went to the mall. I was still out of my sense.
on our way home, he questioned me about my stupid reaction on the road. I hesitantly told him my fear of crossing roads. he laughed at me as if I m a clown. he laughed too much that made me angry. I turned to the other side. then we reached home. the next day, i was still angry on him. he understood that i m angry.

he: have you seen Aruna? that idiot girl with cute smile?
me: so you are her stupid friend.?
he: oh that’s me. had she told you about me? me: yes, she said she’s having a crazy friend who laughs at her.
he: well, I m sorry for that. OK. say her I’ll. never disturb her.
by saying this he turned but I quickly caught his elbow and turned him. he was holding a bunch of white roses with a cute smile. I smiled at him and said that ‘ apologizes accepted’. then he took me out… we went to many places in his bike…. a long ride. we watched a movie. we walked together in streets..

he was holding my hands all long. and he continued it everyday. we started talking nonsense and the same thing again and again. I felt some difference in him. before he used to tease me on everything. but now he is complementing me for everything.

I don’t know why I feel this but something happened to me. I tried to look at him whenever possible… I was smiling all day thinking of him. Yuva noticed my changes but didn’t question me. she’ll never interrupt my privacy because she know me.

then every weekend, aadhi accompanied me where ever I went. we went to temple, shopping and definitely not that mall. , and we went together to college… spend more time with each other.

then one night he took me to the mall. the same mall. I was uncomfortable there. he took me to the divider. he stood before me and looked into my eyes.

he: Aruna, I just wanted to say that I want to be with you whenever you cross the road. your validity is lifetime and the condition is you should marry me.
me: I think you are proposing me.
he: I guess I m.
me: my decision might hurt you. so I’ll say you tomorrow.
he: tomorrow is my birthday. so I want only you and me. tomorrow be ready.

I was excited because I too love him. I will say my love the next day.

but it was really an unfortunate day….. ever in my life.

Credit to: aruna

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